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10 Gorgeous Burgundy Box Braids for 2024

Burgundy box braids are the next level when it comes to hair extensions and cool hairstyles for women of all ages. It is suitable for black girls and even women with fair skin, transforming them in a glimpse of an eye in real divas.

Burgundy box braids can have a fierce red shade, an ombre or come in dark nuances. It’s up to you what color you pick, the length of your braids, or their thickness. The number of the options you have is maybe more significant than you can imagine, so if you need some inspiration, check out the cutest burgundy box braids below!

1. Ponytail + Burgundy Box Braids

Colored box braids look fabulous on dark skin because they transform you into an unforgettable appearance wherever you go. Create a half ponytail and spare two knits in the corners of your forehead to pull off a sexy look.


2. Thick Burgundy Box Braids

Burgundy colored Jumbo box braids can extend even short hair. Make sure that you sleep overnight with a scarf wrapped around your head so that you maintain the braids beautiful, without threads sticking out.


3. Box Braided Updo

Small burgundy box braids can be styled in a big rolled bun on top of your head. The hairstyle is perfect for office days and, with dramatic makeup, you’ll be quite a remarkable presence at any party or club.


4. Burgundy Box Braids for White Skin

Create medium burgundy box braids that will provide volume and will also protect your hair. Decorate the knits with a golden strand wrapped along the braid. The hairdo will flatter and give you loads of possibilities when it comes to styling.


5. Half Up Half Down Burgundy Box Braids Hairstyle

Burgundy box braids on black hair have such a tremendous impact, especially if the nuance is vivid and beautifully contrasts your skin. Create a half ponytail on top of your head and entirely knit the nape braids.


6. Box Braids with Beads

Section your hair into equal squared parts and build knotless burgundy box braids. If you want to secure them without being worried they will loosen up, dip the tips into hot water. Decorate the ends with translucent beads.


7. Burgundy Box Braids + Curly Ends

It doesn’t matter if you have black roots, burgundy box braids with curly ends will certainly flatter you, especially if you have white skin and green eyes. Decorate them with beads and hair rings to pull off a modern hairdo.


8. Ombre Burgundy

Burgundy ombre box braids can transform your hairstyle into a real piece of art. Get curly ombre extensions and knit only half of them. This way, you’ll obtain beautiful braids, and curly full of texture ends.


9. Burgundy Box Braids + Bob

A box braided bob can be styled on short and medium hair. Wear it like a regular bob haircut, with a middle part or with bangs swept on one side and secure the knits with rubber bands.


10. Full Head

To create burgundy box braids with beads, you need to buy 8-9 packs of Jumbo hair and take a day off. Knits that long will keep you pinned in a chair for many hours, but in the end, you’ll get a hairstyle that can last for weeks.


Burgundy and Blonde Box Braids


Burgundy box braids can flatter any skin color or hair length. You can use them to extend your hair or just create a more fashionable look. You don’t even have to build long knits because bob braided hairstyles also look tremendously cool. Try them on and tell us what you think!