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12 Sergio Ramos Hairstyles to Wear Yourself

Soccer star Sergio Ramos is one of the hottest football stars in Europe. He is captain of Real Madrid and has led the Spanish National team on multiple occasions. He is also a style icon and Sergio Ramos haircuts are often emulated by his adoring fans.

Sergio Ramos Hairstyles

There are so many Sergio Ramos haircuts to choose from that it can be difficult to pick 12 of the best. We’ve done our best to show you some of his most famous haircuts and hairstyles.

1. Shaved Side + Short Faux Hawk

sergio ramos hairstyles of 2022

The style features shaved sides with a short faux hawk on top, giving you a modern yet edgy look. The top is styled upwards and finished with a strong hold hair cream for a textured, spiky look. This style is great for those who want something in between a casual and official look.

2. Tight Ponytail

sergio ramos hairstyles of 2020

To achieve Sergio Ramos’ long slick back and tight ponytail hairstyle, apply a small amount of styling product, such as gel or pomade, evenly throughout the hair. Use a thin-toothed comb to smooth the hair back, starting from the front hairline and working your way towards the back. Secure the hair with an elastic band. Finally, you can use some hair spray to keep the style in place and add shine.

3. Parted Slick Hair

sergio ramos hairstyles of 2019

Ramos’s long layered hair is parted in the middle and slicked to the sides here. Lots of hair gel is used to keep the hair in place, and the hair band keeps them out of the face. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a classic, timeless look on their long hair without chopping them.

4. Short Hair + Line

sergio ramos hairstyles of 2018

To achieve this look, start by trimming the overall hair to a short length. Then, use a razor to shave the sides of the head. Finally, create a precise line on the forehead. This hairstyle is great for any casual or official look.

5. Short Mohawk

sergio ramos with mohawk haircut

Sergio Ramos’ signature short mohawk is an iconic look that’s easy to create. Begin with a small amount of wax or pomade on your hands and work it through your hair from the roots to the tips. Ensure that the sides are cut or shaved evenly.

6. Soft Waves

Soft Waves hairstyle for Sergio Ramos

Soft and gentle waves are a very unthreatening hairstyle. In this Sergio Ramos hairstyle, the man himself has combed his hair over from one side to the other to give each strand the maximum waviness.


7. Voluminous Hairstyle

ramos valuminous hair

To get as much volume into your hairstyle as Sergio Ramos has, you will need to brush your hair upwards from the roots. Add a little soft hold hair gel to keep your hairstyle looking voluminous for the whole day.

8.  Sergio Ramos’s Slicked-Back Hairstyle With Beard

Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos during a training session at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester.

Use hair gel to slick back your hairstyle and then use a comb to cut fine lines into your hair. Sergio Ramos uses this hairstyle to keep his hair out of his eyes during a game. He wore this hairstyle with a full beard which made it look very stylish.

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9. Soft Spikes

Soft Spikes hairstyle for Sergio Ramos

One of the most touchable Sergio Ramos haircuts is this look with soft spikes. Use a tiny bit of holding gel to spike your hair into an upwards style. Use your hands to create the look that you want.

10. Ramos Military Cut

Military Cut for Sergio Ramos hairstyle

A super neat haircut like this is very reminiscent of a military hairstyle. Make sure that all of your hair is a uniform length and that you do not have a hair out of place.

11. Bleached Blond

Sergio Ramos Bleached Blond hairstyle you like

In this iconic Sergio Ramos hairstyle, he makes a real statement with a bleached-blond look. If you are using peroxide to bleach your hair, you need to be careful about how long you leave it on for, because overuse will damage your hair.

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12. Ramos Long Hairstyle

long hairstyle by Sergio Ramos

You will need a lot of patience to grow your hair into a long Sergio Ramos hairstyle. Once your hair has grown out into a shoulder-length hairstyle, you may need a sweatband to keep your hair out of your eyes.

If these Sergio Ramos haircuts do not catch your eye, we have plenty of other celebrity hairstyles displayed on our site. These lists can help you to get all of the inspiration that you need for your next look.