20 Mesmeric Side Ponytails to Bring Back the ’90s With A Bodacious

How many of you ladies wore your hair in a side ponytail during your tween and teen years? Yup! Holla at your girl because I did it, too. Because everything old is new again, we might find ourselves swinging our ponytails to the side again. The signature ‘do of the ’90s is coming back, just like all the other cheesy trends from everyone’s favorite decade. Fortunately, the cheese is much more refined this time around.


Popular Side Ponytails for Young Women

Have you ever wanted to go back to wearing all the clothing and hairstyles you rocked in the 1990s? Honey, all of us have that moment, but then we see someone younger wearing a tattoo choker or a pair of overalls unironically, and our nostalgia fades away for another day. Once you see the updated side ponytail hairstyles, however, you’re probably going to go digging for all of your old scrunchies. You can also browse these high ponytails.


#1: High and to the Side Ponytail

High side ponytail brown hair

Side ponytails don’t get more 1990s than this, although I don’t recall anything quite this stylish. The classic pony gets a modern update thanks to the sleek execution and the wrap of hair that secures the base.


#2: Low and Wavy Ponytail

low and Wavy side ponytail hairstyle

A ponytail worn low and to the side is an excellent coif for informal functions and everyday wear. With the right ensemble, it’s also the perfect date night look—those sculpted waves make all the difference.


#3: Braided Side Ponytail

side ponytail

Braids make everything better, don’t they? Plait a few braids in your ponytail, and it goes from a throwback the ’90s ‘do to a modern Boho chic hairstyle. Even if you simply want to create a ponytail, then braid parts of the tail itself, this is a winner.

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#4: Straight and Sleek

A sleek, straight side ponytail hairstyle for girls calls the ’90s to mind in a minute. This is a fun, flirty, TGIF hairdo if ever there was one, and it doesn’t take a bit of effort, either. You can take or leave the bangs, though—that’s all on you.

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#5: Curled and Crowned

side ponytail

Here’s another coiffure you have to add to your list of formal hairstyles. The side ponytail itself is beautifully curled and teased just enough to give it volume, as well as an artfully tousled appearance. The tiny twisted braid that begins right in front is the signature detail of this ‘do, though.