15 Bad Beard Styles That’ll Even Fail Your Imagination

The aftermath of disastrous facial hair experiments is bad beards! We admit it without a doubt that keeping a beard automatically adds a handful of brownie points to a man’s appearance; it even makes him look like the classy gentleman if the beard is kept and groomed correctly.

There is quite a number of ways in which you can style your beard according to your preference and to which style suits your face shapes. Knowing that is pretty important because there are some styles of beard that are, well, that is just not meant to be actually kept other than if you are doing it as a joke. We have gathered here a few of the ugly beards that people have actually styled.


Bad Beard Styles That Must Be Avoided

Here are the 15 worst beards of all the time. We are not quite sure what inspired them to do these below beard styles and why, but you should see so you can be just a tad bit more careful when you are deciding an ugly beard look for yourself.

1. The Lawn Mower Beard

bad beards

This beard is so weird, it looks like someone ran a lawnmower over his face.


2. My Kids Drew My Beard

ugly beard

When your kids are in charge of how your beard looks like, this bad beard happens.


3. The Tiny Pigtails Beard

worst beard styles for guys

When you can’t really decide if you want a hair cut or a beard cut, so you get both in reverse.

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4. Is This Allowed?

worst beard

This full beard look is so absurd we don’t think it is even legal to have a bad beard like this.


5. The No Beard – Beard Look

ugly beards

Can’t decide if you should get a beard or not? Go for this tiny goatee look!


6. Growing Some Dollars

You might not grow dollars on the trees, but you can grow them on your face. At least according to this bad bearded guy.


7. Mr. Whisker’s Tail

Don’t worry if you cannot grow your own beard, you can cut the tail of your cat and use it as your very own whiskers.


8. The Wolverine Effect

This straight up bad beard looks like wolverine went mad looking at your face.


9. A True Internet Geek

If your beard looks like this, you are too deep into the internet, there is no return.


10. You’d Hope That It’s Fake But It’s Not

ugly beard

This neck beard is literally the most indecisive beard look that has ever existed in the history of bad beards.


11. Uhh Puberty, Is That You?

worst beard

When puberty knocks on your door but changes its mind.


12. Taking Geometric Beard To A Whole New Level

This guy literally drunk-shaved himself and it is a major facepalm moment.


13. Because Your Face Is A Canvas

One word: NO! Your face is not your notebook. The worst beards on the list!


14. That’s How You Outline Your Face

ugly beard

He took outlining your features of ugly beard to a whole new level. When pencil beard turns into a disaster!


15. How To Fake Some Fangs

bad beards

They said you can do anything, so I decided to grow some fangs.


Having a beard can add multiple favor points to your look depending on what style it is and how you have groomed it. A badly kept and improper beard can be somewhat of a downgrade, and keeping one properly requires some attention and care.

Well, you do know what they say; you can never be too careful, especially when it comes to something demanding focus like setting a look for yourself. So here is a list of 15 bad beard styles so you know which ones to avoid so you don’t end up with an ugly beard and ruin your whole appearance!

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