15 Heart Braid Hairstyles That Ooze Cuteness [2019 Trend]

The amazingly gorgeous heart braids are ready to take over in 2019. Even if you are not a huge fan of braids, this is a type you’ll most certainly want to try. It’s chic, cute and surprisingly easy to make. Below you’ll find out how exactly to pull it off, together with 15 examples for short, medium and long hair.


How to Braid Or Twist Hair into A Heart Shape

how to do heart braid

There are actually so many variations of heart braids, but this is the basic way to do it. Start with damp hair, so that you’ll have more control. Use a middle part, and the first step is to get a small strand from the one side. It should be around 1.5 to 2 inches from the start of the hairline moving down the middle part.

This is the moment when you start with a French braid on one side and move towards the ear, shaping one half of the heart. Continue moving towards the back until you get to the middle. Then, you do the same thing to the opposite half. This is how you achieve the famous heart braids in only minutes. Tie the leftovers of the hair in a fun tie.


Latest Heart Braid Hairstyles for Girls

Following are the most beautiful Heart shape braid hairstyles for girls to rock regardless of their hair length and texture.


Amazing Heart Shape Braids for Short Hair

These are the perfect braids for girls with short hair.

1. Triple Braid Hearts

 Triple Braided Hearts

Get your braiding powers ready to recreate a gorgeous triple braid style for short hair.

Ideal for: This hairdo is perfect for moms who actually have both time and patience. It’s not a simple mane, so make sure that you try it several times before you nail it.

How to Style: This hairdo features the braiding style we mentioned above, but with several braids in one. It works perfectly for short hair.


2. Get Playful with Hair Ties

heart braid for little girls

Girls are always so infatuated with hair accessories. The more you use, the more they’ll be obsessed with their new mane.

Ideal for: It’s so much for, for both kids and moms. Small ladies who love color will be so happy with this type of heart braids.

How to Style: Do the heart braid first, then put the rest of the hair in vibrant hair ties.

Simplistic Ribbon Braid Hairstyles for Little Girls


3. Pigtail Braids

double heart braids for short hair

This style of heart braids hairstyle does not require the previous braiding technique, but it’s such a simple one.

Ideal for: There will be times when you’re simply not in the mood for doing detailed braids. This is when the mane above will come into action.

How to Style: Put the hair in four ponytails and secure them with ties. Braid the two top ones two braids each and connect them to the low ponies.


4. Knot Braids

Twisted Heart Braids for Short Hair

You don’t actually have to follow the guidelines to create a perfect braid. It’s all in the imagination.

Ideal for: Accessorize the hair of your little girl with a fun experimental half-up braid.

How to Style: Just start braiding two halves of the hair, and with the help of bobby pins, secure them in a heart-shaped half-up ponytail hairdo.


5. Unusual Heart Braid

heart braids for short hair

This one might be even better and easier than the classic one.

Ideal for: It’s so cute and every girl will literally be over the moon. This style is great for short hair.

How to Style: Work your way into a heart shape by using fun hair ties. Finish off with a Dutch French braid in the middle.


Trendy Heart Braided Medium Hairstyle

Girls with medium hair can rock these heart braided hairstyles.

6. Braided Ballerina Bun

For the next occasion, you can put your little girls’ hair in a stunning ballerina bun upgraded with heart braids.

Ideal for: This mane would be so on point for a special event.

How to Style: The first step is to divide the hair into two parts, one in the top and one in the bottom. Put both in a ponytail, and braid them in a classic braid. Divide the top one in two, and secure it with bobby pins in the shape of a heart.


7. Heart-Shaped Braided Pony

heart shaped ponytail

Just when you thought that braids style can’t get any better, we hit you with this example.

Ideal for: The heart-shaped pony will look impressive for any young lady out there.

How to Style: If you look closely, you’ll see that this is not a regular braid, but one made with four strands. Do it in the shape of a heart and put the rest of the hair in a pony.


8. Side Braid

The best thing about medium hair is that you can be creative with both braided updos and other hairstyles.

Ideal for: It’s great for young girls who prefer having their hair down.

How to Style: To recreate the side heart-shaped braid all you need to do is follow the instructions at the beginning of the article. The only difference is the location.


9. Pull Through Braid

The best thing about this hairstyle is that you don’t even have to braid. You’ll only need hair ties to achieve the final look.

Ideal for: Medium hair length can be challenging when it comes to heart braids. This is one of the hairstyles you can create without a single problem. It’s also great for when you don’t have enough time on your hands.

How to Style: Divide the hair into three sections. Pull through parts from the hair ties and shape them like hearts. Accessorize the look with a cute flower.


10. Cute Space Buns

heart braided space buns

Space buns and heart-shaped braids are the perfect combos.

Ideal for: If your kid has long hair and likes it when you put it up, this is such a cute option.

How to Style: Start off with the heart style in the front. Put the rest of the hair in sleek double buns, which you’ll also braid.


Lovely Heart Braids for Long Hair

Braids so amazing in long hair. Check these hairdos now!

11. It’s All About The Details

Two braids are better than one! Long blonde balayage makes the hairdo edgier and chic.

Ideal for: Great for moms who have more free time to experiment with a bunch of styles.

How to Style: Mix two styles to also use that leftover hair that’s in the middle.


12. Long Blonde Hair with Curls

If you’ve managed to grow the hair of your girl long, you should definitely make the best out of it.

Ideal for: Display the long and gorgeous hair with a special hairstyle such as this one.

How to Style: Start off by curling the hair if it’s not naturally curly. Do a regular heart braid and elevate the middle with a French one.


13. Use Accessories

A single, simple accessory can do wonders for your little girls’ hairdo.

Ideal for: This lace braid is meant for when the young lady is all dressed up for an event.

How to Style: Try doing double heart-shaped braids and include the accessories if can as well.


14. Braided Space Buns

heart braided bun for little girls

Twins will want to copy this mane right away!

Ideal for: If there is a birthday party coming up, or an event at school, go and buy some hair glitter. It will make your girl so happy.

How to Style: Do your regular heart braid and put the rest of the hair in two low braided buns. Decorate the finished mane with loads of glitter.


15. Braid-Ception

heart braids for long hair

Why do a single braid when you can opt for multiple? And you shouldn’t even stop there. Continue braiding all the way down.

Ideal for: It seems like such a fun heart braided hairdo that both girls with long and medium length hair can try it out.

How to Style: This can be a tricky one. You can start from the one in the middle and slowly work your way through the rest.


FAQs on Heart Braid Hairstyles

Q. Is This Technique Easy to Master?

Ans: It’s far from complicated, all you need is to practice it several times and you’ll become a pro.


Q. Which Hair Length Is Best for Heart Braids?

Ans: Any hair length can work with these braids, that’s why we included examples for all three lengths.


Heart braids are so popular for a reason. They are so cute, especially for young girls. If mommas can master the braiding technique, they can literally recreate any of the examples above. Find some extra time with your little one, and they’ll be thrilled to have the coolest hairstyle among their friends.