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18 Yellow Hair Color Ideas to Brighten Up Your Style

Are you looking to shake up your look with a unique shade and style? Pick yellow hair color and you’re guaranteed to get attention no matter where you go! There’s no brighter shade than this one, and there’s just so much variance to the tones you can use.

Playing with your hair length and texture can also help these tones pop. Don’t believe us? Then let’s dive right in and show you.


Fun Yellow Hair Color Ideas

Fire styles, two-tone and dark-rooted looks are common in this color shade. Let’s look at the below yellow hair color ideas.

Dark Roots and Muted Curls

mustard yellow highlights on wavy dark hair

Dark roots can make you look edgy, even with yellow hair color on the rest of your head. This particular tone is muted and borderline orange, so it’s great if you like giving off that duller, grittier vibe.

The simplicity of the style adds to that, as it’s a simple center-parting with shoulder-length curls.


Brown Locks with Firey Undertones

peekaboo yellow hair

It’s popular to just dye the underside of your hair, so you have a natural color on top like this brown. Then, underneath the natural shade, there’s a mixture of three shades that create a fiery look.

This is bold and fierce, and the long, straight locks help amplify that vibe.


Dark Roots and Orange Toned Curls

wavy yellow hairstyle

You won’t always see a yellow hair color on its own. It’s often paired with orange, and dark roots are frequently on display, too. Pairing it with these darker tones helps add depth to the hair. In this look, you’ll also find some long, thick curls.


Two-Tone Bob and Bangs

red and yellow split hair color

There are two tones to this look, and it’s split right down the middle to display them. One of the shades is the one we’re focusing on today, and the other is a muted red tone that’s borderline orange.

Blunt bangs sit on the forehead, and the hair is in a choppy bob.


Bright and Dark Long Waves

half updo with yellow hair


As stated earlier, dark roots add a lot of depth to unusual and unique shades like this. This style has a rich mustard color, and there are dark roots are visible throughout.

Long waves make this thick hair look stylish. The top section of hair is drawn back.


Wavy Bob and Brown Roots

The roots don’t have to be super dark to help add depth to your look. Here brown roots are growing out to combine with locks the color of a daffodil. The cut is a nice wavy bob with light bangs covering the whole forehead.


Light to Dark Firey Tones

two tone yellow hair


Flame-based styles are very popular when you’re looking at yellow hair color ideas. However, they usually start with red and move on to lighter shades. This one differs as it starts with the lightest tone, turns red, then turns orange.


Long Locks and Split Bangs

yellow hair with wispy bangs


You can’t go wrong with a solid, whole-head shade. This one is very bright and fun, and the roots are well0covered and there are no extra tones.

The locks are long and thick, falling over each shoulder. Some thick bangs are split across the forehead, framing the face.


Silver Waves with Bright Ends

silver hair with yellow tips


Silver goes well with these bright colors. Platinum blonde is particularly suitable, as it’s such a gentle shade. But then these darker, fire-like tones pop on top of it, helping draw the eye instantly. The style itself is medium-length with nice curls.


Black and Yellow Blunt Bob

wavy yellow balayage bob


There are tons of black and yellow styles, as the two shades just pair so well together. This is another one where the black starts and the lighter shade takes over. Overall it’s a very short bob with waviness to it. It ends very bluntly.


Pure Fire Curly Look

If you want a super vivid, super fiery head of hair, then this is the style for you. The center starts with some deep, almost black purple, and then there’s red. The orange and lighter shade expand out from that, like a true flame. The curls add to the fire effect.


Front and Back Split with Curls

half and half yellow and pink hair with bangs


You usually see two-tone splits with the shad side by side. Here, the two-tone split is front and back. The vivid, sun-like shade takes up most of the long hair.

The front is a deep pink that’s almost red. The full bangs in this darker tone help capture your attention. 


Bob with Braid and Red Ends

Bobs are super cute with bright yellow hair colors like this, but they can get boring fast. This look makes the bob unique by typing it with two thick braids high on the head. The locks transition smoothly to have a nice red touch to the ends.


Yellow and Orange Waves

As you can tell, curls are very popular with shades like this. Here’s another classic one that encapsulates the three tones of fire. This time, the hair also has dark roots. The style overall is very long and lush with thick curls. The curls are very loose and carefree.


Deep Dark Curly Shag

long shag haircut with yellow hair


Bright looks are fun, but dark ones can look wonderful too. This is a deeper, richer tone like very dark mustard. It’s almost gold and almost brown. Bangs frame the face and sweep back from it while the overall style forms loose waves.


Blue and Yellow Neon Tones

Neon colors are appealing. This look has neon blue in light and dark tones, and it also has green, orange, and a bright lemon tone. It’s an eye-catching style that’s designed to keep your attention. There are messy layers in the look, and short, blunt bangs, too.


Upside Down Flame

Fun twists like this keep things interesting. Here we have another upside-down flame style, but it’s done differently. The roots are light, and then there’s a small stretch of orange in the locks.

The bangs are mostly orange as they curl back. The rest of the long locks are jet black.


Two Shades and Dark Undertones

yellow hair for women over 40


You can achieve depth while keeping your locks all one color. The trick is to use two shades of it. So on top, there’s a more mustard color here. On the bottom, there’s a neon tone. There are also dark undertones on top.


As you can see, there are tons of yellow hairstyles for you to play with. There are tons of fun and exciting ways you can explore this bright tone. Make sure to care for your hair well, and show the world the sunny side of your personality with these looks.