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25 Cutest Mushroom Blonde Hair Ideas You Need to See

If you’ve always thought that your only choices are either ashy (platinum) or warm (blonde) tones, it’s about time that we expand your hair color dictionary.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce to you the newest and hottest shade nowadays, and it’s no other than mushroom blonde. It’s called such because it has the same color as a mushroom, which is an ashy and cool-toned pearl shade with a perfect blend of gray and subdued gold hints.

This is the perfect option for a blonde who wants to go darker or a brunette who wants a lighter shade. With that said, take a look at the best mushroom blonde hair ideas to get the most out of this shade.

Mushroom Blonde Hair

With this unique blonde shade, your hair will surely be dazzle-ready. So what are you waiting for? Here are some of the best mushroom blonde hair ideas to check out:

1. Mushroom Blonde Wavy Hair + Dark Roots

mushroom blonde hair color

One of the best things about this trendy new shade is it works well against a naturally dark base. With that said, a great way to style it is to keep the roots in a darker shade to let the blonde shade take center stage.

2. Light Mushroom Blonde Straight Hair

teen girl with mushroom blonde hair

To harness the color’s ashy vibe, you should go for light mushroom blonde hair. The lightness of the blonde shade allows its cool tone to peek through, so it’s a great choice for women with a pale skin tone.

3. Light Ash Blonde Moneypiece Highlight

wavy mushroom blonde hair

If you’re missing a bit of warmth, you may throw in a light ash-blonde highlighted strand at the front of your hairline. Not only will it give your skin added warmth, but it will also brighten up your complexion and make your skin glow.

4. Metallic Pixie

mushroom blonde pixie cut

Elevate your already-edgy pixie cut with an eye-catching and glimmering metallic pixie. This glowing hair color is often achieved by adding a liquid metallic sheen to the mix.

Get this hair color by asking your stylist for a silver mushroom blonde shade.

5. Dip-dyed Curly Hair

curly mushroom blonde hair

There’s no better way to breathe new life into your curls than having them dip-dyed. This is a common coloring technique for curly hair because it creates a shading effect between the roots and the ends which makes the curly tips stand out.

6. Dark Mushroom Blonde + Platinum Highlights

dark mushroom blonde hair

If you want to transition to a lighter shade, then begin with this dark mushroom hair color. With its unique tint, you can add luminosity and shine to your dark tresses without overbleaching them.

7. Mushroom Blonde Babylights

mushroom blonde hair with curtain bangs

Ease into the blonde transition by going for highlights instead of all-over color, and baby lights are the best option for giving your dark hair a subtle update.

Not only that, but it’s also the perfect way to make your hair look like it’s been naturally lightened by the sun.

8. Light Mushroom Blunt Lob + Choppy Bangs

mushroom blonde bob with bangs

Since it has an ashy grey undertone, this light mushroom blonde hair color is an excellent platinum alternative for women with warm skin tones.

With this muted blonde shade, you get to add a feminine and mysterious touch to an edgy hairstyle.

9. Face-framing Layers + Sandy Blonde Ombre

layered mushroom blonde hair

For a more interesting take on this new trend, you can go for a rich mushroom blonde as your base color. To finish it off, opt for a lighter blonde shade for your ombre.

We highly suggest that you go for a sandy blonde color since its beige notes blend well with the base’s pearl undertone.

10. Light Mushroom Blonde Braided Hair

light mushroom blonde braided hairstyle

No other color can look as classy and feminine as a pearl-toned ashy shade, so one of the best ways to style it is to braid it up. This pinned-back braided hairstyle keeps hair away from your face in the most stylish way possible.

11. Brown Mushroom Blonde Balayage

long mushroom blonde hair

Get that bombshell look by going for a balayage coloring technique. A rich mushroom blonde color is just a few shades lighter than a dark brown hue, so it will allow you to enjoy a seamless and flawless transition between the roots and the ends.

12. Buttery Blonde Wispy Layers

face framing mushroom blonde hair

With its buttery and rich shade and ashy tone, this buttery blonde hue is the best neutral color you can get your hands on. The only downside is it can get a bit yellowish real quick, so make sure to stock up on your toners.

13. Mushroom Sandy Blonde Bob

mushroom blonde bob

Serve the ultimate beach girl vibe but in a much more sophisticated way by going for a classy short straight bob with a subtle and sweet mushroom blonde hue.

Give your hair and skin that natural sunkissed glow by adding beige money piece highlights to your look.

14. Half-Up Ponytail

half up mushroom blonde hair

For a fun and flirty way of showing off your mushroom blonde hair, try pulling it into a half-up hairstyle. Use a clip to secure the hair at the back to allow it to loosen up a little. Finish it off by leaving a few face-framing layers at the front.

15. Brown Medley + Mushroom Blonde Balayage

medium length mushroom blonde hair

If there’s one hair color mushroom blonde would surely look amazing with, it would be brown. So to give your hair better dimension, you can incorporate different shades of brown in your hair. Make sure to place the lightest shade in the front for an instant brightening glow.

16. Curly Mushroom Light Blonde Ombre

mushroom blonde balayage on dark hair

There’s no better way to make your curls look bouncier and livelier than dyeing them in a lighter blonde shade. The lighter ends will draw attention to your curls and make them more noticeable.

17. Wavy Mushroom Blonde Choppy Hair

mushroom blonde hair color for Asian women

If you really want to go for this muted shade, it’s important that you leave your roots and top hair strands a bit darker. The contrast between the two shades will give your hair better texture and movement and gives the illusion of a thicker mane.

18. Ashy Blonde Freehand Balayage

mushroom blonde long bob

For a more carefree look, ask your stylist to give you a freehand balayage instead of the traditional ones.

With this coloring technique, there would be no harsh lines, so it’s the best way to achieve a seamless blend of colors and a more natural look.

19. Babylights + V Balayage

light mushroom blonde asymmetric haircut

If you still want a bit of your dark hair to shine through, ditch the all-over color and go for a combination of baby lights and V-balayage.

With this balayage technique, the stylist can easily customize the color pattern according to your haircut and face shape.

20. Mushroom Blonde Underneath Hair

mushroom blonde underneath hair

Give the mushroom blonde hair a try without fully committing to it with these peekaboo highlights. With this technique, you get to enjoy the color’s complexion-brightening benefits while still getting to enjoy your dark hair.

21. Dark Mushroom Blonde Pixie + Undercut

short mushroom blonde hair with undercut

If you want something unique, then go for a darker and richer shade of mushroom blonde and pair it with an edgy pixie cut. Add eye-catching hair art and create waves on your hair to balance it off.

22. Full Mushroom Blonde Highlights + Dark Bangs

straight mushroom blonde hair

Make straight hair look more textured by adding full highlights to it. Pair it with dark quirky pointed bangs to give the look an extra quirky appeal.

23. Mushroom Blonde Babylights on Micro Bob

mushroom blonde hair with babylights

Calling all the sassy and stylish women out there! Here’s the hairstyle for you. This micro bob is perfect for emphasizing your facial bone structure and highlighting your gorgeous jawline. Dye it in a lighter blonde shade for a high-fashion look.

24. Full Mushroom Blonde Foilayage

mushroom blonde highlights

Give your soft layers a brighter and more brilliant look with a foilayage. The result of this coloring technique is a mix of the brightening effects of highlights and the natural look of balayage so you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

25. Layered Wavy Mushroom Bronde

mushroom blonde balayage hair

Now, here’s a transitional style that suits brunettes the best. This playful take on the trendy hair color gives you the richness of dark brown balanced with the ashy and cool notes of mushroom blonde. You can also try these mushroom brown hair colors.

Mushroom blonde hair can be a great transitional hair when it’s done right. With that said, we highly advise that you consult with a color specialist so you can know which shade fits you best. Not only that, but they can also teach you how to maintain this fantastic shade the right way.

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