5 Handsome Wolverine Beard Styles to Turn Up Your Style

Marvel Comics’ character Wolverine has been famously portrayed by actor Hugh Jackman on the silver screen. Jackman brings his own brand of handsome good looks to the role, but his Wolverine beard style really defines his look in the Marvel films. The Wolverine beard is handsome and easy to wear. It can work for nearly any man whose facial hair isn’t too thin.


Top Wolverine Beard Styles

You don’t have to be Hugh Jackman to have a handsome Wolverine beard. Try the below Wolverine beard styles to get the similar look!


#1: The Everyday Wolverine Beard Style

Normal Wolverine Beard style

Although Wolverine is obviously a comic book character with a stylized beard that may not work for most men’s daily life, you can certainly wear a modified, everyday Wolverine beard style. Here, Jackman’s Wolverine beard is simply trimmed down and cleaned up a bit to create a beard style that is wearable. This easy look flatters many face shapes and can be worn by nearly any man.


#2: The Classic Movie Wolverine Beard

Classic Wolverine Beard cut look

The classic Wolverine beard that we see in the Marvel films is stylized and over the top. Obviously meant to mimic the shape of the wolverine’s (and we are talking the animal here) face and head, Jackman’s look here may not be ideal for everyday wear, although if you are bold it can certainly work for you, but certainly, a toned down interpretation becomes wearable.


#3: The Debonair Wolverine

A short, neat Wolverine-inspired beard style can look debonair and perfect for formal occasions or for the office. Here, Jackman’s beard style is accented by his natural grey, proving that this handsome look flatters men of all ages, grey or otherwise.


#4: The Outgrown Wolverine Beard

The everyday Wolverine beard style is especially easy and low maintenance in that it requires very little daily grooming. Even when slightly grown out, it can be a sexy, flattering look that’s still office-appropriate.


#5: The Neatly Trimmed Wolverine

Here, Jackman has taken his Wolverine beard style down to a closely trimmed and very neat variation. This creates a look that is still Wolverine-bad-ass but wears as a cleaner look. It’s appropriate for many occasions and is easy and wearable, even if you aren’t a Hollywood star.


If you want to look stylishly handsome but can’t invest much time in daily grooming, a Wolverine beard style may be a good choice for you. Because it looks sexy when trimmed shortly or a bit grown out, it’s versatile while still being easy. You don’t have to be Hugh Jackman to pull of this handsome, classic movie-inspired look.