45 Debonair Man Braids for All the Bros [2019]

Guy braids are trending more than ever. A braid is a hair technique which involves weaving strands of hair together— that’s it. It’s not a gendered thing. Besides, braids are intricate and artistic, not to mention practical—they keep your hair out of your face but allow you to look good at the same time.

So, gentlemen, whether your hair is long, short, or somewhere in between, whether your signature style is an undercut or a full mane of hair, you can weave some braids into your ‘do and add a fresh dimension to your aesthetic. Men have been braiding their hair since time immemorial—powerful, virile, manly men—so why not join in with the trend?


Can Men with Short Hair Get A Braided Hairstyle?

Looking to try different braids for men but have short hair? In order to pull off a men’s braid hairstyle, your hair has to reach a certain length, of course. However, short hair can handle small, thin braids.

If you have an undercut and you’re sporting a fairly long thatch of hair, you can easily create a French man braid. Of course, if your hair’s only a few inches long, it’s much more difficult to create even tiny braids, and depending on the texture of your hair, you might have to wait until it grows a bit longer.

It also helps if your hair is more or less all one length. It’s possible to braid layered hair, but the braids tend to look choppy unless the layers are long, as well.

men short braid hair

Now, if your hair falls below your ears or the nape of your neck, if it sweeps over your forehead or touches your shoulders, then you can wear practically any plaited hairstyle you like, from braided buns to long, flowing braids. Guys who have long locks and want to wear braids ought to look at a few YouTube tutorials so they can learn the various techniques themselves.


Best Guy Braids Styles to Copy

Braids are for everyone. Often, there’s nothing more suave or debonair than a man who steps out in a braided hairstyle that’s perfectly put-together. That polished man braids persona will make passersby swoon. Besides, braids are practical, not just stylish.

You can tame your hair while still looking fresh to death. Let’s not forget that there’s something about braids for men that people just admire. They make folks look twice. Don’t you want someone looking twice at you?

1. Dutch Braids

mens Fishbone Braids hairstyle

Many of today’s hottest braided hairstyles originated in the Black community. Observe the skill level here—it’s not just a hairstyle, it’s art.


2. Men’s Undercut with Braid

Undercut Braids haircut for boy

The undercut on guy braid is easy… after a lot of practice. To make a French braid look that smooth, you need patience and the ability to plait small strands of hair. Even if you don’t have thick hair, don’t worry! You can try this.


3. Hip Hop Braids

black men Braids hairstyle

This hairstyle is absolutely mesmerizing. A new detail pops out every time you look at it.


4. Man Bun Braids

Twist undercut with braids hairstyle

This braids for men combines several braided haircuts into one cohesive look. It’s not really an undercut, but the idea is similar.


Watch the below tutorial on Man bun braids:


5. Sharp Edges

black braids hairstyle for men

Seriously, seek out someone who knows braids before attempting a hairdo like this. You want someone who knows what s/he’s doing because these braids depend on the sharp angles, the zigs and zags.

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6. Twisted Braids

A unique braided hairstyle for men. It all starts with a twist out. Those twists are then intricately braided into a woven hairstyle that you simply don’t see every day. Every detail is perfectly done—that’s impressive.


7. Jumbo Braids

Jumbo Braid hairstyle

A jumbo men’s braid hairstyle just looks cool. It’s a mix of sophisticated and urban. It’s a simple ‘do to achieve—start with two Dutch braids, plait them all the way to the ends, then roll them together into a neat bun.


8. Upside-Down Braided Topknot

Man braids that start at the nape of the neck and weave upwards are stunning. They’re impressive, as well. Not only is this style a conversation starter, it also makes the man bun topping it look that much better.


9. Men’s Cornrows with a Bun

Bun braids hairstyle for black men

For men who need a new natural braided hairstyle, this one’s ideal. The cornrows are thick, not too tight, and follow the curve of the skull, then the ends are gently secured into a top knot puff.


10. Dreadlock Bun

men Dreadlock Bun braids hair

Dreadlocks are their own hairstyle, but they’re still versatile. You can always let them hang long and loose, of course, but a crowning top knot bun is also an option. It’s both suave and a little bit chilly.


11. Thin Rows

Even if your hair is fine and of a different texture than the ideal type for cornrows, you can still pull off this white guy’s braided ‘do if you like. It typically results in thin but sleek braids.


12. Sleekly Cornrowed Bun

Here we’ve got another masterpiece of a men’s braided hairstyle. Do you see how many braids are actually involved? The braided bun is like the cherry on top of the most stylish sundae.


13. Spinning, Spinning, Spinning

Never let anyone tell you that braiding isn’t an art form. This braids for men is hypnotizing. This man is the most fly man who’s ever been.


14. Individual Braid

The thatch of hair topping this undercut is just long enough to handle a flawless French braid. It helps to keep it loose, plus doing so provides enough lift to create a debonair pompadour effect in the front.


15. Man Bun with Fade & Braids

braided bun for men

There’s nothing new about cornrows that lead into the men’s braided bun. It’s just getting mainstream attention now—because it’s fresh as hell.


16. Scruffy Braids with Taper Fade

It has to be said that guys with curly hair typically do better with braided styles. The texture works well with the plaiting. On the subject of this particular look—yes. Yes to all of it.


17. Box Braids

With dreadlocks or extensions, you can go wild with your man braids. Do anything with them. Pile them on top of your head, plait them into a thicker braid, wear them in a thick ponytail—anything.


18. Thickly Plaited Viking Dreads

A dare to try a braided hairstyle for black men. As an example of thickly braided ‘locks, this is perfect. That is a serious braid. That is Braid 2.0.


19. Suave Braided Ponytail

If you’re going for smooth and polished, try this braided ponytail for men. Bonus points if you can wear a suit and work it like this.


20. Viking Braids

boho braids for men

This is a take on the braids for men seen in Braveheart, but really, it’s a stylish example of how men can pull off Boho braid hairstyles. It’s an accent, a detail.

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21. Long Braids

braid hairstyles for men with long hair

Long hair offers us numerous possibilities, and we just have to dare to experiment and try out different looks. One way to show just how much you’re proud of your long hair is to get on the braids for men bandwagon.

You don’t have to do all hair in braids, and you can just create a few on the sides and accessorize them for an outstanding look.


22. Mohawk Braid

guy with mohawk braids

If you’re searching for unusual braid hairstyles for men, you may want to try out this look. Shave hair on the sides and leave the hair on top intact. Ideally, it should be long enough to allow you to create a braid. Mohawk braid is a great option for edgy and adventurous men.


23. Omarion Braids and Pattern

black guy with braid hairstyle

Patterns are versatile, and that’s exactly what we love about them. Everything you can imagine can be turned into an awesome pattern using tiny, slim braids. Men whose hair is naturally thick and coarse can benefit from this hairstyle the most.


24. Multiple Braids

Men with braided hair are creative, confident, and edgy, but it’s easy to transform these styles into something elegant as well. Yet another amazing style you can create is to create multiple braids in your long hair. The best thing about these guy braids is that they work great with both casual and more formal outfits.


25. Purple Hair Braids

colorful braided hairdos for men

Some men are reluctant to experiment with hair colors, but it’s a good way to do something new and experiment with different looks to update your image.

Let’s not forget that adding some color into the mix will not only spice things up, but it will also accentuate your braids. For an even better effect, you can choose some unusual hair shade such as purple.


26. Two Braids

braids with blonde highlights for men

Do blonds have more fun? You can find out for yourself by trying out this hairstyle. Dye your hair blond and create two sleek and sophisticated braids. It’s easy! Just bear in mind that men, like women, need to prioritize hair care in order to maintain the perfect shade of blonde.


27. Mohawk Mullet

Long hair gives us so many possibilities in terms of styling, but it can still cause a lot of stress when hair is getting in the way while we’re working on something. Here’s a tip that will help you avoid that hassle – create thin guy braids that pick them up in a ponytail. Shaved sides of your head and create some pattern of your choice.


28. Braids & Tapered Undercut

half up half down braid hairstyle

Cool men know how to keep things casual but also easy on the eyes. Section your long hair to create braids on top and pick them up in the bun. Let the remainder of your hair fall down your shoulders, but you can also create a braid or two there as well.


29. Man Bun Undercut

braids with undercut for men

We’re witnessing the rise of men’s buns, and that’s beyond awesome. Buns are practical, easy to make, and let’s be honest – they look great.

Here’s a nice twist on the regular bun – braids. Make multiple thin braids and pick them up in a nice bun. This is probably one of the easiest braid hairstyles for men, and you should give it a try.


30. Braids Merging in A Ponytail

men with braided hair

Create a few short braids and merge them together in a tiny ponytail. For a cool vibe, you may want to shave your sides or opt for tapering and low fade.


braids for men





braided hairstyles for men





men braided hairstyles


guy braids




braid hairstyles for men



braid styles for men


How to Ask for Man Braids?

So, you have chosen a braids for men. No what? First, go to a good salon. As you sit down with your barber or stylist, you may want to have a few pictures for reference. It all depends on what you want. Cornrows are entirely different from an accent braid, after all.

You also need to talk to your stylist about what’s possible. If you’re growing out a buzz cut, it’s impossible to braid anything for a while. Hair that’s very fine can’t handle certain braids and styles, so you also need to make sure that the texture of your hair is compatible with the style you want.

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Men with Braids: Tips to Maintain Your Hairstyle

The texture and overall personality of your hair will also affect how you maintain it. Make sure you moisturize your hair with a product like a coconut oil when you’re maintaining cornrows or dreadlocks. Keep your ends trimmed to avoid dead ends, especially if you have layers in your hair.

Try a few deep conditioning treatments once or twice a month. Alter the position of your braids from time to time, as well—if you braid your hair in the same spots each time, it causes breakage. For that matter, protecting your hair is a good idea anyway, whether that involves using a sleep scarf or sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase.


Don’t be afraid to rock out with guy braids. Which braided hairstyle you’ve always wanted to try?