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17 Coolest Neymar Jr. Hairstyles to Copy

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, known as Neymar Jr. in the world of football, is not only a role model for young boys and men around the world for his football skills but also for his iconic and expressive hairstyles. Anything he wears, whether it be a hairstyle or an outfit, ultimately sets itself up as a trend.

As such, over the years, any hairstyle he wears has become a signature Neymar hairstyle. But to just praise his hairstyles would take away from who he really is as it is his dribbling and scoring skills in football that has made him into the sensation he is today.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most unique haircuts Neymar has sported over the years.


Neymar Júnior Haircuts & Hairstyles

Neymar Júnior is innovative no matter when it comes to playing football or hair. His fans and even the critics will say positively about his brilliant hairstyles. Here are 17 of the coolest Neymar Jr. haircuts and hairstyles worth giving a try.

1. Short White Grey Hair with a Buzz Cut

Neymar with White Buzz Cut


This is one of the most recent haircuts that Neymar Jr. has sported. As you can see, the top of the hair has been dyed white with shades of grey between the locks. He also has a slight buzz cut on the sides as well.

The color of the top of this short hairstyle is similar to another Brazilian football player Richarlison’s latest haircut.

2. Pink Hair with Shaved Sides

Neymar Jr with Pink Hair


As it seems, Neymar is no stranger to dyeing his hair. A short pink hair with shaved sides is one of the most unique styles he’s ever carried on the field. It goes without saying though, this hairstyle won’t suit everyone who wears it.


3. Black Hair with Blonde Highlights and Fade

Here, Neymar Jr. is seen with temp fade and blonde highlights on his naturally black locks. As with all his other hairstyles, this too is one of the most beloved hairstyles among his fans.


4. Short Buzz Cut with Fades and Prominent Hair Parting

Neymar's Buzz cut with Hard Part


While this isn’t one of Neymar’s most popular hairstyles, it is one of those hairstyles that can look amazing on anyone. He sports a buzz cut that is slightly longer on the top and faded by the sides with a prominent parting on the left side of his hair.


5. Faux Hawk with Shaved Sides

Who says you can’t have curly hair and keep a faux hawk. As you can see, curly hair does not stop Neymar Jr. from keeping a faux hawk. Although unkempt, we can safely say, it’s a good hairstyle. A shaved side can also complement the hairstyle.


6. Neymar Mohawk with Braids

favorite Neymar Mohawk with Braids

Neymar’s Mohawk haircut with braids might seem tame to some, but the addition of these braids at the back of his head adds a bit of texture to the overall look of this style.


7. The Blade Mohawk

Neymar’s Blade Mohawk hairstyle

Neymar’s blade mohawk is stunning here as it gives a clear indication of the readiness to do battle on the field. The Mohawk is well-groomed for this fight. This look is achievable using a variety of methods on natural hair including a blowout, flat iron with use of a thermal protectant or a brush and pomade. Also, a texturizer or chemical relaxer can assist in achieving this look for those not looking to sustain natural hair.


8. Neymar’s Two-Tone Mohawk

Neymar’s Two-Tone Mohawk hairstyle you like

Neymar’s two-tone mohawk is proof that the color can revive a classic mohawk hairstyle. The blonde tips of this Mohawk breathe a distinct air of energy about Neymar.


9. Neymar With Buzz Cut Hair

Neymar’s buzz cut hair is crisp and cool. Sometimes, a natural look is all that you need to be still trendy.


10. Neymar’s Flat Mohawk Mullet Hairstyle

Neymar’s Flat Mohawk Hair 2024

Mohawks do not always have to stand up or out. They can lay flat. Neymar’s blonde, flat mohawk is a demonstration of what regular mohawk can be.


11. Men’s Blonde Locks

cool Neymar Jr.’s Blonde Locks

Neymar Jr.’s blonde hair is mind-altering a transforming. What better way to show off a new Neymar haircut than to dye it blonde?


12. Neymar Jr’s Short Mohawk

Neymar Jr’s Short Mohawk Haircut for 2024

The Neymar hairstyle with Mohawk is perhaps one of the most coiffed in the Neymar haircut library of hairstyles. This cool Neymar Jr.’s hair is pure perfection from the patterns of highlights to the angle of the waves.

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13. Short Curls with Temple Fade

Neymar curly hairstyles

The temple fade along with the short curls is a trendy and stylish Neymar haircut. It is also a relatively functional haircut that allows him to stay comfortable even during hot match days.


14. Faux Hawk with Fade

The golden highlights of the faux hawk are the most striking element of this Neymar Jr. hairstyle. It gives a cool and stylish edge to the conventional faux hawk. Additionally, this also makes it a standout haircut


15. Undercut Mohawk

This adaptation on the conventional Mohawk brings in a subtle stylish element to the hairdo. Well, you all know about the conventional style. But the flat Mohawk brings out the beauty of improvisation and creative expertise.


16. Dreadlocks

Neymar dreadlock hairstyles

The dreadlocks in this typical hairstyle of Neymar again highlight the sense of exotic. There is something uniquely edgy about the dreadlocks and these with the golden ombering come across as definitely cool and eye-catching.


17. Curly Undercut

Neymar Jr. curly haircut

This is an adaptation of the Buzzcut. In this Neymar Jr haircut, the contrast between the buzz and the curly top is striking. This is what gives the cut a rather stylish edge too. It makes curly rather cool and fashionable. This twist to the buzz cut also increases the range of options for those who like their hair short.

The only thing constant about Neymar Haircut is the change. The key is to choose what suits your style best. There are different options and color combinations that suit different personalities. Making a balanced choice is crucial.

These are 17 of Neymar Jr.’s most famous hairstyles. Remember, if you are just starting out, you will need to give your hair some time to grow, and you may need to do a bit of experimentation with different hair products to acquire the Neymar Crest.

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