10 Can’t-Miss Rope Braids Trending in 2021

Rope braids look complicated, but in fact, they are so easy to build. All you need is a lot of patience and to take advantage of your creativity.

To knit a rope braid, you need to section the hair in two and twist each part with your fingers. Place one over each other, and you’ll get a beautiful knit.


Rope Braid Hairstyles

Now that you know how to build the twist, you can go to the next step: developing more complicated but glamorous and sexy rope braid styles.

Build buns, ponytails, or French rope knits that will make you look ravishing wherever you go. Find your braided hair inspiration below, in the pictures we have carefully selected for you.

1. French Wedding Rope Braid

french rope braid

A French rope braid can easily be combined with loads of other hairstyles. In this case, you can opt for a big low bun and a few hair strands that will carelessly fall on the forehead. Decorate the hairdo with some flowers.


2. Two Rope Braids

pigtail rope braids

Two strand rope braids will certainly make you look younger. Part the long mane in two and on each section, part the hair again. Use your fingers to roll the strands and place one over each other to obtain that rope effect.


3. One-Sided French Rope Braid

side rope braid

Start from the top of the head and style a French side rope braid. Make it look full, and if the hair is long, wear the knit on one of the shoulders.


4. Thick French Rope Braid

If you want a hairstyle that really makes your hair stand out, a single rope braid in a dark pink shade will look fabulous. To obtain that fullness effect, don’t make it too tight, and at the end, pull off the edges a little bit.


5. Rope Twist Braid for Afro American Hair

rope twist braids

If you have voluminous African American hair, go for a big chunky rope twist braid that starts from one side of the head and goes to the other. You will obtain a marvelous hairdo, and you will keep your beautiful coils untamed.


6. Rope Braided Ponytail

rope braided ponytail

A rope braided ponytail will look fabulous and it’s very easy to recreate. Make a high pony and build only half of the braid. Secure it with a hair elastic.


7. Rope Halo Braid

If you have thick hair, go for a rope crown braid. Make it look chunky and arrange it around the head to obtain that beautiful crown effect. Decorate the hairstyle with your favorite flowers.


8. Thin Rope Braids

half up rope braids

If you want to recreate this hairstyle, take small strands of hair from each side and style several rolled knits. These half up rope braids will create a beautiful crown for your head, and you can use a straightening iron fo make the rest of your tresses look flawless.


9. Waterfall Rope Braids

waterfall rope braided hairdo

This waterfall rope braid can be styled within minutes. Part your hair in two sections and make a French rope knit on each side. Meet the two in the back, in a low lookalike rose bun.


10. Rope Braided Bun

rope braided updo

This rope braided updo is very easy to recreate and is a perfect choice for any daily activities. Style a French rope knit from the top of the head and pin the whole thing into a bun.

Rope braided hairstyles are ideal for any occasion, whether we’re talking about days at the office or afternoons spent with the kids at the playground, weddings and anniversaries or parties and glamorous events. They are easy to style and you can make them even more spectacular by combining them with ponytails, bangs, or any other gorgeous updos.

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