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Champagne Blonde Vs. Ash Blonde: A Quick Guide

Blonde is a flattering hair color you can wear throughout the year. And when researching popular blonde shades, you will encounter champagne and ash blondes. Champagne blonde is a neutral to warm blonde, ideal for people with neutral or warm undertones. Ash blonde is a cool blonde suitable for cool skin tones.

Champagne blonde vs. ash blonde, what hair color shade should be your pick?

Champagne Blonde Vs. Ash Blonde: Quick Comparison

CharacteristicAsh BlondeChampagne Blonde
ShadeA soft, warm, light golden-blonde shade. Different shades: Light ash, beachy ash, dirty ash, strawberry ash, platinum ashA cool, light greyish-blonde shade. Different shades: Soft gold, champagne blush, pearly champagne, champagne bronde
Blonde typeCoolNeutral (warm)
UndertonesPinkish, peach or beige undertones.Green or blue undertones.
Light ReflectionThis color tends to reflect light, giving the hair a glowing, radiant effect.The cooler tones may not reflect as much light, leading to a more muted look.
Skin toneCoolWarm and neutral
ProcessTakes several appointmentsTakes several appointments
MaintenanceRequires regular touch-ups and toning to maintain its color.Purple shampooMay require less maintenance due to its cooler tones.
RecommendedPurple shampooBlue shampoo
Gray coverageWorks best with all shades of ash brownWorks well with pearl champagne
Best ForThose who want a glamorous, radiant hair color.Those who prefer a more natural, subtle hair color.

What Is Champagne Blonde?

champagne blonde hair

Champagne blonde is the new rage named after the bubbly drink. It is a soft, neutral shade that perfectly blends warm and cool blonde. This blonde has golden hues and rosy undertones, which make it a warm neutral shade. Due to these warm undertones, it works well for people with warm and neutral skin tones.

Champagne blonde is the color to go for when you’re looking for an elegant and sophisticated look, but it has warmth and friendliness to it. Since champagne blonde leans more to neutral, it works well as an all-year-round style. You can dye your hair champagne blonde or add it as highlights, ombre, or Balayage.

What Is Ash Blonde?

ash blonde hair

Ash blonde is a cool blonde that adds depth to your hair. It is a cool color with gray (silver), blue, and violet undertones which works well with neutral and cool skin tones. It can have several variations, from natural, dirty, light, and sandy, to medium ash blonde.

At first glance, ash blonde may look like platinum blonde. However, it has darker roots and more gray undertones.

What Does Champagne Blonde and Ash Blonde Hair Look Like?

difference between champagne blonde and ash blonde hair
hairbyjulbenner/Instagram | hiukset_raisasisko/Instagram

With its golden hues and shine, champagne blonde hair looks like sparkling champagne. On the other hand, ash blonde leans more towards icy, gray, and silver.

Champagne blonde hair shade can range from a pale, almost platinum blonde to a darker, more golden blonde, depending on the person’s natural hair color and the desired result.

Ash blonde hair is often described as having a “dirty” or “mousy” appearance. It tends to be a more muted, subtle shade of blonde that does not have the bright, golden tones often associated with traditional blonde hair.

Key Differences Between Ash Blonde and Champagne Blonde

So, what are the key differences between champagne blonde and ash blonde? These two popular hair color shades of blonde differ in shade, type, and maintenance requirements.


Both champagne and ash blonde can be worn in different shades depending on your skin tone and preferences.

Shades of champagne blonde include soft champagne blonde, the subtlest shade of this color. You can add a touch of pink to champagne blonde to achieve a champagne blush blonde. Pearly champagne blonde is the most “out there” shade and the brightest for this blonde type.

Champagne blonde in the shade champagne bronde is the perfect choice for brunettes who don’t want to go fully blonde yet.

Ash blonde hair can go from light, silvery shades to dark smoky blondes. Some of the typical shades of ash blonde include:

Blonde Type

Champagne blonde is a neutral blonde that leans more towards a warm blonde. On the other hand, ash blonde is a cool blonde with gray undertones.

Skin Tone

Champagne blonde is an excellent shade for all skin tones. Champagne blonde with more gold undertones works well with warm skin tones. But with pink hues, it can go well with cooler skin tones.

Ash blonde does not work well for people with an olive skin tone or with orange undertones. On the other hand, ash blonde works well with people with lighter and cooler skin tones.


processing difference between champagne blonde and ash blonde hair

Going champagne blonde is an intense process, especially if you have darker hair. The process starts with lightening the hair as close as possible to the champagne blonde. Once lightened, the colorist proceeds to deposit color into your hair.

You can choose the shade of champagne you want and whether you want more rose or gold hues to match your skin tone.

Getting to a light blonde depends on your current hair color. You’ll have to bleach your hair to a level 9/10 or platinum if it isn’t a light blonde. The bleaching process could take multiple appointments depending on the color of your hair, previous color jobs, and your hair’s health.

Once it gets to a light blonde, your colorist will apply an ash blonde color and tone the hair. The final step involves using purple shampoo to remove any brassiness or yellow in the hair.

Whether you’re getting champagne blonde or ash blonde, the process will take a few appointments unless you already have blonde hair. The process will be longer if you’re naturally black or brunette.


Your hair care routine will change whether you get champagne or ash blonde. Since it requires bleaching hair, you must use shampoos that neutralize unwanted shades. However, ash blonde has fewer maintenance requirements as it’s already faded and muted. Most ash blonde hairstyles also have darker roots, meaning fewer hair appointments to update the color.

For champagne blonde, you need blue shampoo to keep the hair from developing greenish tones. Ash blonde is a cool blonde that requires purple shampoo to keep the brassiness in control. Bleaching hair to get an ash blonde damages hair and can leave it dry. Therefore, you should incorporate hair conditioning treatment to keep your hair strong. 

You’ll also need to use heat protectant during heat styling when you have a champagne blonde or an ash blonde. Both champagne and ash blonde require color-safe products to maintain their color. It’s advisable to wear a hair mask weekly to nourish your hair.

Gray Coverage 

covering grey hair with blonde

Blonde is an excellent choice for people with gray hair. But between champagne blonde vs. ash blonde, which one works better for gray coverage? The best option will depend on whether you want to camouflage or blend in these gray hairs.

Pearly champagne blonde works well for gray coverage.

Due to its gray undertones, silvery ash brown works well to conceal gray hairs. You can use them for full gray coverage or blend in gray strands.

If you’re going blonde primarily to cover or blend your graying strands, ash gray could be the better choice, as it already has gray undertones. This makes it easier for the gray undertones to blend with your hair. Most ashy blondes tend to have thicker roots, which makes for even better blending and gray coverage.

The choice between champagne blonde vs. ash blonde boils down to preference. But if you have a warm or neutral skin tone, champagne blonde is the way to go.

However, ash blonde could be your best choice if you have fair and cool skin. Ash blonde also works better with gray coverage if you wish to disguise your graying strands. 

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