Top 10 Side Swept Undercuts for A Macho Look

A popular haircut that is on the rise these days is the ‘Undercut‘. Not only does it make a man look extraordinary, but it also looks really chic and cool.

Men’s side swept undercut is a combination of the side wept and undercut hairstyles for men that brings a natural style to your look. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is wavy, curly, straight, or thick.

You can get an undercut haircut and look sensational. In this article, you will know about the 10 coolest side swept undercuts for men to stand out from the rest.


Popular Side Swept Undercuts for Men

Here, is a list of fabulous side swept undercut styles that you can go for. Take a look to make a decision which one is it that you want.

1. The Edgy Haircut

side swept edgy undercut

A simple style that is in trend. In this haircut, the razor is used in an upward direction. This gives the hair a nice edgy and cool look. In order to get the look you want, style your hair upwards. If you want to add some volume and texture, then go ahead and use some hair gel and blow-dry it.


2. Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected Undercut with Side Swept Style

This side-swept undercut haircut is a bold and brave option for those who want something unique. It adds a bald and shaven look. Hair is only left on the top middle portion of the head and the rest is shaved off.


3. Side Swept Undercut With Long Hair

side swept undercut for long hair

This haircut for those of you who want to bring out the look of the beard. The hair on the top of the head is left long. You can either make a bun or apply some wax and comb it backward.


4. Undercut with Side Part

Undercut with Side Part

If you want your hair to look different and a bit more classy then try the side part undercut. It is a combination of a side part and an undercut. You can get this undercut done by keeping length on both the sides. It will suit a modern man.


5. Military Style Undercut

Side Swept Military Style Undercut

It is a perfect, one of a kind undercut for those who want to look cool. The sides in this haircut are shaved up high. Though the back is shaved it is not shaved up high leaving the topmost part of the hair long.


6. The Mohawk style

In this particular type of side swept undercut, one enjoys the look of a mohawk. The hair is cut in such a manner that it looks steep from one angle. Guys often go for the shaved line. This helps them to create a distinction between the top and the undercut section.


 7. Slick and Straight

slicked back undercut for men

It suits men who have straight hair. The slick and straight undercut matches with your level of sophistication. If you want to add some volume to the back of your hair then ask your hair stylist about it. With some hair product, your hair will now be combed backwards while it is being blow-dried. This gives the hair a slick look.


8. Classic Undercut for Men

Men usually have a square face, if you also do then try out the classic undercut haircut. The sides are kept short and suit anyone who doesn’t want to overdo the whole undercut haircut.


9. Curly Undercut

Men who have curly hair can try this unique haircut. In this undercut, the sides are not completely shaved off instead it is cut in a way that adds extra bounce and style to the hair.


10. Side Swept Undercut with Short Hair

side swept undercut with short hair

If you possess short hair, then try out this hairstyle. The uppermost region of the hair will be styled backward after being cut in perfect square angles.


Though the undercut has been in style for decades now, it has never been more popular. Try out the different types of undercuts and enjoy a whole new look.