10 Unprofessional Hairstyles You Should Avoid

Looking your best at important meetings, interviews, or other occasions is a must if you want to give the right impression. Aside from having a killer outfit, all women will want a haircut that is sophisticated yet stylish.

Avoiding unprofessional hairstyles is necessary for coming across intelligent and trustworthy. Hair that is too edgy, rainbow hair colors, and sloppy, messy styles don’t present you in the best light. For every hairstyle that is unpleasant, there is an easy way to transition it.


Unprofessional Hairstyles

To feel confident on that important day, avoid these 10 unprofessional hairstyles and try the suggestions.

1. Unprofessional Hair Color

unprofessional hair color

For formal meetings and business occasions, avoid mixing bright colors together. An angled pixie with a shaved fade is fine, but keep colors to a maximum of two and in the same shade.


2. Loose Ponytail

This style of loose ponytail comes across as a bit messy. To look professional, avoid too many loose strands. If anything, you can pull a few tendrils out near the face for framing.


3. Short Hairstyle

unprofessional short hairstyle

A short hairstyle like a pixie or buzz cut with blunt bangs and bright color doesn’t send the right message of professionalism. To tighten it up, avoid choppy layers and go for a neutral color.


4. Unprofessional Long Hair

This mix of ponytail buns as a mohawk is too unruly for a professional setting. Leave hair loose to cover the shaved sides or pull all the hair into one ponytail.


5. Dreadlocks

unprofessional dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a tricky hairstyle to tame but by pulling all the hair into a low or high ponytail, your look will be less sloppy or more stylish.


6. Unprofessional Hairstyle for an Interview

Although these two jumbo braids are beautifully bohemian and show off any thickness and texture you may have, the style is a little too fancy. A low ponytail is classy and will still show off length.


7. Loose Updo

Loose updos with sparkly clips are best saved for weddings, date nights, and other fancy occasions. To transform it into a professional style, tone down the teasing, smooth back loose strands and nix the glam barrette.


8. Unprofessional Braid

unprofessional braid

A thick braided mohawk like this may be rock and roll-ready for concerts, but the style and silver hair color is not office-friendly. Instead, try a simple French braid.


9. Hat Hair


Unless it’s wacky hair day at work, the backwards cap needs to stay at home. You can still wear your hair long and wild, but we’re sure your coworkers want to see your pretty face!


10. Messy Hair

Although long hair is always fun to show off, this style is way too messy. Run a comb through your hair and wear loose or with pins to clip hair back before showing up to work or that important interview.


Avoiding these unprofessional hairstyles is your best bet at coming across sophisticated and intelligent. Stick with styles that are void of stray hairs and frizz, mismatched colors, and haircuts that are best saved for when you’re not on the clock and you’ll be set.

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