30 Gorgeous Wedding Updos for Your Distinctive Style

When it comes to you or your friend’s special day, you deserve to feel amazing. Part of achieving that feeling is having a gorgeous hairstyle to match your dress. Whether you’re the bridesmaid or the bride, there are plenty of wedding updos to choose from. Buns, braided crowns, loose waves, and more are all stunning options no matter your face shape.

For the ultimate romantic hairstyle, choose from one of these 30 wedding updos.

1. Wedding Updo for Short Hair

If you have short hair, wind it back into a twisted bun, being sure to tuck all loose hairs in. Pin in some flowers or top with your veil.


2. Long Hair Updo

You need a professional stylist to pull this long hair updo. Long hair is the perfect length to braid hair and form a romantic crown. Leave pieces around the face loose and top the look off with flowers to match your bouquet.


3. Bridal Updo for Medium Hair

Wedding Updo for Medium Hair

A loose chignon is just for brides with medium length hair. Twist a few strands of hair before winding it up for sexy texture.


4. Black Hair Updos

For naturally black hair, a high curly bun with a lace or flower headband is super romantic. Leave a thick strand curled and loose by your face for a soft look.


5. Half Updo for Bride

Prefer to wear your hair down? A half updo will make your locks look extra long. Just pull it up into a bun, ponytail, or braid.


6.  Updo with Braids

To create this braided updo, form two low braids and pin them near the front of your head, pulling the braids loose so soft tendrils of hair fall.


7. Updos for Wedding Guest

Updos for Wedding Guest

There’s no reason the guest of the wedding shouldn’t look amazing as well. If you have wavy hair, a low braided bun looks thick and sultry.


8. Curly Updo

This curly hair updo works whether you have kinky-curly or wavy-curly hair. The secret to this style is leaving plenty of hair loose so it doesn’t look too perfect. Take a look at these wedding hairstyles for curly hair.


9. Straight Hair Updo

If you have straight hair, curl in some waves before forming this twisty bun. Jeweled barrettes add the perfect touch of glam in this wedding updo.


10. Loose Updo

Loose updos will be your favorite if you have thin or fine hair. Everyone will think your hair is actually thick when it’s rolled in a loose bun.


11. Updos for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid with long hair will look stunning with this updo. Before pinning your hair into any loose hairstyle, insert a couple braids. A loose side French braid or a twisted braid are both gorgeous.


12. Bridal Updo for Thin Hair

Low poofy buns pair perfectly with strapless wedding dresses. A lace or pearled headband will be the most beautiful topper if you choose to have no veil.


13. Wedding Updo with Veil

Wedding Updo with Veil

To show off your updo and still have a veil, go with a high bun and a low veil that clips in just beneath it. Wrap the bun in flowers for a pop of color.


14. Low Updo for Wedding

Low Updo for Wedding

This twisted bun is easily formed and will show off your neckline beautifully. Choose a special jeweled clasp or faux flowers to draw attention to this beauty.


15. High Updo

High round buns are sophisticated and chic, a great duo of style for any length or texture of hair. The higher the better with this hairstyle.


16. Messy Updo for Bride

Messy Updo for Brides

Messy updos make another great wedding hair updo. To keep it from being too “just rolled out of bed,” make sure most of the hair is secured with an elastic.


17. Wedding Updo with Bangs

When it comes to your wedding hairstyle, don’t pin back your bangs. Leave them loose and brushed to one side or piecey and spread out.


18. Side Updo for Brides

Side updos are soft and unexpected when it comes to a bride’s hairstyle. The look will show off all your best angles and looks elegant with flowered accessories.


19. Ponytail + Updo

Ponytails aren’t just for running errands anymore. You can get your own distinct updo hairstyles for wedding adding ponytail with other styles. A high or medium ponytail can lengthen your locks and trails down your back for a sexy style.


20. Wedding Bun

Bun Updo for Brides

For a high or side bun, add in a side braid to make this hairstyle romantic. Pair with your favorite dangly earrings and you’ve got a stunner.


21. Beach Wedding Updo

When you’re having a beach wedding, the last thing you want to worry about is a frizzy hairstyle. Keep hair out of your face with a high bun and a side braid and smooth flyaways with hairspray.


22. Locs Updo for Wedding

Dreadlocks are a beautiful hairstyle for black women. The hair is twisted in small segments for sexy thick-looking hair. An elegant updo separated into two buns or just as one single bun will make you feel like a queen.


23. Blonde Updo

Be a blonde bombshell on the special day by wearing your hair up in a twisted bun. Pull some of your hair loose or leave chunky tendrils to cascade down shoulders.


24. Twisted Updo

Fishtail or braided crowns are always beautiful options, but so is this twisted updo. With flowers tucked in, it’s an easy and effortlessly sexy style you’ll feel amazing in.


25. Updo for Asian Bride

Asian women with black hair should sport this tucked chignon. Wind back side strands and tuck them into the chignon for a thick textured hairdo.


26. Wedding Updo with Dreads

If your hair is in dreadlocks, you can still have that elegant wedding hairdo. Pull hair up into a tall bun or a jumbo bun just above the neckline.


27. Wedding Updos with Flowers

Flowered headbands or headdresses add a colorful accessory to a wedding updo. Paired with thick curls and soft tendrils, it’s the ultimate romantic updo.


28. Bridal Updo for Round Face

If you have a round face, shape it into an oval with a high twisty bun. Long side bangs will cover the rounded angles of your face so it has more dimension.


29. Natural Hair Updo with Weave

A glamourous updo hairstyle for black brides. A weave in black hair can add long length or a gorgeous hint of color. For dark skin tones, choose caramel to warm up your complexion.


30. Boho Updo

To get a boho updo, add tons of beachy waves and messy knots. Smooth everything down with hairspray and you’re ready.

These 30 wedding updos are the prettiest options you have to choose from. To feel ethereal, elegant, and amazing on your or your friend’s big day, you have to save this list!

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