21 Flawless Black Hairstyles With Bangs

How many times have you wanted to try bangs with your current hairstyle but weren’t sure if you could pull them off? Or, do you already have bangs and need some ideas for a new hairstyle? Rest assured black hair looks stunning with bangs!

Bangs are one of those things that look good with any style of hair whether your locks are straight or curly, thin or thick, or somewhere in the middle. And if you think you don’t have the face to pull them off, we’ll show you several different-shaped faces to reassure you that you can.


Black Hairstyles with Bangs

These 21 black women with bangs model color, texture, and plenty of ways you may want to try the style on your own!

1. Short Black Hair with Bangs

short black hair with bangs

For a short wavy hairstyle, tousled bangs look best for a relaxed look. When going out on a date, straighten them for a more fancy look.


2. Long Hair with Bangs

long black hair with bangs

Long straight black hair is perfectly polished with straight bangs to match. Whether your hair is one all over color or a gorgeous ombre, you’ll look beautiful.


3. Medium Hair Bangs

medium length black hair with bangs

For kinky curly hair, keep it all above the shoulders for a springy and perky hairstyle. A pop of electric color like this mix of dark and bright orange will make it glow even more.


4. Ponytail with Bangs for Black Girls

black ponytail with bangs

This long twisted black ponytail accessorizes easily with different colors of wrapped yarn. The bangs are twisted as well and meet just above eyebrows for a neat yet feminine style.


5. Curly Hair Bangs for Black Girl

Curly Hair Bangs for Black Girl

Springy curls are saturated with turquoise color on this black hairstyle with bangs. It takes the whole look from predictable to pretty. Don’t be afraid to try a color from the rainbow.


6. Black Hair Bun with Bangs

Black Hair Bun with Bangs

For that special wedding or other formal event, this smooth updo wraps up pretty purple and shows off layered bangs beautifully.


7. Braided Bangs for Black Hair

Braided Bangs for Black Hair

To feel like a queen, have your stylist braid your bangs. You can either leave the rest of the hair loose or wear it up in a gold-wrapped bun.


8. Black Bob with Bangs

black bob with bangs

Women with super curly hair will love the way this shoulder-length layered bob flatters the jawline and frames a round face with its thick bangs.


9. Wavy Black Hairstyle with Bangs

Wavy Black Hair with Bangs

Soft waves and thin straight bangs can be worn as a relaxed style during the week or weekends or as a glammed up and easy look for date night.


10. Straight Bangs

straight bangs for black girl

A straight bob has a blunt cut but you can also ask for a choppy cut or razor ends for a fun built-in style. Clip side pieces back for a quick look or leave it all as-is.


11. Pixie + Bangs

Black Pixie Cut with Bangs

For the women who don’t want to fuss with their hair too much, a pixie cut is a super cute option. For this straight style, part bangs at an off center angle.


12. Blonde Bangs for Black Girl

Blonde Bangs for Black Girl

To complement skin tone in a gorgeous way, color your hair a medium blonde. Whether hair is pin straight or it has a little wave, this look is golden.


13. Black Updo with Bangs

Black Updo with Bangs

Chopsticks are a fun uncommon accessory you can use to liven up your usual updo. Leave two outside pieces longer to frame the face.


14. Black Wispy Bangs

Black Wispy Bangs

These long wispy bangs for black women come past the eyebrows and are totally modelesque when paired with long straight hair. When it’s blowing in the wind, you’ll be hard not to notice.


15. Black Blunt Hair with Bangs

blunt hair bangs for black girl

So you want Cleopatra’s hair? A blunt shoulder-length cut is your ticket to hair envy. To keep frizz away use a heat protectant when flat ironing or hairspray to hold everything in place.


16. Black Swoop Bangs

Black Swoop Bangs

Models from the 60s would love the way this swooped bang is making a comeback. It flatters even the most oval-shaped faces and draws attention to the eyes.


17. Colored Bangs for Black Girl

Colored Bangs for Black Girl

If you love experimenting with color, try hot pink this time around! Pull half your hair up into a small bun above straight bangs and your look is ready to go.


18. Side Bangs

Black Hair with Side Bangs

Older women who fancy going shorter with their hair will appreciate a wavy or curly hairstyle that gives thinner hair more volume. The side bangs is easy to shape and breaks up dimension in the face as well.


19. Layered Bangs for Black Hair

Layered Hair with Bangs

Layered hair is not only easier to style and maintain, but it gives a better overall shape than hair that is one length. A combination of different highlights adds to the overall style.


20. Black Hair with Thin Bangs

black hair with thin bangs

If you have thin hair, short black hair with bangs that stops at the neckline is super feminine. Thin bangs are also cute as they don’t overpower the look and are easy to manipulate for specific styles.


21. Black Weave with Bangs

black hair weave with bangs

A rich magenta brings beautiful color to the ends of a curly hairstyle. Swooped bangs that are parted off-center help break up a round face but are also perfect for a special event.


If you didn’t already have plans for this weekend, now you do! Head to your nearest stylist and show them your favorite bangs hairstyle from the black women above. A few tips to remember: for black women with large foreheads, long straight bangs will cover the most area and small foreheads look best with side-swept or curtain bangs.

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