20 Hottest Tapered Beard Styles That Will Inspire You

Tapered beard is taking the world by storm. The current era is all about flaunting your facial hair and styling it differently to make your facial features stand out. From celebrities to social media influencers to street style stars, everyone is sporting this trendy beard style because of its stylish and neat appearance.


What Is A Tapered Beard & How To Grow It?

tapered beard styles

A tapered beard is the kind of contemporary trimmed beard style, that gradually thin out the beard as you go down or up. It looks neat, put together and well maintained, making it perfect for a lot of men no matter what their face shape is.

A taper with beard is easy to grow if you learn how to maintain it properly. Make sure to keep your beard looking healthy and thicker as it grows down. The hair around the jawline is not supposed to be that prominent.


How To Trim & Taper A Beard

Maintaining a tapered beard is easy if you learn a few tips and tricks. You will need a good quality razor, trimmer, and beard comb to get a tapered beard effect. Mark a sharp like from the area around your ear going towards your lips for a precise look.

Gradually shave the hair down with the help of trimmer. Make sure to not shave all the hair off or it will look patchy. Focus on a gradient effect that you are looking for. In this way, the area around your sideburns will have lesser hair compared to the beard along your jawline and chin. If you are looking for trendy tapered beard styles, then keep on reading!


Watch the following video about How to Taper and Trim Beard


Popular Tapered Beard Styles to Copy

If you want to look polished, put together, and trendy at all times, then this article is for you. Have a look at these following taper with beard styles and opt for the best one!

1. Faded Hair with Beard

tapered beard with faded hair

If you like to look fashionably up to date at all times. Then this taper fade with beard look is perfect for you.

Ideal For: Square face shapes.

How To Style: Make your fade more prominent for a tapered appearance. Comb your hair thoroughly for a neat look.


2. Hipster Beard

tapered beard for oblong face

All the hipster dude’s out there, we have a style that made just for you.

Ideal For: Oblong face shapes.

How To Style: Grow out your beard to give it more volume while it stays tapered around the temples.


3. Lumberjack Beard Style

tapered beard styles

Get this style if you have a touch of grunge and edge to your personal style.

Ideal For: Oval and oblong face shapes.

How To Style:  Long hair goes perfectly well with a long tapered beard like this. Maintain a mustache with it to complete the look.


4. The Guy Next Door Beard

tapered beard line

Steal the heart of your crush with this attractive guy next door hair and beard style.

Ideal For: Rectangular or oval face shapes.

How To Style: Neatly cut the taper with beard and pair it with a slick back, classy hairstyle with a low bald fade.


5. Hollywood Inspired Faded Beard

Hollywood style faded beard

For a classy look that is fit for the red carpet, this short hair and beard is what you need.

Ideal For: Oblong and diamond face shapes.

How To Style: Slightly grow your beard and give it a tapered effect around the jawline.


6. Sleek Hard Part

Get this tapered beard and hairstyle for a mature and neat look.

Ideal For: Square face shapes.

How To Style: Keep your beard thick and full while you hairstyle has a nice fade and clean look.


7. Bald Fade & Beard

If you like to stay low maintenance and still look ultra trendy then this is the look for you.

Ideal For: Rounder face shapes.

How To Style: Shave your head and pair it with a light taper cut beard.


8. Pair It with A Quiff

A stylish quiff adds to the classy appearance of the tapered beard.

Ideal For: Oval face shapes.

How To Style: Give your beard a sophisticated tapered trim and style your hair in a deep quiff with faded sides.


9. The Sharp And Precise

Get some sharp and precise lines to steal the spotlight.

Ideal For: Oblong face shapes.

How To Style: Shave off your hair in precise geometric lines for a contemporary taper fade with beard and hairstyle.


10. High & Tight Fade

tapered beardstyles with military fade

Keep it neat and trendy with this hair and tapered beard combo.

Ideal For: Round and square face shapes.

How To Style: Shave your beard from the rest of your face and leave it thick and full on the jawline. It looks clean and polished when paired with a military haircut.


11. Cool And Geometric Skin Fade

This hair and beard style screams rock star.

Ideal For: Sharper face cuts.

How To Style: Give a reverse tapered effect to your beard and trim it more from the outward section than the inward section.


12. Fohawk Fade And Taper

If you don’t want to part ways with spikes, then get this hairstyle.

Ideal For: Square face shapes.

How To Style: Grow a moderate beard and give it a bold tapered effect. Sport a faded, spiky hairstyle to compliment it perfectly.


13. Beard with A Man Bun

We can’t get over how classy this man bun and taper with beard combo look.

Ideal For: Oval face shapes.

How To Style: Grow a thick and full beard that goes ideally well with a top knot.


14. Beard And Long Braid 

Who said you can’t have a braid if you have a beard!

Ideal For: Rectangular and oblong face shapes.

How To Style: Subtly taper your beard along with the sideburns and tie your hair into a neat braid for this look.


15. Mid Taper Fade

subtle taper fade with beard for men

Keep your fade subtle for a softer look on your face.

Ideal For: Diamond face shape.

How To Style: Go equally subtle on the fade of your hair and tapered beard to achieve this look.


16. Tapered Beard with Mohawk Mullet

Feeling a bit daring? Go for this beard and hairstyle.

Ideal For: Softer face shapes.

How To Style: Taper your beard along the sideburns that blend into your deep and bold Mohawk.


17. Gentleman Haircut

True gentlemen go for hairstyles like these.

Ideal For: Round face shapes.

How To Style: Keep your hair and beard short and tapered for this minimalistic look.


18. Low Fade with Beard

Look fresh, young, and stylish with this hairstyle and tapered beard.

Ideal For: More defined face shapes.

How To Style: Let your stubble grow a little and taper it from the edges. Give some texture to your hair that allows you to flaunt your fade perfectly.


19. Disconnected Undercut And Tapered Beard

Go a bit deeper and more prominent with your taper faded beard for a bolder look.

Ideal For: Square face shapes.

How To Style: Leave your beard messy but tapered for this look. Focus on a deeper fade for your hairstyle.


20. The Sexy Influencer Tapered Beard

fade and tapered beard styles

Achieve a timeless classic look by pairing your taper fade with beard and mustache.

Ideal For: Longer face shapes.

How To Style: Grow your beard and mustache and keep them healthy with the help of beard oil. Allow them to grow past your collar. Get your hair and beard tapered from the point they meet for a trendy appearance.


FAQs on Tapered Beard Styles

Q1. How to cut a tapered beard line?

Ans. Taper cut beards usually have a sharp line from where the beard actually starts. Some are geometric and some have an organic flow. Start from around the ear and mark a sharp line to the ends of your lips. Shave everything above the line to keep your beard line precise and neat.


Q2. How to taper short beard?

Ans. Short beards can be easily tapered as well but sometimes give the effect of stubble. Keep your hair dense around the chin and trim the rest in a gradient.


Q3. How to shape a taper faded beard?

Ans. You can also shape it from the bottom with the help of sharp scissors and razors. You can give a U or V-shaped appearance to your beard with the help of these tools according to your liking.


With these trendy tapered beard styles paired with stylish haircuts, you will definitely steal the spotlight and look a lot more put together. Use beard oil to maintain the health of your beard and look breathtakingly handsome at all times.