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26 Cutest 2-Year-Old Boy Haircuts

If there’s one great thing about the Terrible Twos, it’s the fact that you get to choose from a wide range of 2 year old boy haircuts. While most parents claim this to be a tumultuous time, this is also the time when your child’s hair is already at the perfect length or thickness for sporting most types of hairstyles.

If you want to give your little one a stylish new ‘do, check out our ideas for the best toddler haircuts to make this stage not as terrible as everyone says.

Trendy Haircuts for 2-Year-Old Boys

With the right hairstyle, you can turn the Terrible Twos into an exciting phase of your life. Here are some of the best 2-year-old boy haircuts to check out.

1. Long Layered Curly Bob + Bangs

2 year old boy's long layered haircut

The bob’s long back layers are the perfect way to show off your son’s cool bouncy curls. On the other hand, the shorter sides ensure that his face will be hair-free at all times. 

2. Small Quiff

2 year old boy's quiff haircut

Make your little boy look every inch like a gentleman with this short haircut with a small quiff. This dapper hairstyle is the perfect choice for a toddler with a big personality, as it has the mohawk’s edgy vibe, the flat top’s cool look, and the pompadour’s bossy appearance. 

3. Crew Cut

2 year old boy's buzz haircut

Here’s one of the most practical yet still stylish 2 year old boys haircuts you can try for your little one. This short haircut is short and almost shaved at the sides and a bit longer on the top, so it gives your son a well-groomed and neat appearance even after playing under the sun the whole day. 

4. Long Thick Hair + Double Rat Tail

long messy haircut for 2 year old boys

If your son has been blessed with a lustrous mane, take this as an opportunity to give him this edgy haircut. Opt for a medium length for the sides and top so you can showcase his healthy, thick strands. Finish it off with rat tails on both sides to unleash his inner rock star. 

5. Long Spiked-Front

2 year old boy's blonde haircut

A spiked front is an excellent choice if you want to keep your son’s hair a bit long but you’re worried about it getting in the way of his face. Aside from its practicality, the spiked front is a common option for little boys because it gives them added height. 

6. Curly Top + Short Sides

2 year old boy's curly haircut

Let your son’s curls run wild with this curly top hairstyle. The longer curly strands at the top give his look a fun and playful vibe. On the other hand, the shorter sides balance the longer top and prevent the curls from becoming too unruly. 

7. Blonde Side Bangs

2 year old boy's side bangs haircut

With its orange-ish shade and side bangs, this ‘do is giving us Little Archie’s hairstyle vibes, so it’s great to achieve that boy-next-door look. It’s perfect for a little boy because it’s long enough to showcase his beautiful strands but still short enough to be maintained easily and properly. 

8. Bowl Haircut

2 year old boy's bowl haircut

Now, this is one of the 2 year old boy haircuts that you’ll surely never go wrong with. The bowl cut has always been the go-to haircut if you want to show off your child’s boyish charm. And since the layers are almost the same length, it’s easy to style and manage. 

9. Curtain Cut

2 year old boy's curtain haircut

This medium-length haircut features long strands and bangs that are curly at the ends and parted in the middle. The way the bangs are parted and styled resembles the appearance of curtains, so it opens up the face and places your child’s beautiful facial structures front and center. 

10. Short Clean Cut + Baby Bangs

2 year old boy's casual haircut

Among all the 2 year old boy haircuts on the list, this simple ‘do is the most practical due to its short and well-balanced layers. Despite its simplicity, it’s still stylish thanks to the baby bangs that deliver a few face-framing benefits. 

11. Tousled Wavy Cut

2 year old boy's tousled haircut

Your child’s bouncy curls are meant to be flaunted, and this tousled curly hairstyle is the best way to do it. Instead of trying to tame his wild curls, embrace his natural hairstyle and have fun styling his messy tousled locks. 

12. Short Spikes

2 year old boy's spiky haircut

Make your son’s fine hair strands stand out (literally) with this short spiky haircut. While it’s definitely not as eye-catching as long wavy spikes, these short spikes still do their job of giving your son a cool and hip look. 

13. Fine Mullet

2 year old boy with fine hair

If you want your child to stand out, then give him one of the most iconic hairstyles out there, and it’s no other than the mullet. The best part is it has lots of modern versions despite being an old-school haircut.

And because of all its layers and length, this hairstyle is perfect for adding volume and thickness to fine hair. 

14. Faux Hawk

2 year old boy's faux hawk haircut

If you love the badass vibe of mohawk but find the shaved sides to be a bit extreme for little boys, then this faux hawk is your next best option. This version only has faded sides which is a lot less forgiving than mohawk’s shaved sides.

Style it with tall spikes to make this hip hairstyle stand out even more. 

15. Long Wavy Top + Short Sides

2 year old boy's long top short side's haircut

Make your son’s wavy hair the center of everyone’s attention with this cute boy’s hairstyle. To achieve this look, ask the hairstylist to make the sides as short as possible while keeping the top long, wavy, and messy. 

16. Bouncy Curls

haircut for 2 year old afro boys

It’s time to let your child’s bouncy curls shine, and this simple hairstyle is the way to go. To structure the messy curls, ask the hairstylist to cut them in layers. It should be shorter at the top so it won’t get in the way of your child’s face. 

17. Short Sideswept Cut

side swept haircut for 2 year old boys

With this side-swept cut, your child will look cool and stylish even with short hair. Transform this simple cut into a rockstar look by brushing your hair to the side and tousling the strands. Despite the messy strands, you can still keep it neat-looking by cutting the sides a whole lot shorter. 

18. Combover

comb over haircut for 2 year old boys

Go for this charming combover hairstyle if you want to transform your cute kid into a dashing debonnaire. All you need to do is use a fine tooth comb to his front hair strands upwards, then to the side. You can also use your fingers to ruffle the strands a bit to give it a playful, messy look. 

19. Medium Hair + Long Spikes on Top

haircut for 2 year old boys

If you’re torn between spiky hair and layered hair, then this medium hair with spikes on top is the crossover you need. With the combination of these 2 year old boy hairstyles, you get a look that’s a rockstar at the top and a boy-next-door vibe at the bottom. 

20.  Classic Long Hair + Side Bangs

bob haircut for 2 year old boys

For a down-to-earth look, this long layered bob is the perfect choice. With its graduated layers, it’s definitely an adorable hairstyle to try. It also has the cutest side bangs, which is perfect in framing the eyes and concealing a large forehead. 

21. Short Curly Mohawk Fade 

fade haircut for 2 year old boys

If you find long curly hair to be a bit of a nuisance, then this short crop is the best way to style your child’s curly hair. The sides are shaved to bring emphasis to the cute mohawk. Since it’s wider than a mohawk, it’s more kid-friendly than the regular version. 

22. Slicked Back

slick back haircut for 2 year old boys

Match your little guy’s cool and bossy attitude with the sleek slicked-back look. You can achieve this hair by growing one side of his hair a bit longer. Create a side parting, then brush the longer part backwards to the side. Apply a mousse or gel to give it a polished look. 

23. Mullet + Choppy Bangs

mullet haircut for 2 year old boys

The mullet hairstyle is one of the boldest 2 year old boy haircuts you can give your child. This classic hairstyle is longer and thicker at the back, which gives it an 80s vibe. Give it a modern twist by pairing it with choppy bangs. 

24. Side-brushed Short Hair

2 year old boy's short haircut

The side-brushed short hair is the best option for a neat bad boy look. Keep the sides and back shorter, and cut the top in various lengths to achieve this style. Divide the hair into a side part using your fingers to create the messy tousled look.  

25. Layered Bob

haircut for 2 year old boys with thick hair

If you prefer a timeless and classy look, this layered bob is the way to go. To keep the thick strands in check, ask the stylist to keep the layers shorter at the top and then gradually grows longer to the sides and back.  

26. Modified French Crop

2 year old boy's bangs haircut

Regarding low-maintenance hairstyles, the French crop is at the top of the list. The longer layers at the top deliver face-framing benefits and require only minimal styling. To put a modern touch to this old-school look, opt for choppy ends and a bit longer sides.

When choosing from these 2 year old boy haircuts, make sure to consider your child’s personal style, activities, hair texture, and face shape to find the most suitable option for his needs.

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