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Neck Beard 101: A Quick Guide to Turn It into Style

A neck beard can make you look more masculine and sexier but it’s harder to grow than a facial beard. In the past, this beard had been linked to a lack of grooming in a man but the trend of a neck beard is slowly increasing as more and more men have adopted this majestic beard style.

The overall look of your beard greatly depends on how you shape your beard neckline. You need the perfect, sharp, and neat look to get the best-looking beard. Of course, your face and neck structure greatly affect the shape of your neckline, but that’s another story.

How to Grow Beard Under Neckline

how to grow neck beard

Growing a neck beard can be harder than growing a facial beard. However, with a few tips you can grow a healthy neckline beard rapidly. Read on to learn more!

  • Apply beard oil to your facial neck hair. Beard oil contains many vitamins that promote healthy facial hair growth.
  • Trim your beard every 3-4 weeks. If you want a long beard, just trim about an inch 
  • To encourage faster growth, moisturize the skin where you want to grow your neck beard. The better the skin, the better the beard that grows.

How to Grow and Maintain Beard for Men

How to Maintain a Neck Beard

How to Maintain Neck Beard

Maintaining a neck beard so that you don’t look like a hot mess can seem difficult, but doing it consistently will lessen the hassle and make the hair look its best. Here are a few tips on how to maintain a beard below neckline:

  • Even after your beard has grown, nourish it with beard oil about once every week
  • Cleanse and comb your beard hair. Combing should be done every day whereas cleansing should be done about every other day. Combing will encourage the hair to grow in the particular direction you want.
  • Trim your beard after every four weeks. If you want its length to increase, you still need to keep trimming your beard after about a month to ensure that it grows.

How to Shape a Beard Neckline

How to Shape a Beard Neckline

Trimming and shaping your beard neckline may be hard because you can barely see your own neckline. With a mirror and a bit of time, shaping it will be simple. 

After you have a mirror ready, you need to find your neckline. Place two fingers over your Adam’s apple. The top of your finger determines the horizontal plane beyond which your neck starts. Trim all your hair beneath this point, and you’re done shaping your beard neckline!

Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Trim Your Neckline at Home


Luckily, there’s no “right” way to style a neck beard! Each individual has a different facial structure, according to the different types of beards that suit them. Here a few beard styles to consider.

1. Scruffy and Short

short hair with neck beard

This scruffy-looking neck beard is cute and touch ups are easy at home!

Ideal for: Men with long faces and thick beard hair.

How to style: Let your beard grow to about three inches in length. Make the longest point at the chin. Clip a short beard.

2. Long Neck Beard with Wave

neck beard for older men

Show off your facial hair texture with a longer neck beard. This one covers ground under the chin. 

Ideal for: Older men with textured beard hair.

How to style: Grow your beard to at least three inches, including the area under the chin and just before the neckline. Trim the mustache short.

3. Chin Strap Goatee

neck beard with mustache

The chin strap beard is a popular style among men and cleans up nicely!

Ideal for: Men with a round or long face shape and thick beard hair.

How to style: Buzz in a chin strap to about an inch or less in width, leaving a longer goatee. Leave a few stray hairs around the neck for that slightly scruffy look.

4. Thick Chin Strap with Thin Mustache

short neck beard

If you’re one of those men who has no trouble growing a thicker, fuller beard, go with this neck beard that covers major ground at the cheeks! 

Ideal for: Men with thick facial hair and a round or oval face shape.

How to style: Buzz the hair starting at halfway down the neck. Shape the hair at the cheekbones so that it has a flat top. Clip the mustache short.

5. Chin Strap and Soul Patch

neck beard for young men

If you tend to rock those voluminous hairstyles, a thick chin strap beard and super thin mustache will look very handsome.

Ideal for: Men with a long face shape.

How to style: Shape the chin strap style and trim short. Buzz a mustache and a barely-there soul patch.

6. Goatee with Beard Below Neck

Goatee with a Neck Beard

This is an elegant and neat neck beard that’s long and makes you look sexy!

Ideal for: This beard is especially suitable for those who have a round face but want their face to look long instead of round.

How to Style: trim the part of your beard that’s on your cheeks and the side of your face, as well as the part below your neckline. Let the rest of the beard grow!

7. Thick Beard

Thick Neck Beard Style for Men

If you’re looking for dense neck hair with low maintenance, then this is what you need!

Ideal for: People with a sharp jawline and a pointed and slender nose.

How to Style: All you have to do is to keep trimming your beard evenly after it grows long!

8. No Maintenance Full Beard

neck beard styles for men

This is probably the most low-maintenance beard ever!

Ideal for: Since this beard covers most of the face, the face structure doesn’t really matter in it.

How to Style: You really don’t need to do anything to get this neck beard style except for letting this beard grow naturally on its own while trimming the Walrus mustache!

9. Lumberjack Beard

classy neck beard styles for men

This is the ideal neckbeard for no-shave November!

Ideal for: People with a sharp and slender nose, and a square facial structure.

How to Style: Let your beard grow and then keep trimming it frequently to remove flyaways and ensure a stable shape.

10. Neck Beard with Mustache

Neck Beard with Mustache

This neck beard is sexy and gives a classy look!

Ideal for: People with an oval face. People with a round face should avoid this beard.

How to Style: Trim your facial beard, as shown in the photo above. Let your beard grow and twist the edges of your mustache to get the look above!

11. Patchy Beard

This below neckline beard is for all those who like having a hairy but short beard.

Ideal for: People with a slightly chubby face and a slightly chubby neck too.

How to Style: Trim your facial hair and just let the neck hair grow.

12. Braided Beard

This beard with beads style is for all those men who love experimenting with their beard hair!

Ideal for: People with a prominent and sharp jawline.

How to Style: Let the part of your beard on your jawline grow long while trimming the rest of your beard frequently. Then, when it’s long enough, tie it into different braids!

13. Messy Beard

This neck beard style gives a messy look but if that’s what you love, then try it out!

Ideal for: People with a chubby face.

How to Style: It’s simple, just trim your facial beard in the pattern shown above while leaving the neck hair intact. Leave your mustache intact too and you’ll obtain this look!

14. Sexy Beard

Sexy and manly, this beard will make your girl go crazy!

Ideal for: People with a sharp jawline and a pointed nose.

How to Style: Trim your neckline and your sideburns. Then, wait for a few days so that the beard below the neckline and the sideburns grow but are shorter than the rest of the beard!

15. Long Amish Beard

Long Neck Beard for Men

This was probably inspired by the Harry Potter character, Dumbledore!

Ideal for: People with a round face structure.

How to Style: Keep trimming all your facial hair including that on your chin, while letting your neckbeard grow longer and longer!

Grow Beard With Long Hair

16. The True Neck Beard

This bushy beard is a below neckline beard in its true essence!

Ideal for: Men with a round and chubby facial structure.

How to Style: Trim all your facial hair while allowing the neck hair to grow longer and longer.

17. Beard with a Dali Mustache

This neckbeard looks savage!

Ideal for: Men with slender but oval face structures.

How to Style: Trim your facial beard while maintaining the neck hair, and twist your moustache!

18. Dense and Curly beard

This is for all the curly-haired guys out there!

Ideal for: Men with curly hair.

How to Style: Trim your beard below your neckline, while letting the rest of it grow!

19. The Levine Beard

Sexy, masculine and attractive!

Ideal for: Men with a rectangular face structure and a sharp jawline.

How to Style: Trim your beard regularly so that your facial hair is a few millimeters long while making sure that the hair below your neckline is trimmed more than your facial hair.

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20. Wild Yet Sleek

popular neck beard styles for men

This hipster beard is a perfect combination of class and masculinity

Ideal for: Men with a pointed nose and slender cheeks.

How to Style: Let your neckbeard grow in its natural form and keep trimming it every now and then to retain the shape shown above.

21. Stubble Beard

stubble neckline beard for men

This beard is every girl’s weakness!

Ideal for: Men with a sharp jawline and a slender face. This beard style should be avoided by men with a chubby face.

How to Style: Trim your beard evenly on your neck as well as your face to get this neck beard look!

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FAQs on Neck Beard

Should I shave my neck hair?

Shaving your neck beard is entirely up to you. Generally, neck hair can be considered as a sign of lack of grooming if not taken care of properly. Choose your beard style and see if it requires a shaved neck or not!

How can I find my neckline?

Hold two fingers horizontally above your Adam’s apple. The top of your top finger marks your horizontal neckline.

These were our top neck beard styles that you should try out! Don’t be afraid to experiment with your beard style – you never know when you might find the perfect look!