75 Cutest Quinceanera Hairstyles You Always Dreamed Of

11. A weave

A weave hairstyle for girl

Don’t be upset if you don’t have beautiful long hair. An amazing quinceanera hairstyle can be done without it. Just get a weave! Curly hair extensions can help you create the style you’ve always dreamed of. Consider loose braids and buns.


12. Lift it up


If you are planning a birthday party, you must be thinking about fun activities as well as dancing. Doing all that with your hair down can be quite a challenge. Consider lifting your beautiful curly locks upwards so they don’t get in your way.


13. Braided bun

girl favorite Braided bun haircut

Girls with straight and thick hair will appreciate this easy to make hairstyle. Leave your long bangs hanging around your face and sweep the rest of your hair backwards. Make a braid and arrange it into a low bun. Add some bright accessories to complete the look.


14. Curly updo


This curly updo will make you look like a real queen. This quinceanera hairstyle is great for girls with medium-length hair. Sweep your curled locks upwards and secure them with pins, so the tips of the strands are attached to the hair on the head.


15. Flower bun


Flower bun looks complicated but it is actually quite easy to make. You start by sweeping your hair upwards in the back and securing it with an ealstic band. Then use a donut to make a bun. But make sure to pull the strands half-out in the process. Arrange the loose strands into a flower.