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What Happens If Silver Dye Is Applied On Brown Hair?

Are you tired of your regular brown hair and looking for a change? If you are, dyeing your hair a trendy new color like silver might be what you need! But have you ever wondered what happens if you put silver dye on brown hair?

Don’t worry if you’re unsure! We’ve put together everything you need to know about silver hair dye on your brown hair, including steps to take beforehand and what your result should look like.

What Happens if Silver Dye is Applied On Brown Hair?

result of putting silver dye on brown hair

If you were to put the silver dye on brown hair without bleach, your hair would turn a reddish, mud-like color. Whereas, after applying the silver dye, your lightened or bleached brown hair should have a metallic, shiny look. The dye looks like platinum or white-silver streaks on brown, lightened hair.

Several factors influence what your result will look like. Some of these include your hair’s starting color and condition, the dye and developer you’ve used, and how you’ve applied the color.

Here are some common results you can expect to see after putting silver dye in brown hair:

A Silvery or Grayish Hue

The most obvious result of applying silver dye to brown hair is a silvery or grayish color. The exact shade of silver varies depending on the specific dye used and the underlying tones of your hair. Silver dyes with blue or violet undertones create cooler, more muted shades of silver.

On the other hand, dyes with warmer undertones result in a more golden or brassy effect.

Increased Shine and Vibrancy

Silver dye can give your brown hair a lustrous appearance. This is especially true if the hair has been properly bleached and toned before the dye is applied due to a more even base for the color.

A Dramatic Change in Appearance

This goes without saying, but going from brown to silver hair can change your appearance. Depending on the silver tones, this hair color can make you seem young and cute or bold and edgy. You need to find the right tone for you.

You should prepare your hair beforehand to get your desired result. You will most likely need to bleach your hair in advance and have someone else put silver dye for you.

Get professional help to bleach your hair since the process can damage your hair if not done right.

How Often to Bleach Brown Hair Before Applying Silver Dye?

bleaching sessions before dyeing brown hair silver

Before applying silver dye to your brown hair, it’s essential to bleach it first. The number of times you should bleach your hair before using the dye depends on your hair shade level and texture.

Generally, one bleaching session may be enough if you have light brown or fine hair. However, for darker or thicker hair, two or three sessions may be necessary for the silver dye to take hold properly.

It’s also important to leave some time between each bleaching session so your scalp can recover from any potential damage caused by the chemicals used throughout.

Ideally, you should wait at least two weeks between each bleaching session when prepping for silver dye application.

This will give your scalp plenty of time to heal and allow for better absorption of the new hair color once applied.

When it comes down to applying the silver dye itself, ensure that all traces of bleach are removed from your strands beforehand. The leftover residue can interfere with how well the color takes hold of your hair.

To do this effectively, use a clarifying shampoo before coloring and follow up with a deep conditioning treatment afterward.

Finally, remember that chemical processes like bleaching can harm your hair. They may help you achieve your desired results quickly but can also cause significant damage over time.

Thus, you should consult an experienced stylist before making drastic changes like going platinum blonde.

How to Get Brown Hair Silver

Now that you know what happens if you put silver dye on brown hair, it’s time to achieve your desired silver color. Here are the key steps to get your brown hair silver:

Preparing Your Hair for Bleaching

Before you start bleaching, it’s essential to ensure your hair is in good condition. If it’s already dry or damaged, bleaching can cause further breakage and worsen it. Hydration is the key to this.

To prepare your hair, use a deep conditioning treatment at least one day before you bleach it. This will help keep the strands hydrated and minimize any potential damage from the bleach.

Additionally, do not wash hair with shampoo on the day of bleaching. This can strip away natural oils, which act as a barrier against harsh chemicals in the bleach mixture.

Applying the Bleach

how to dye brown hair silver - bleaching

After preparing your hair for bleaching, it’s time to apply the product.

When using store-bought products like L’Oreal Blond Studio Platinium Plus Lightening Kit or Wella Professionals Blonder Liquid Toners, always follow the instructions carefully. Make sure to wear gloves while handling the product as well.

Start by sectioning off small portions of your hair so that each strand gets an even application of color throughout. This will help ensure consistent results all over.

After applying the product onto damp (not wet) hair sections with a brush or applicator bottle, leave it on according to package instructions. Then, rinse the product thoroughly with only cool water – no shampoo is required.

Depending on how dark your hair is, you may need to bleach it more than once. A vibrant, beautiful, all-over color will be easier when the hair is as light as possible before applying the silver dye.


After you bleach your brown hair, you’ll need to apply a toner to eliminate any yellow from the bleached hair. The toner is important to achieving a vibrant silver.

You’ll need to leave the toner in your hair for about twenty minutes before rinsing it out.

Applying Silver Dye

how to dye brown hair silver - applying silver dye

Divide hair into small sections to apply the dye to one piece at a time. Cover all the tresses. It’s important to follow the package instructions and avoid leaving the dye on for longer than the suggested time.

Wash, Dry, and Style

Wash hair completely and use extra conditioner for extra gloss and shine after dyeing.

Regarding styling, it’s best not to overdo it with heat styling tools. You only need to air dry your hair whenever possible, as this helps keep moisture locked into strands while protecting them from heat.

So remember, proper hair care is critical when trying to achieve perfect silver hues without compromising healthiness & shine levels.

Maintaining Silver Hair Color

silver dye on brown hair maintenance

After dying your brown hair silver, you still need to maintain it. If not, your hair could turn brassy over time due to oxidation caused by environmental factors such as sun exposure.

Purple shampoos are also great options for maintaining desired tones between salon visits.

Now you know putting silver dye on brown hair is possible by following the above steps. Make sure you prepare your hair with a deep conditioning treatment before bleaching it to ensure minimal damage.

Moreover, you may need to have several bleaching sessions depending on the darkness and thickness of your brown hair. Then, make sure to use the right toner for your hair to achieve the color you want – whether that’s more silver or more brass-gold.