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80 Greatest Man Braids That Work On Every Guy (2024 Trends)

Braids are a trademark for black men, and they can surely create real pieces of art using their hair. By styling long braids using Jumbo or natural hair, they managed to pass this trend to celebrities, Asians, Indians, and white people.

Men even found ways to combine short hair with these amazing knits, creating new hairstyles that you can now find in any corner. They use braiding techniques to make impressive protective hairstyles, stunning short cornrows, or braided dreads.

If you want to get sophisticated man braids, you’ve come to the right place! Find out below the best braids for men that will undoubtedly make you fall in love with these stunning knits!

Braids for Men

There are loads of ways to get a modern, fresh look, and among our favorites, you can find the shaved sides hairstyle with a thick braid on top. In recent years, the man braid trend has skyrocketed, we have handpicked different manly braided hairstyles to try.

1. Box Braids

Box braids are extremely popular not only among women but also among men. If you don’t have long hair, extend your braids with Jumbo hair. For an even more stunning effect, choose two colors for braiding.

2. Straight Cornrows

Cornrows are the ideal choice if you don’t want to struggle with the styling process every morning. Choose to make them thin or thick, and the final effect will be outstanding.

3. Top Cornrows

If you want to recreate these gorgeous hairstyles, choose a faded part on the sides, and knit short cornrow braids for the top hair. Also, for a better framing, you can amazingly style your beard.

4. Long French Braids

If you have long hair and want to give yourself a break from styling it every day, you can knit two or four French braids that you can decorate with cuffed beads or hair rings.

5. Bob Braids

If you have medium hair, braids are pretty low-maintenance, and you can create a stunning hairstyle by using them. You can secure the ends with cuffed beads.

6. Dutch Man Braid

Braids are fantastic because you can blend them into any haircut. Create a mid fade for your sides and back and knit the top hair into two Dutch braids. You can keep your beard in a ducktail shape for a modern, sassy look.

7. Fishtail Braid

You can quickly reproduce these Viking looks by styling one or two fishtail braids. For these knits, you need to have medium or long hair.

8. Dutch Braid

If you love braids, you can use them on your long or medium hair and also for mohawks. You can make French or Dutch braids and secure them with a strand of hair wrapped at the end.

9. Top Two Braids + Taper Fade

Choose a faded haircut for the sides and split your crown hair into two sections. You can make a straight line part or a zig-zag and decorate your braids with hair rings or cuffed beads.

10. 3 Braids

When you want a fabulous look that stands out, choose to part your hair in three sections, one in the center of your head and the other two on each side. For a spectacular effect, dye each braid in different colors.

11. Side Braids

Make a fabulous hairstyle by creating two cornrow braids on one side and tossing your hair on the other. Make two braids for both parties and pin your crown hair in a bun.

12. Viking Mohawk Braid

Viking looks most of the time involve undercuts, shaved sides, hair decorations, and braids. For this man-braided hairstyle, you will keep the crown long, and knitted in a French Braid.

The sides and back are shaved and the look is completed with a thick long beard.

13. Faux Hawk Braid

A faux mohawk features long hair for the crown area that can be braided in so many ways. If you love a manly Viking look, then go for a French or Dutch Braid.

Plus, if your hair is natural, divide it into even sections and go for long box braids that you can messily tie in a bun.

14. Undercut on Man Braids

Side fades will highlight the long top area. You can opt for more than one braid, and mix different knits that have various thicknesses or decorations.

Choose cornrows that you can embellish with golden hair rings or go for simple French braids.

15. High Top Braids

Cornrows and box braids provide a wide range of options, even if you plan to only style the crown area.

Shave the sides and back hair, then mix thin and thicker high top braids to build a pattern. Also, you can add hair extensions that create contrast and thicken those plaits.

16. Man Bun Braids

Jumbo box braids use hair extensions that help you gain long plaits. These have the same thickness along the entire knit.

Opt for a fade or a complete shave on the sides and back, then tie all the braids up, in a man bun.

17. Braids for White Guys

Partings play such an important role in a braided hairstyle because they can set up the direction and the thickness of your braid.

You can do simple straight rows or go for a more intricate look with a taper fade for the sides and lemonade braids.

18. Braids for Asian Guys

If you already have a bowl cut, these hairstyles should be so easy to replicate. Add white hair extensions to gain more thickness and create a highlighted look. Pin the braids in a top pony.

On the other hand, if you fancy a more natural look, keep the braids untied and wear them as they naturally fall.

19. Viking Braids

If you’re going for a Viking man-braided hairstyle, your crown hair should have some length.

However, that shouldn’t be a major problem because, if needed, you can achieve this look by feeding in your braids with hair extensions.

20. Braids with Beads

Decorated braids will definitely add a lot of value to your hairstyle, whether you keep them long falling on your back, or pull them off just for the crown.

You can use hair jewelry for the top, or decorate the tips with translucent beads.

21. Braids with Beard

Cornrows are so versatile and they can look even better if you create wavy partings and tightly knit them.

And if you want to keep them short, you won’t need to use any adjuvants like hair extensions. Combine them with temple undercuts and a long beard.

22. Straight Hair Braids

When you want those braids to look tight, without any plucking hairs, you will first need to prep those strands. Wash them, then apply edge control products that make the hair more manageable while knitting.

Make sure the braids are not too tight, otherwise, they will apply pressure on your scalp.

23. Braids for Thin Hair

If your hair is thin, braids are an amazing hairstyle that will help you forget about this common problem. Go for a high-top trim, with long crown pieces that you can style into cornrows.

Need to spice up the hairstyle? Then start the cornrows a few inches from the hairline, braid to the forehead, then curve the knit and go towards the back.

24. Braid Designs

Braid Designs for Men

Braids are ideal for men, and you can create gorgeous designs using your already braided locks or your natural hair. From cornrows, box braids, French, or Dutch braids, your options are limitless,  and we guarantee that you will get a stunning hairdo if you choose to use them.

25. French Braid Half Updo

braided half up hairstyle for men

If you thought updo hairstyles were just for the ladies, you’d be wrong! We love this men’s braided hairstyle featuring a small French braid on the top half of the hair. Try it on your short straight hair for an unexpected edge!

26. Low Messy Braid

single braid for men

Whether you’re just going to be out on the weekend or you’re heading into the gym, a quick low braid is an easy look that gets the hair out of the way. Just use fingers to comb your hair straight back first!

27. Side Braids with Wavy Hair

side braids for men

These three tiny braids instantly edge up any man’s short wavy hairstyle. Between the braids and the crazy texture, your look definitely won’t be short on detail!

28. Box Braids with Natural Ends

men's braids for medium hair

Instead of box braiding your black hair from roots to ends, secure the braids about an inch from the ends. This Asap Rocky braid hairstyle is ideal for men who have that naturally curly texture.  

29. Thin Braids with Beard

braids for older men

For older men who have a thick beard and aren’t afraid to rock a fun, bold look, go with a thin braided hairstyle and matching thin braids in your beard! Use colorful hair ties to secure each braid.

30. Feed In Braids

braids with shaved sides for men

Are you already rocking a fade undercut? For long-haired men, you can easily get this stunner of a braided hairstyle. Just make two long braids that begin at the hairline and braid through to ends. A bald fade makes this look an edgy winner.

31. Braid Extensions

braids for young guys

If your hair isn’t long enough to make lengthy braids, you can always get braid extensions to make your dream hairstyle a reality. These black extensions look great with light brown hair, but any color can express your style tastes! 

32. Undercut Fade with Braids

braids for men

For short-haired guys, it’s easy for you to get an edgy taper fade. The two levels of hair are very flattering for men with any face shape and they’ll perfectly complement a highlighted braid ponytail up top!

33. Long Icy White Braids

men's braids with extension

White or platinum blonde braid extensions are certainly unexpected on men with a dark hair color, but if you’re willing to be brave, you can rock it! Go for long length for statement and style. 

34. Fishtail Braid on Long Hair

fishtail braids for men

Fishtail braids aren’t just for the ladies either! We love a thick luscious braid on a guy with long hair. You can even take two sections of hair from either side of your head to make a crisscross loop in the back!

35. Dutch Braids

mens Fishbone Braids hairstyle

Many of today’s hottest braided hairstyles originated in the Black community. Observe the skill level here—it’s not just a hairstyle, it’s art.

36. Square Braids + Faded Sides

High top braids are made by shaving the sides and back of the head, then pulling the top of the hair into a ponytail with braids involved. Whether you braid the base of the ponytail or the ponytail’s strands, you’ll look good no matter what.

37. Braided Men Ponytail  

If you have a mohawk or a hairstyle with a fade or an undercut, a braided ponytail is easy to create. Platinum highlights add a fun extra touch of style.

38. Black Men Braids

If you don’t have a lot of hair to work with, tiny braids combined with a fade will still add style.

39. Undercut on Man Braids

While some undercuts stop at the middle of the back of the head, this one goes almost all the way to the top, making a braided bun highlighted with electric blue truly stand out.

40. Boy Braids Style

Braids For Boys

This is a men’s hairstyle that will work for any age. Straight rows of horizontal braids top the crown of the head but are rounded out and gathered into a bun while a fade is the finishing touch.

41. Braids with Beard

A scruffy beard is a surprisingly attractive pairing for tiny braids. If you have short hair, this is a style you can easily pull off.

42. Fohawk Braid with Glasses

A blonde faux hawk is the focus of this hairstyle. Keep your medium fade trimmed up to make sure this style stays looking hot!

43. Twist Braids

Twist braids are a great protective hairstyle for black men. This style will last at least two months and only requires a bit of styling gel to keep strands smooth.

44. Warrior Braids 

warrior braids for men

To get warrior braids, make one thin and one thick braid close to the ear on each side of the head. Leave the rest of the hair loose.

45. Small Braids 

Small Braids For Men

Small braids are another hairstyle that requires a bit of extra styling time at first but once it’s done, you look amazing, it lasts several weeks, and you don’t have to worry about it!

46. 3 Braids into One

 3 Braids Men

When you don’t have a lot of time in the morning, three simple braids are all you need for a quick style.

47. Men’s Undercut With Braid

Undercut Braids haircut for boy

The undercut braid hairstyle is easy… after a lot of practice. To make a French braid look that smooth, you need patience and the ability to plait small strands of hair. Even if you don’t have thick hair, don’t worry! You can try this.

48. Hip Hop Braids

black men Braids hairstyle

This hairstyle is absolutely mesmerizing. A new detail pops out every time you look at it.

49. Box Braids Updo

Twist undercut with braids hairstyle

These braids for men combine several braided haircuts into one cohesive look. It’s not really an undercut, but the idea is similar.

50. Sharp Edges

black braids hairstyle for men

Seriously, seek out someone who knows braids before attempting a hairdo like this. You want someone who knows what s/he’s doing because these braids depend on the sharp angles, the zigs and zags.

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51. Rolled Braids

A unique braided hairstyle for men. It all starts with a twist out. Those twists are then intricately braided into a woven hairstyle that you simply don’t see every day. Every detail is perfectly done—that’s impressive.

52. Jumbo Braids

Jumbo Braid hairstyle

A jumbo men’s braid hairstyle just looks cool. It’s a mix of sophisticated and urban. It’s a simple ‘do to achieve—start with two Dutch braids, plait them all the way to the ends, then roll them together into a neat bun.

53. Upside-Down Braided Topknot

Man braids that start at the nape of the neck and weave upwards are stunning. They’re impressive, as well. Not only is this style a conversation starter, it also makes the man bun topping it look that much better.

54. Men’s Cornrows with a Bun

Bun braids hairstyle for black men

For men who need a new natural braided hairstyle, this one’s ideal. The black men cornrows are thick, not too tight, and follow the curve of the skull, then the ends are gently secured into a top knot puff.

55. Dreadlock Bun

men Dreadlock Bun braids hair

Dreadlocks are their own hairstyle, but they’re still versatile. You can always let them hang long and loose, of course, but a crowning top knot bun is also an option. It’s both suave and a little bit chilly.

56. Thin Rows

Even if your hair is fine and of a different texture than the ideal type for cornrows, you can still pull off this white guy’s braided ‘do if you like. It typically results in thin but sleek braids.

57. Cornrow Bun

Here we’ve got another masterpiece of a men’s braided hairstyle. Do you see how many braids are actually involved? The cornrow man bun is like the cherry on top of the most stylish sundae.

58. Spinning, Spinning, Spinning

Never let anyone tell you that braiding isn’t an art form. This braids for men is hypnotizing. This man is the most fly man who’s ever been.

59. Individual Braid

The thatch of hair topping this undercut is just long enough to handle a flawless French braid. It helps to keep it loose, plus doing so provides enough lift to create a debonair pompadour effect in the front.

60. Man Bun Fade With Braids

braided bun for men

There’s nothing new about cornrows that lead into the men’s braided bun. It’s just getting mainstream attention now—because it’s fresh as hell.

61. Scruffy Braids with Taper Fade

It has to be said that guys with curly hair typically do better with braided styles. The texture works well with the plaiting. On the subject of this particular look—yes. Yes to all of it.

62. Top Knot Braids

With dreadlocks or extensions, you can go wild with your man braids. Do anything with them. Pile them on top of your head, plait them into a thicker braid, wear them in a thick ponytail—anything.

63. Thickly Plaited Viking Dreads

A dare to try a braided hairstyle for black men. As an example of thickly braided ‘locks, this is perfect.

64. Suave Braided Ponytail

If you’re going for smooth and polished, try this braided ponytail for men. Bonus points if you can wear a suit and work it like this.

65. Boho Braid

boho braids for men

This is a take on the braids for men seen in Braveheart, but really, it’s a stylish example of how men can pull off Boho braid hairstyles. It’s an accent, a detail.

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66. Long Hair Braids

braid hairstyles for men with long hair

Long hair offers us numerous possibilities, and we just have to dare to experiment and try out different looks. One way to show just how much you’re proud of your long hair is to get on the braids for men bandwagon.

You don’t have to do all hair in braids, and you can just create a few on the sides and accessorize them for an outstanding look.

67. Mohawk Braid

guy with mohawk braids

If you’re searching for unusual braid hairstyles for men, you may want to try out this look. Shave hair on the sides and leave the hair on top intact. Ideally, it should be long enough to allow you to create a braid. Mohawk braid is a great option for edgy and adventurous men.

68. Omarion Braids and Pattern

black guy with braid hairstyle

Patterns are versatile, and that’s exactly what we love about them. Everything you can imagine can be turned into an awesome pattern using tiny, slim braids. Men whose hair is naturally thick and coarse can benefit from this hairstyle the most.

69. Multiple Braids

Men with braided hair are creative, confident, and edgy, but it’s easy to transform these styles into something elegant as well. Yet another amazing style you can create is to create multiple braids in your long hair. The best thing about these guy braids is that they work great with both casual and more formal outfits.

70. Purple Hair Braids

colorful braided hairdos for men

Some men are reluctant to experiment with hair colors, but it’s a good way to do something new and experiment with different looks to update your image.

Let’s not forget that adding some color into the mix will not only spice things up, but it will also accentuate your braids. For an even better effect, you can choose some unusual hair shade such as purple.

71. Two Braids

braids with blonde highlights for men

Do blonds have more fun? You can find out for yourself by trying out this hairstyle. Dye your hair blond and create two sleek and sophisticated braids. It’s easy! Just bear in mind that men, like women, need to prioritize hair care in order to maintain the perfect shade of blonde.

72. Mohawk Mullet

Long hair gives us so many possibilities in terms of styling, but it can still cause a lot of stress when hair is getting in the way while we’re working on something. Here’s a tip that will help you avoid that hassle – create thin guy braids that pick them up in a ponytail. Shaved sides of your head and create some pattern of your choice.

73. Braids + Tapered Undercut

half up half down braid hairstyle

Cool men know how to keep things casual but also easy on the eyes. Section your long hair to create braids on top and pick them up in the bun. Let the remainder of your hair fall down your shoulders, but you can also create a braid or two there as well.

74. Man Bun Undercut

braids with undercut for men

We’re witnessing the rise of men’s buns, and that’s beyond awesome. Buns are practical, easy to make, and let’s be honest – they look great.

Here’s a nice twist on the regular bun – braids. Make multiple thin braids and pick them up in a nice bun. This is probably one of the easiest braid hairstyles for men, and you should give it a try.

75. Braided Ponytail

men with braided hair

Create a few short braids and merge them together in a tiny ponytail. For a cool vibe, you may want to shave your sides or opt for tapering and low fade.

76. Single Side Cornrow

braided hairstyles for men

Any ordinary look can be upgraded with a side braid. Combine it with a Pompadour and comb the remaining hair from the sides towards the back.

77. French Braided Mohawk

If you’re in your 60s and your hair is thick and dense as always, you can sport so many hairstyles that help you keep a joyful spirit.

Opt for a long beard with a mustache and go for a mohawk that you will French braid and tie in the back with a hair elastic.

78. Red Braid

braid hairstyles for men

Love a crazy colorful look? Then get a faux hawk with shaved sides and back. The top hair should be bleached so the red bright color you are about to add will be more intense.

Tease the hair and then braid it to get more volume.

79. Long Braid + Side Design

braid styles for men

If you are an admirer of the Viking culture, then you will fall in love with this long mohawk that is loosely braided.
It also serves plenty of design space on the sides, where you can do Viking runes that mean strength and support.

80. Silver Braids

guy braids

Before doing a braided hairstyle for men, you must think of colors. Depending on your skin color, choose the proper nuance.

So if you have a fair skin tone, this platinum gray hair will definitely suit you. Trim the sides, part the top in three sections, then do French braids.

How to Ask for Man Braids?

So, you have chosen braids for men. No what? First, go to a good salon. As you sit down with your barber or stylist, you may want to have a few pictures for reference. It all depends on what you want. Cornrows are entirely different from an accent braid, after all.

You also need to talk to your stylist about what’s possible. If you’re growing out a buzz cut, it’s impossible to braid anything for a while. Hair that’s very fine can’t handle certain braids and styles, so you also need to make sure that the texture of your hair is compatible with the style you want.

How to Take Care of Man Braids

The texture and overall personality of your hair will also affect how you maintain it. Make sure you moisturize your hair with a product like coconut oil when you’re maintaining cornrows or dreadlocks. Keep your ends trimmed to avoid dead ends, especially if you have layers in your hair.

Try a few deep conditioning treatments once or twice a month. Alter the position of your braids from time to time, as well—if you braid your hair in the same spots each time, it causes breakage. For that matter, protecting your hair is a good idea anyway, whether that involves using a sleep scarf or sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase.

Can Men with Short Hair Get A Braided Hairstyle?

Looking to try different braids for men but have short hair? In order to pull off a men’s braid hairstyle, your hair has to reach a certain length, of course. However, short hair can handle small, thin braids.

If you have an undercut and you’re sporting a fairly long thatch of hair, you can easily create a French man braid. Of course, if your hair’s only a few inches long, it’s much more difficult to create even tiny braids, and depending on the texture of your hair, you might have to wait until it grows a bit longer.

It also helps if your hair is more or less all one length. It’s possible to braid layered hair, but the braids tend to look choppy unless the layers are long, as well.

men short braid hair

Now, if your hair falls below your ears or the nape of your neck, if it sweeps over your forehead or touches your shoulders, then you can wear practically any plaited hairstyle you like, from braided buns to long, flowing braids. Guys who have long locks and want to wear braids ought to look at a few YouTube tutorials so they can learn the various techniques themselves.

Don’t be afraid to rock out with guy braids. Which braided hairstyle you’ve always wanted to try?