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33 Best Short Mohawk Fades for Men in 2024

The history of the short Mohawk haircut dates back to the ancient times when Vikings were the rulers. The millennials of today have given a modern twist to the Mohawk cut by incorporating the fade element in it. Short Mohawks have always been seen in a very controversial light as the masses don’t consider it as a haircut that is suitable for all walks of life.

Who Should Get A Short Mohawk Fade Haircut?

Mohawk fade haircuts are bold, sometimes disputed, and hot. They are hairstyles that marked the punk movement back in the ’70s and were, most of the time, sported by rebellious guys and girls.

Nowadays, the haircut suffered some transformations and has become, at the same time a casual and masculine hairdo. The short faded mohawk is perfect for guys who work from home, or for those who don’t have strict rules for the office appearance.

It creates a great contrast between the shaved or shortly trimmed sides and the top, and it also can be an excellent option for men who experience a receding hairline. They can be pulled off on both white and black guys and styled in multiple ways. If you love bold cuts that can be dyed in a vast color range, you got yourself a mind-blowing hairstyle that you’ll adore.

Try These Short Mohawk Fade Hairstyles

In today’s progressive world, such notions have been dismissed by the modern generation and Mohawks have been accepted as both freestyle and a professional hairstyle. The fade is the latest trendy input in the haircut styles and helps it in making a bold statement to the crowd.

Below are some short mohawk fade cuts for your consideration.

1. Mohawk with Ducktail Beard

short mohawk fade for white guy

A short mohawk fade will marvelously transform any white guy into a hot rebellious man that will get any girl’s heart. That long ducktail beard also plays an essential part in styling this look, and it should definitely worth your time.

2. Afro Mohawk with Bald Fade

short mohawk fade for black men

When getting a short mohawk fade that greatly suits any black men, make sure you take advantage of that unique hair texture. Use hair gel to lift it and keep a clean, shaved face.

3. Curly Mohawk with Full Beard

short mohawk with high fade

A short mohawk with a high bald fade is quite a statement for any white man with a full beard and wavy hair. Gain all the attention on that rebellious look, and you’ll see that this hairdo worths every cent.

4. Afro Hair with Fade Disconnection

If you are a black guy who craves an impressive, powerful look, get a wide curly mohawk with a bald fade on the sides. At the nape, use a razor to make a three-lined design. Also, build a disconnection between the hairstyle and the beard and sharply groom it.

5. One-Sided Mohawk and Stubble Beard

Get a rebellious look by styling a mohawk that is slightly lifted and arranged on one side. For the sides, get a low fade, and use hair gel to obtain that wet spiky hair texture.

6. Stacked Top with Buzzed Sides

short mohawk with buzzed sides

As the name suggests itself, this short faded Mohawk stacks the main tuft of hair on the top of the head while the sides of the head are shaved giving the faded look. The stack of hair at the top of the head depends mostly on the length of hair of an individual.

7. Funky Mohawk Fade

spiky mohawk fade with short hair

This Mohawk is also referred to as the rock star Mohawk because of the way it is styled. The short Mohawk with fade also helps an individual look younger than their actual age. The hair is cut and styled in the form of spiky Mohawk at the head, while the sides have a low fade that blend into the hair seamlessly.

8. Side Mohawk Fade

short mohawk fade with side part

The side faded short Mohawk is restricted to one side of the head where the front of the Mohawk is parted to one side and the opposite side is faded. It does not require any additional styling products. Just sweep your hair to one side and you’re good to go.

9. Afro Mohawk

mohawk fade for short afro hair

The afro Mohawk is mostly depended upon the curly, afro hair that black men have. The only thing to do to achieve this haircut is to get a Mohawk cut by a professional and styles it accordingly.

Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Men

10. Short Spiky Mohawk

spiky mohawk fade for short hair

The spiky short Mohawkwith side fade is the oldest and the most ancient Mohawk in history. It is created in the most basic and simple way by shaving off the sides of the head and only the top of the head has hair, in a standing position.

11. Silver White Mohawk

short grey mohawk with fade

Instagram / yankitoz_thebarber

Before you get on with the process, you must know that for this hair color, you should bleach your son’s hair. We don’t recommend this, so we advise you to use a less damaging procedure. A hair spray is probably the best option if your son really wants gray strands.

12. Strawberry Blonde

short pink mohawk with fade

Instagram / jessewolfejames

To achieve such a beautiful strawberry blonde hair color, you will need some bleaching. Depending on your natural blonde color, the product you use will be stronger or lighter. If you want a modern touch, make your faded mohawk wider, with bangs that you will tousle and style messily.

13. Coarse Mohawk

short afro mohawk with fade

Instagram / sickcutsbro

When you have such coarse hair, you’re probably dealing with too much drama when needing to keep it in place. So one of the best ideas is to cut off the volume. Define the mohawk with a bald fade that you’ll be able to maintain at home, by using a trimming machine with no clippers attached.

14. Dreadlocks

short mohawk dreads with fade

Instagram / trancandoarte

Short deadlocks are probably among the most low-maintenance hairstyles for men. Do a bald fade on the sides and use the remaining top to give the mohawk a shape. Create dreads and orient them to one side.

15. High Blue Mohawk

short mohawk with high fade

If you want to impress and stun with your new look, a high blue mohawk will definitely do the trick. First, you will need to consider your mohawk’s length and width. To achieve that color, you will need a high vol bleach and a semi-permanent hair dye.

16. Highlighted Hairstyle

short mohawk fade with design

Instagram / yankitoz_thebarber

Mohawks are always adapted to keep up with the trends, and this time a V shape for the back is quite popular. Define the shape of the hairstyle and do a bald fade for the rest. Using a razor, opt for a three-line design on the back side of the head. To spice things up, you can even pull off some blonde highlights.

17. Bleached Mohawk

short blonde mohawk with fade

Instagram / elartesano_barber

Coarse hair is more fragile than straight hair, so if you have never used bleach before, we recommend you go to a hair salon to achieve that blonde top. Ask your hair stylist to save a small section of the roots, before applying the lighter. Go for a bald fade on the side and a large textured mohawk.

18. Wavy Hairdo

short wave mohawk with fade

Instagram / fadezbynick

A bald fade around the ears will greatly highlight those waves. Keep the hair short and using jam, define that hair texture. Using a razor, make a clean shave for the back hair and pull off a disconnection between the beard and the head. That means your sideburns have to go.

19. Wet Look

short mohawk with drop fade

Instagram / ashlee_salon118

Around the ears, create a bald contour. Go for a mid-taper fade that will create a great gradient from the hairless area to the long mohawk. Apply pomade and hair gel to obtain that wet aspect of your strands.

20. Mohawk for Older Men

short mohawk with low fade

Instagram / autonstyle

Salt and pepper hair can look so cool and give you a younger vibe, even if you are an older man. So do a high fade on the sides and keep the mohawk a few inches long. Your beard should be well-defined, and keep a mustache to frame your mouth.

21. Mohawk for Kids

short mohawk fade for little boys

Instagram / diamondhandbarber

A mohawk fade is also perfect for kids. Go for a simple fade on the sides and soak the top strands in hair gel. Arrange them messily, upwards. Sometimes, this won’t be a proper hairstyle for school, but you can easily transform it into something more formal if needed.

22. Burgundy With Highlights

short mohawk fade with design

Instagram / smei_fades

Mohawks can also be a fancy hairstyle. And for that, you need that cut to be flawless. Sport a razored design on the sides and pull off a few lighter highlights for the top. Give it a great shape along the hairline and edges and don’t neglect your beard.

23. Messy Mohawks

short mohawk with fade

Instagram / breezy_thabarber

Short mohawks with side fades are ideal options for men who want to sport a cool hairstyle that is also low maintenance. However, to get that messy appearance, you will need a little bit of styling. Use a rotative brush and blow dry your hair up. Use some volumizing and setting spray to make it last.

24. Mohawk Fade with Design

short mohawk fade with design

This Mohawk is similar to many other,s as mentioned above. The only difference is that it highlights the part where the Mohawk ends and the fade starts with a designing line.

25. Pompadour Mohawk

short mohawk fade with pompadour

The pompadour Mohawk can be attempted by men who have long, voluminous hair at the top of the head as it is created by styling the hair in a standing position at the top of the head.

Inspiring Mohawk And Fohawk Fade Hairstyles for Men

26. Burst Fade Mohawk

short burst fade mohawk

This type of short Mohawk fade is the perfect option for men to show off their healthy hair as it accentuates the hair in a triangle form towards the front of the head. In this cut, the Mohawk is not restricted to just the top of the head. Instead, it goes down to the back of the neck as well.

27. Taper Fade Mohawk

taper fade mohawk for short hair

The most preferred and favorite Mohawk of men all around the world, the taper fade Mohawk aims to satisfy two looks with just one haircut. The taper fade Mohawk gives off a very edgy as well as professional look which allows men to be able to carry it in all fields of their life.

More Amazing Short Mohawk with Fade Hairstyles Ideas

The short Mohawk with fade cut is both effortless and easy to maintain but also requires maintenance once in a while, depending upon the type of cut you opt for. A good quality styling gel and you’re good to go.