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Types of Beard: 25 Different Styles You Can Try

Beard is a symbol of classic manly features and supremacy. Men have proudly let their facial features attain elegance by growing different types of beards.

However, the modern time has brought an utter rejuvenation to the beard styles as well. Instead of having random, bushy and wild beards, men are now more inclined toward having the finely trimmed, unique and stylish beard that is in exact accordance with their facial features and personality.

Men who want to grow a beard must make sure that they choose the right option for their face style, their lifestyle, and how much time they are willing to commit to growing it and taking care of it. Not all beards are a great option for all men, as some require more time and commitment. 


Types of Beard Styles

Despite their lone dominance on men’s fashion for consecutive centuries, the 18th century, however, was more attributed to sensual cheeks, massive wigs, and dandies. For the first time in history, men adopted clean shave faces for elegance.

Understanding the face shape that works best with these 25 beard types, as well as the time and commitment that they need, will help any man choose from these beard types to find the right one for him. But now the beard is again making its comeback. Some of the most popular beard types and styles are mentioned below to help you choose the best beard type for your fine masculine features.

1. Full Beard

It is probably the most loved and adopted beard type by men. Letting you attain the best possible natural look yet enhancing your manly features by ten folds, this beard type is what you need to attain if you want to leave an everlasting impact on the onlookers.

This is best suitable for triangle and diamond-shaped faces.


2. Circle Beard

guy with circle beard

Unlike heavy textured bandholz beard, circle beard is more about trimming and letting the very light hair grow on the face. Circle beard is also known as standard beard type. Very often it is the first choice of working men around the globe.

Some genius carved out the perfect combo of goatee beard styles and mustaches to come up with the most genuine beard type i.e. the circle beard. Trimming requires precision and usually, you need to visit a salon to acquire this flawless trimming. Else, you can use electric beard trimmers to achieve a flawless trim and style.

Circle beard type is best for round faces that are particularly thin set and small. Will Smith has brilliantly lived to the reputation of circle beard style.

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3. Goatee

Goatee Beard Style

Full beard minus sideburns is what we call the goatee beard type. It is a very simple yet very exciting beard type. Adding a bit of modification and trimming to the full beard gives superb results in the form of a flawless goatee.

It suits square shaped faces more than any other type.


4. Extended Goatee

Extended Goatee

A combination of a mustache and beard sans the sideburns, the extended goatee is great for men who want a nice compromise between a full beard and a goatee. It’s also commonly known as the “tailback” beard. It’s a bit more daring than some other beards or goatees but is a great option to wear in an office setting, as long as it is regularly trimmed and kept a bit neater.

This beard is perfect for shaved head men who have longer oblong shaped faces. However, it does work well on rectangular faces, as well. It’s a great option for men who have patchy hair on their cheeks.

A shorter extended goatee only needs a few days to grow before being cut and trimmed into shape. It’s also possible to cut this beard from long hair for a more stunning look right away, which means the hair needs to grow for a few weeks first.


5. Chin Strap Beard

Chin Strap Beard Style

This is a very thin line of hair that follows all the way around the face and jawline but doesn’t always include a mustache. It can be worn a bit thicker, but generally speaking, this beard type is quite thin. The thickness of the beard is generally determined by a man’s face shape, as it’s important to make sure that the shape of the beard complements the face shape and makes features pop. Men who have strong features will look best with this beard.

Thicker chinstraps are ideal on men who have round or wide faces, as thinner lines can make them look fat. Men who have angular faces can opt for a thinner beard. This style looks great on everyone but may take some tweaking.

Waiting up to a week before starting to style this beard allows the hair to grow long enough to create a great looking chin strap.


6. Mutton Chops

Friendly mutton chops is a unique beard style. It was immensely popular among the US military community. It was not until Hugh Jackman who adopted this style and suddenly friendly mutton chops also known as Wolverine beard became so popular again.

The method to attain a perfect mutton chop beard is simple and very easy. Just let the hair from your sideburns and mustaches grow until they meet, creating a perfect mutton chop beard style and then take assistance from a razor or shaving machine to clear your chin of any facial hair.

This beard type is extremely suitable for square-shaped faces but suits round faces equally well.


7. Short Stubble

It is immensely different from all the massive and heavy beard hair mentioned above.  It doesn’t only incorporate a hunky look to your posture but also earns you higher esteem and brilliant response from the onlookers especially the opposite gender.

This beard type is suitable for almost all face shapes. Just let the facial hairs grow for 2-3 days and then develop a habit of scheduled trimming to maintain the look.

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8. Medium stubble

In case you don’t like scrappy short tapered beard then medium stubble is another appropriate choice. It allows you to have 3-5mm long facial hairs but avoid facial hairs growth on chin and neck.  Otherwise, instead of attaining a handsome look, you will end up looking shaggy and ugly.

This beard type is again suitable for all face shapes and gives a quite handsome and chiseled outline to the face.


9. Bandholz

Bandholz Beard

It was not until Eric Bandholz wore this beard type and let the world fall in utter love with it. It is recognized to be the first modern long beard style. With a heavy look and dark appearance, this beard type is indeed one of the finest classic beard types made for elegant men.

Bandholz, however, requires patience and care to attain its full bloom. Almost 3-4 months are required to get a perfect bandholz beard. Trim after around 7-8 months to keep it in shape. The end result is worth the patience. Embellished with heavy mustaches and light sideburns, this sophisticated beard type is ready to let you rock the world with such a fine beard.

Bandholz beard is liked by the whole world and is especially a famous beard type suitable for Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Oval or Diamond-shaped faces.


10. Soul Patch Beard

Soul Patch Beard

A small patch of facial hair right below the bottom lip and above the chin is a laid-back style. It’s great for men who want facial hair without all of the efforts of a full beard. This style has come and gone in popularity, but it is still very popular among different types of beards among a subset of men who want to wear facial hair that will really set them apart from the crowd.

Most facial shapes look great with a soul patch. Men who have round faces will find that it helps make their face look leaner and more elongated.

The soul patch only takes a week or a few weeks to grow, depending on how thick and large it will be.


11. Balbo Beard

Balbo beard is unique and dazzling. Not many people knew Balbo until Robert Downey Jr. adopted this beard style.  Since then, this has become one of the most popular beard types in Europe. Careful trimming and patience are the two requirements of this beard type.

This type of beard also goes well with thin chins.


12. Hipster Beard

Any list of types of the beard styles is incomplete without our all-time favorite hipster beard. Give your hair the freedom to grow down your chin and neck. It is a rocking long beard style. Combing the mustaches neatly into the beard gives it a bulkier appearance.

It fits the round faces as well as oval-shaped faces.


13. 5 O’Clock Shadow Beard

This is a classic beard type that looks great on most men, which is why it is so commonly seen. While it was, in the past, thought to represent that a man didn’t have the time or ambition to shave, it’s now a sought-after style that makes men look effortlessly chic and stylish.

This is a great option for men who struggle to grow a long beard, but still, want to have some facial hair. It does require knowledge of how to trim a beard, especially around the neck, to look neat and clean, as well as purposeful.

The great thing about this beard is that it is one of the few that looks great on men with any face shape.

Since the hair is kept so short, this beard only takes around a week to grow out. It’s important to let all of the follicles grow to a longer length so the beard can then be trimmed evenly.


14. Anchor Beard with French Mustache

This type of beard is more than just facial hair on the chin. To get the full effect, men must grow a chin strap beard, soul patch, and a pencil mustache. The blending of these three styles results in a very finished and interesting look. The beard looks best with sharp lines and plenty of trimming to keep it from growing or looking out of control.

This is a perfect option for men who have square, oblong, or round faces. Due to the way that it rests on the chin and draws a lot of attention to the chin, it’s not a great fit for men with triangular or sharp faces.

This style can take around two months for most men to grow out, as it’s important that the hair is nice and thick before it is cut into shape. Obviously, longer and fuller anchor beards will take longer to grow than shorter and trimmed ones will.


15. Van Dyke

van dyke beard

Van dyke is a classic beard type meant for some of the finest men. Since this style originated from a Flemish painter Van Dyke, it is more associated to the art of looking beautiful and artful. With no hair on the neck and sideburns, Van Dyke is the inverted T-shaped beard type with a slight length of chin hairs.

This beard suits narrow and thin chin shape.


16. Ducktail Beard

This one of the best from different types of beard that generally looks trimmed and taken care of, but also tends to be a little bit looser and rougher around the edges. It’s a great style for men who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries. Since the ducktail looks sophisticated and groomed, it can be thought of as being professional and not just rebellious. It gives a full-beard look to the face without all of the work that goes along with a full beard.

This beard works best on the round, rectangular, diamond, and inverted triangle faces. Men who have really boxy or square faces will want to skip this beard and grow something else.

The best way to get a great ducktail beard is to start with a full beard and trim it down. Because of that, men will want to commit a few months to grow a thick and full beard before beginning any styling.


17. Amish Beard

This style of beard is never worn with a mustache and has a deep connection to Amish men’s relationships with women. Traditionally, Amish men don’t wear wedding rings, they simply stop shaving their beards when they get married. This results in beards that vary in length, but all have two things in common: a lack of a mustache and sideburns that grow out at the same time.

This beard style type is great for any man willing to shave their mustache and only grow their beard. It looks ideal on men who have round or oval heads.

This is easy to grow but does take time and maintenance. The style must be trimmed each day to keep the ends clean and neat. For a truly impressive Amish beard, the style may require months or years of growing. A smaller one can be achieved in just a few weeks.


18. Patchy Beard

Any man who wants a beard, but struggles to grow a thick face full of hair, may want to embrace a patchy beard. This type of beard is perfect for men who aren’t worried about having patches of their skin showing through their beard. This beard is often worn as men grow out their facial hair in an effort to have another, fuller style.

Men with any face shape can wear this beard. Since the hair is so patchy, it’s easy to cut and trim it as needed to try to complement the face as much as possible.

Men who want a patchy beard can start growing it right away. It only takes a few days or a week to achieve the beginning of this style.


19. Full Beard with A Handlebar Mustache

It is a dense beard style that covers the lower face. However, the hallmark feature is the curved heavy mustaches. They are slightly twisted upward to give a macho look to the face. Beard is trimmed carefully and the mustaches are heavy but not very long.

This beard type is extremely suitable for round faces and people who love bulky mustaches.


20. Long Full Beard

long full beard style for men

It is one of the most trendy beard type followed by millions across the globe. This beard style has freshness as well a classic touch. Clean straight lines going all down the beard is the most prominent feature of this style. Usually, a squaring cut is given to the beard to give it a rather forward push effect.

This is a beard type that is natural for long oval faces.


21. Spruce Beard Type

This is not exactly a long beard style but the length variations are numerous and many people like to have it rather lengthy and curled. However, the lower neck is shaved to keep the beard round and more continuous with the face. Careful trimming can give an absolute hot guy look.

This look is for diamond shaped and square faces.


22. French Beard

This is an ancient yet popular long beard style that Brad Pitt sported. It involves splitting the beard into two forks like halves down the chin. Brad Pitt and captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) both wore a French fork and wore it gracefully. French fork is often accompanied by a thick mustache and long goatee. But, choices are abundant when it comes to spice up your French fork and come up with your supreme French fork beard style.

This beard type specifically suits the long faces.


23. Bushy Beard with A Handlebar Mustache

Less trimming, maximum length, and dense hair are the key features of this beard style. Mustaches are usually trimmed in detail and a few braids are added to enhance the facial details. It looks hot and elegant at the same time. It invokes wildness and exotic feel in the personality. This is the reason it has been a preferred choice of many hunky guys out there.

This beard style is suitable for almost all face types because it is a free form of natural beard with a detailed combing.


24. Garibaldi with Walrus Mustache

garibaldi beard

It is one of the few beard styles that are never out of fashion and are always adored by the onlookers. If you love your macho looks but want a boost then Garibaldi is here to serve your purpose. This is the reason it is often called the “beard for hunky men”.

Garibaldi is slightly shorter than the bandholz and is rounder at the lower side. Heavy mustaches are the key feature of this beard type. Thus it requires trimming once in a week to maintain its round and massive texture appearance.

Garibaldi is more suitable for oval or rectangular faces.


25. Lumberjack Beard

Lumberjack Beard

Thick and full around the entire face, but kept neatly trimmed on the ends so that it isn’t scraggly, this is one of the most popular different types of beard. While recently it is common to see hipsters wearing this beard style, they don’t have a monopoly on it. It’s a great beard for any man who is able to grow long and thick facial hair and who wants to be able to show it off. When done correctly, it looks healthy and full.

Most any man can wear this beard, regardless of their face shape. Since it’s so full and thick, it can easily be trimmed and controlled to make the man look his best.

Depending on how long the beard will be, it can take between a few months to a year to grow out the hair for this style.


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With 25 types of beard to choose from, men must make sure that they take some time in choosing the right one for their face shape and lifestyle. This will ensure that they are happy with their beard and that it looks great on their face. While this list of 25 beard styles is not all-inclusive, it contains nine of the most common and flattering beards for men to choose from when growing facial hair.

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