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15 Ruby Rose Hairstyles That Prove She’s the Queen of Short Hair

Hollywood action lady Ruby Rose has been a top-notch model for the past several years, always making heads turn with her fantastic hairstyles.

She has tried many different looks since 2008, from long to medium hair. But it’s her short haircuts that have really won people’s hearts.

If you are a fan of Ruby Rose or just want to see her great hairstyles over the years (both long and short), we’ve got you covered.

Ruby Rose Gorgeous Hairstyles and Haircuts

Hollywood actress Ruby Rose has always turned heads with her unique short hairstyles. Here’s a look at some of her most stunning and trendsetting hairdos.

1. Tousled Bowl Cut with Shaved Sides

ruby rose with tousled bowl cut

Ruby Rose shows how to wear a bowl cut that’s anything but traditional. From her flawless dark brown strands with golden peek-a-boo highlights to the edgy shaved sides, this is an undeniably exciting look.

We love how she gently tousles her lengthier pieces, creating an effortless aesthetic that can be dressed up or down.

2. Boy Cut Pixie

ruby rose with pixie cut

This fantastic Australian actress isn’t afraid to play around with shorter haircuts, and that’s clearly showcased here. She goes for the classic boy-cut pixie, a tremendously short and cool look.

To ensure her highlighted look is ready for the Red Carpet, she adds styling toward the front that sweeps her locks out and away from her face.

It provides a classy aesthetic and is excellent for showing off those modelesque cheekbones.

3. Slicked-Back Pixie

ruby rose with slicked back pixie cut

When it comes to looking drop-dead gorgeous and incredibly chic, Ruby Rose knows exactly what to do.

This hairstyle is ideal for the days when you want to look ultra-glam but not too over the top.

She slicks her pixie hair back into a stunning hairstyle, adding a sense of edginess with an asymmetrical buzz design near her crown.

4. Punk Rock Pixie

ruby rose with short punk hair

It’s no secret that Ruby Rose can transform into any style she wishes without trouble. And this look is the perfect display of that!

Here, Ruby starts with a generous side part, automatically ensuring the “punk rock” look. She goes with an ultra-dark brown shade and plenty of straightened layers to create an even edgier sense of style.

5. Flirty Pixie Bob

ruby rose with pixie bob cut

Now let’s go to the other side of the spectrum with this flirty curled pixie bob! This look shows just how easy it is for this Australian disc jockey to go from edgy to fabulous.

For this hairstyle, she allows her locks to grow a little bit longer. Then, she parts her hair down the side and adds a subtle flip to the ends of her tresses, creating a flirty and fun appearance.

6. Classy Retro Look

ruby rose with short retro hairstyle

There’s no shortage of classy hairstyles when it comes to Ruby Rose. This one is one of our favorites because she looks so glamorous and fashion-forward.

She parts her hair to the side and slicks down her entire pixie, creating a hairstyle that’s as classy and elegant as they come.

7. Blunt Bowl Cut with Fade

ruby rose with blunt bowl cut

As we can see, Ruby Rose is a big fan of the bowl cut, and it looks incredible on her!

This look, in particular, features a bowl cut with blunt bangs skimming right above her eyebrow. There’s a subtle fade on the sides, which allows her tresses to move around effortlessly.

8. Slick Back Pompadour

ruby rose hair

Ruby Rose didn’t always have her trademark short hair. Sometimes, she wore her hair a pinch longer.

When she did, she showed off some incredible hairstyles – including this wonderful swept-back hair featuring a pompadour up front.

9. Unique Braids

ruby rose with crown braid hairstyle

There are lots of braided hairstyles in Hollywood, but this hairstyle was one we hadn’t seen before.

We can’t help but adore how Ruby fashions her short locks into crown braids that are idyllically tinted with bright blue colors.

10. White Hot Faux Hawk

ruby rose with blonde faux hawk hairstyle

With this hairstyle, Ruby Rose transforms herself into a silver fox. She starts by bleaching her mane into a bright white hue riddled with hints of silver and blue.

Then, she styled her locks into an unmistakably daring faux hawk.

11. Green Shave

ruby rose with dyed buzzz cut

When it comes to Ruby, it seems she’s always looking to step outside the norm. And we always love it!

She starts by shaving her hair very short – almost bald! Then, she douses her hair in a look-at-me bright green shade, a color that’s designed to turn heads.

12. Magenta A-Line Pixie

ruby rose with magenta pink hair

The a-line pixie haircut looks perfect on Ruby Rose. Her facial structure was made for this sharp haircut.

Yet, she only makes the a-line pixie cooler by coloring her locks with a striking magenta shade.

13. Chic Cropped Bob

ruby rose with short bob

With this style, Ruby decides to say sayonara to her iconic pixie cut, replacing it with a bit longer tresses.

Still short, she opts for a cropped cut that dangles right around her jawbone. A little shorter in the back, she tips her hat at the classic a-line bob haircut without going overboard.

14. Long Hair With Side Braids

ruby rose with long blonde hair

Ruby, is that you? Yup.

Miss Rose wasn’t a short-haired celebrity in her earlier years. She had longer strands at the beginning of her career, which looked tremendously gorgeous on her!

This style features long golden blonde hair that’s paired up with side braids.

15. Blunt Bangs

ruby rose with blunt bangs

Finally, we had to add this long hairstyle by Ruby to our top 15 list! Ruby Rose shows off some lengthy locks that dangle past her shoulders. Her jet-black tresses are straightened to appear silky smooth.

She finishes this trendy style with thick, blunt bangs resting right above eye level.

As you can see, Ruby Rose is a master of all types of ultra-short hairstyles. Yet, she can still wear longer strands and look incredible.