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The 21 Hottest Pop Smoke Braid Styles Trending in 2024

Pop smoke braids look dashing, especially when you give the sectioning and parting procedure more attention than other types of braids.

These look stunning when tightly braided and leave plenty of room for your creativity. Curl the ends, crisscross them, and create heart shapes, it’s all possible when you love braiding!

Best Pop Smoke Braids

If you have rich, long natural beautiful hair, you will not need any help from hair extensions. However, if your goal is to create thicker-looking knits, then you can use other hair pieces that will give each braid more dimension. Here are some stunning pop smoke braids that’ll give you a unique look.

1. Zig Zag Part + Pop Smoke Braids

pop smoke braids with beads

Perfectly parting your hair is one of the most important steps when building your pop smoke braids.

To extend their length, you need some hair extensions that you will use to feed in the braids while knitting. Make them tight and make sure no threads get out.

2. Back Tie

pop smoke braids for long hair

For these stunning, flawless braids, you will first need to do a middle part. All your braids will have this part as a starting point. Use a small amount of your natural hair when feeding the braid, and add small strands of hair extensions.

Also, the partings between each braid must be perfectly equal, and each braid should have the same thickness as the others.

3. Cross Parting

medium length pop smoke braids

First of all, you will need to do a middle part. Apply some cream on your natural hair to detangle it and make it easier to manage.

Then part each section in half and do small braids in the shape of a cross or star. Use the remaining hair to build two thick cornrows on each side of this design. Repeat for the other side.

4. Jumbo Cornrows

pop smoke jumbo braids

Long thick braids are the best protective hairstyles for women with natural hair. Once you have sectioned your hair, applied jam, and braided the hair, it is time to deal with those baby hairs.

They also need styling and if you don’t want to keep them messy, grab hair gel and a toothbrush and get them that wavy aspect.

5. Heart Shaped Braids

pop smoke ombre braids

Pop smoke braids that use ombre hair extensions are absolutely marvelous. You can have the color and length you desire without using bleach and semi-permanent colors that require a lot of attention.

On the side, you can build two braids that connect in the shape of a heart.

6. Heart Design

pop smoke braided updo

If you want your braids to maintain their thickness for all their length, you will need hair extensions. Add them when your knits start to get thinner, and create a back bun.

Spare a few stands and give them texture by rolling them on a curler and dipping them into hot water.

7. Braided Buns

double bun with pop smoke braids

Feeding your braids to preserve their thickness is a common practice. You can also choose a brown copper color to get that ombre look.

To spice things up, on the sides, give those knits a wavy pattern. Once you’re finished, part them in two and create two rolled buns in the nape area.

8. Double Braided Middle Part

red pop smoke braids

Part the hair in the middle, and if you want to emphasize that middle part, you can go for two cornrow braids that reach the nape.

This pop smoke hairstyle is ideal even if your hair is quite short, as you can use red hair extensions to build long, thick beautiful knits.

9. Side Heart Design

pop smoke braid

If you love a sassy look, then you certainly need to try this fabulous protective hairstyle.

For the center, create wavy braids, as for the sides you can pick a heart design. Add ombre or blonde extensions when knitting.

10. Half Up Half Down

half up bun with pop smoke braids

Parting is very important for pop smoke braids, even if you do it just by sectioning or creating an outstanding delimitation.

You can do that by knitting a very thin braid that stands between two thicker ones, emphasizing them. Do this only for the top and sides, and start the knits from the hairline, directing them towards the top.

11. Sewed Bun

bun with pop smoke braids

Pop smoke braids are one of the coolest hairstyling options for black women. Feeding in the braids is going to make them look thicker.

Keep these long, so you will be able to build a glorious braided bun. Use some strings or sew in these braids to build a low voluminous bun.

12. Burgundy Box Braids

dark red pop smoke braids

L0ng burgundy box braids are absolutely spectacular. Create a middle part and on each side, and a square parting for each side. Use loads of jam to make sure there are no bumps and the hair is easy to manage.

Make sure you dye your roots in the same color as your hair extensions.

13. Feed In Cornrows

hairstyle with pop smoke braids

A middle part is required for these pop smoke braids. On each side, create heart designs using your cornrows and use a golden glittery thread to wrap it around some of the braids.

Combine cornrows with box braids for a more effective look.

14. Extended Middle Part

knotted pop smoke braids style

Around the middle part, style cornrows that fall on the sides and towards the back. Use warm lighter colored hair extensions to create a smooth ombre.

Use the first two top braids and knit them in the back, creating some sort of a crown.

15. Violet Knits

purple pop smoke braids

To make these pop smoke braids look vibrant, sprinkle some vivid purple hair extensions when knitting some of the braids.

As you can see, the roots seem wet, but that is just the jam that prevents creating bumps when styling. Also, don’t ignore those baby hairs because you can style them to create a cool shape.

16. X Braids

pop smoke braids for curly hair

Using hair bundles that are a few shades lighter than your natural hair will help you gain more thickness for your braids. Crisscross them and curl the and for a more spectacular effect.

17. Thick and Tight

brown pop smoke braids

For these braids, you will use brown hair extensions that you will attach close to the roots. Prep your hair by creating well-defined square sections and using some of your favorite jam.

18. Braids with Colored Beads

pop smoke braids with beads

These long thick cornrows are knotless hairstyles that make the knits look naturally long. The technique requires braiding your natural hair and feeding ea the braids until you reach the length you desire.

To add more color, you can use plastic or wooden beads that have all the shades you want.

19. Teen Braids

pop smoke braids for girls

Pop smoke braids are perfect for women of all ages, including kids and teenagers who want a lovely hairdo that keeps their natural hair protected. The hairdo is great for school and is cool and funky.

20. Lemonade Braids

pop smoke braids hairstyle

Pop smoke braids allow you to use your imagination and work wonders with your tresses. Use dark and blonde hair extensions and create horizontal partings. Each braid you start knitting should be on the opposite side of the precedent one.

For the tips, you will need to roll each braid on a rod and dip it into hot water to obtain that curled aspect.

21. Thin Box Braids

thin pop smoke braids

These thin box braids look absolutely flawless and incredibly natural. They are thin, and the sections are done equally, around the middle part.

Pop smoke braids are protective hairstyles that require no introduction since these braidings speak for themselves. They require flawless parting lines that make them a perfect choice for a long-lasting hairstyle. Give them a go and let us know which was your choice.