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Ash Blonde Vs. Platinum Blonde: Which Color Is Right for You?

Have you been contemplating going blonde? You’ve probably come across the two most popular blonde shades, ash blonde vs platinum blonde, and thought which one would look best on you.

We’ll look at what ash blonde and platinum blonde look like and how you could get either of these hair shades. Also, we’ll discuss the differences between ash blonde hair and platinum blonde hair to help you understand which shade works best for you.

What Is Ash Blonde Hair?

ash blonde hair color
Ash Blonde Hair Color

Ash Blonde hair is a cool shade of blonde that includes gray, silver, and white hues. It’s known as a wintery blonde.

Depending on your natural hair color, you can use root shadows or highlights to darken or brighten the ash-blonde pigment. As for tones, ash blonde is a warmer shade than platinum blonde hair.

How to Get Ash Blonde Hair

To get ash blonde hair, you need to use ash-toned hair dye. This product removes any warm tones, leaving behind the cooler ashy tone you want to achieve.

If you have a dark brown base color, you’ll need to bleach your hair to a light blonde before using the ash-toned hair dye. If you already have blonde hair, you might need to lighten it a little more before dyeing it.

Once you’ve lightened your hair, you need to find the right toner to get the ashy results.

What Is Platinum Blonde Hair?

platinum blonde hair
Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum blonde hair is known for looking silver or icy, which contributes to the cool-toned blonde color. However, platinum blonde is the lightest shade on the blonde spectrum.

Many assume that platinum blonde hair is similar to gray or white hair. However, it’s important to note that this hair color is light yellow.

How to Get Platinum Blonde Hair

No matter what hair color is your base, you need to start the process by lightening your hair. Bleach is the most effective way to achieve this light blonde color. After it’s bleached, put the platinum shade on the bleached strands.

Once you wash the color out, blow dry and take a look at the finished product. If it’s not as icy as you want, then you can repeat the process and achieve the best platinum blonde finish.

What Does Ash Blonde and Platinum Blonde Hair Look Like?

 Differences Between Ash and Platinum Blonde Hair

Ash blonde hair is a non-vibrant hair color. Whether you’re looking for light or dark ash blonde shades, this color creates a smokey and silvery color.

The fun thing about ash blonde hair is it’s easy to add colorful undertones. Depending on your skin tone, base color, eye color, and hair type, many shades will suit you. The most common colors added to ash blonde shades are green, purple, pink, and blue undertones.

Ash blonde hair can look subtle and natural, so it’s still a sophisticated hair color. However, the gray and silver undertones give you that edgy style compared to other blonde shades.

Platinum blonde hair is the lightest shade of blonde. The perfectly white, gray, and blonde balance will make your hair stand out in a crowd. Even if you apply these tones subtly, there’s no chance anyone will miss this color.

The uniqueness of this hair color doesn’t take away from the sophistication. Sophistication is a fantastic addition to the many different kinds of hair colors.

Key Differences Between Ash Blonde and Platinum Blonde Hair

Ash Blonde Hair Color vs Platinum Blonde Hair Color

While these are both blonde shades, ash blonde and platinum blonde have some major differences.


Ash blonde is a cool blonde shade that overpowers the warmer tones hidden within the colors.

If you have a light brown or dark brown hair base, you can use these cool undertones to brighten your hair.

Ash blonde mixes blonde and light brown together. Its popularity comes from the non-vibrancy due to the color not being too light or too dark.

Platinum blonde is a warmer shade, meaning you’ll find more orange and yellow in the undertones.

This extremely light blonde color resembles white hair. It’s becoming one of the most popular hair colors because it gives you the icy effect while including unique undertones. Many people add purple or blue undertones to their platinum blonde hair.

Skin Tone

Ash Blonde vs Platinum Blonde - Suitable Skin Tone

Ash blonde is perfect for any skin tone because you can adjust the highlights for balance.

If you have a warmer skin tone, you can add warm highlights to balance the color. You can enhance the icy and delicate colors for people with cool or light skin tones to match your skin tone.

Platinum blonde hair is perfect for light and cool skin tones.

Since platinum blonde is an icy white color, having a cool skin tone makes any eye color truly pop. For platinum blonde hair, you want the color to contrast your skin tone without washing out your skin.


Once you’ve achieved the perfect ash blonde hair, you’ll want to invest in a quality purple shampoo and conditioner. Purple shampoo prevents the color from fading and keeps your blonde hair vibrant.

You’ll want to avoid putting harsh chemicals in your hair that might damage the shimmery color and cause it to become dull.

Another way to keep your hair healthy is by using a hair mask at least once a week. A hair mask strengthens your hair and repairs any previous damage.

Platinum blonde hair requires more maintenance than other colors because it’s prone to excessive fading. As a result, you’ll need to find a shampoo and conditioner specifically made for platinum blonde hair.

The best way to maintain platinum blonde hair is by washing it sparingly. When you do wash your hair, avoid using hot water. Hot water causes the dye to fade more quickly.


Going blonde is expensive because there are multiple steps you need to take to achieve the perfect hair color you want. Also, the darker your base color, the more expensive it’ll be.

Ash blonde is one of the cheaper colors to achieve.

Also, you don’t need to spend much money at the salon for your touchups. There are many at-home maintenance tips you could follow.

Platinum blonde is one of the most expensive colors to achieve.

You’ll need to invest plenty of money in salon treatments and aftercare products.

Ash Blonde Hair Vs. Platinum Blonde Hair: A Quick Comparison

 Ash BlondePlatinum Blonde
Blonde typeCoolWarm
DescriptionNon-vibrant and shimmery, resembling the color of ashVibrant, visible in the sun,
MaintenanceLess maintenanceMore maintenance
CostMore affordableExpensive
Skin toneWarm skin tonesLight skin tones

Choosing the right shade of blonde can be daunting and intense. First, you’ll want to find the color that best matches your skin tone and that you’ll be able to maintain.

When deciding between ash and platinum blonde, you’ll notice that both are different yet beautiful colors. In addition, they’ll both look great if done by a professional, and you take good aftercare.

Considering the facts we’ve highlighted in this post, you will hopefully find the perfect hair color for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, deciding between ash blonde and platinum blonde hair? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Does light ash blonde look platinum?

Light ash blonde hair doesn’t look like platinum blonde hair. Like other ash blonde shades, light ash blonde remains dull but is grayer, while platinum blonde hair is more icy and white.

Will ash blonde make you look older?

With the gray undertones, ash blonde can make you look older. If you’re worried about looking older, it’s best to use subtle tones throughout your hair.

Ash or platinum blonde – which is lighter?

Platinum blonde hair is much lighter than ash blonde hair. It has an icy and more vibrant finish that’ll reflect the sunlight when you’re outside.

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