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18 Spiky Pixie Cuts You Can Easily Copy

Most pixie cuts are only a few inches long, but they can be just as versatile, if not more so, as long hair. Thanks to details like layers, bangs, and different textures, styling your pixie cut is fun and relatively stress-free.

Sexy Spiky Pixie Cuts

Many women prefer the spiky look because it’s an easy way to create a bold look for casual as well as formal occasions. Below are 18 spiky styles that pixie babes simply can’t live without.

1. Messy Spiky Pixie

messy spiky pixie

A popular punk short spiky look. This look requires minimal styling products and just a few minutes to create that bedhead vibe.

Focus choppy texture on the top of the head and keep the sides smooth. Blow dry the hair upwards and style it with a texturizing paste and your fingers.

2. Short and Tousled Pixie

short spiky pixie haircut

This short spiky pixie looks best when dry, so steer clear of heavy gels that make hair appear shiny. All you need is a light styling paste to work through dry hair. Short bangs are perfect for this look.

If you don’t have any natural curl, you can mimic this look by taking your curling iron and curling the longer pieces on top, then messing them up with your fingers.

3. Straight Pixie for Older Women

spiky pixie cut for older woman

Getting older often requires choosing a short haircut, but it takes an especially stylish babe to rock a spiky pixie cut for older women. This short pixie is perfect for straight hair that is fine rather than full. Blow dry the hair upwards and style with a dry texture spray to get some added fullness and volume.

4. Longer Spiky Pixie

long spiky pixie haircut

If you aren’t afraid of height, then this longer pixie may be your next ‘do. A faux hawk shape is necessary at the top of the forehead and should be mirrored by shorter spikes at the back of the head.

To get this much volume it will take some styling effort. Apply a root lifter to wet hair and blow dry the hair upwards until fully dry. Use a strong hold texturizing paste to stand the hair up, and finish with a strong hold hair spray.

5. Feminine Quiff

blonde spiky pixie cut

Office-going ladies can stand out from others by rocking a feminine quiff.

Ask for a spiky pixie cut with neatly clipped sides and a textured top that blends in with the back. Complement the look further by dying the top portion blonde for a refreshing two-toned appeal.

You can achieve this style by blow-drying the hair with your fingers and spiking it with a texturizing paste.

6. Long Wild Spikes 

punk spiky pixie hair

Getting a little wild surely won’t hurt! Grow the top quite a few inches longer to create straight spikes that tend to fall everywhere.

Highlight the front with blonde and red shades to achieve a color block effect and remember to use a spray gel to make those sharp bristles last throughout the day.

7. Asymmetrical Chop 

spiky pixie cut for black women

African-American ladies can make use of their unruly natural black tresses to recreate this funky hairdo with just a little effort.

Use a blow dryer to dry the hair and begin pulling it out and away from the head. Then use a texture paste to pinch the ends with your fingers to end up with anime-inspired spikes.

8. Textured Layers 

spiky pixie cut for older women

Rejuvenate your look when getting on in years with a messy and wavy salt and pepper pixie.

Skip getting an undercut and opt for texturizing layers that taper towards the sides and back. Tousle the mane with your fingers to achieve a ruffled look that is sure to grab some attention.

9. Choppy Pixie, V-Shaped Bangs 

spiky pixie cut for round faces

Make a bold move this season to turn your spiky pixie cut into a one-of-a-kind hairstyle. Experiment with gothic V-shaped bangs with a texturized top and focus all the attention towards the front by blow drying the hair forward.

Use a texturizing paste to add some movement and height on top. Finish with a strong-hold hairspray.

10. Soft Faux Hawk 

spiky pixie cut for wedding

Soft yet fierce, this blonde faux hawk with subtle chunks of copper is a must-try for ladies who are more into playful short haircuts.

The front strands are blow-dried towards the middle with neatly brushed-down sides and a disheveled back. Finish the style with a texture paste and hairspray.

11. Spiky Top + Smooth Sides 

spiky pixie cut with highlights

Sticking to the basics, copy this androgynous hairdo by clipping the sides to contrast against a longer top.

Brush up all the strands creating significant height that is ideal to make chubby round/square faces appear longer. Run your fingers through the spikes with a texture paste to get them to stand up.

12. Disheveled Shag 

spiky pixie cut

This copper shag with uneven rumpled layers is a lifesaver for all the lazybones out there, especially those who want to add some volume to their thinning mane. The strands are tousled for a chaotic look with sharp baby bangs at the front.

13. Pompadour Pixie 

spiky pixie with undercut

Pompadours have stood the test of time and are a unique way of styling short locks among women.

Although the classic version involves creating height on top by sweeping the strands upward from the face over the forehead, you can keep it casual-looking by allowing the spikes to tilt slightly on one side.

14. Mohawk Undercut 

spiky pixie with undercut

Another super sexy spiky pixie to channel your inner rock star. The hair on top and throughout the back is long, spiky, and painted in a pastel coral tinge to contrast sharply against those dark buzzed sides.

15. Short Platinum Pixie 

very short spiky pixie cut

Spiky hairstyles can be subtle and elegant just like this shiny platinum silver pixie.

The sides are faded down and blended with the top rather than disconnected. Tiny spikes at the front appear just like a cute mini quiff. Simply stunning!  

16. Spiky Hair with Fringe

spiky pixie hair with bangs

A cool pixie with bangs is for the artistic babe. Instead of spiking up your bangs, cut them short and lay them flat along the forehead while focusing that edgy, spiky texture on the rest of the hair. This look has more of a mullet-pixie style as the back is left a bit longer.

17. Spiky Cut for Thin Hair

Create movement and texture with this spiky pixie for thin hair. The blue roots add dimension to these silver locks. Even if you prefer a more traditional color, this highlighting effect makes hair appear thick and rich.

18. Faux Hawk for Thick Hair

Faux hawks are an easy yet sexy way to style a spiky pixie cut for thick hair.

Add height at the top of the forehead to draw attention to your eyes, and lengthen a round face shape. If your hair is rather thick, you’ll need to have lots of texturizing to get this look on top.

The best part about spiky pixies is their flexibility. Spike hair up in a faux hawk or any organic shape that you desire. Don’t overuse products, follow your inner creativity and you’re good to go!