10 Unique Blonde Hair and Red Beard Styles We Love

Blonde hair and red beard combination may sound weird to ears, but absolutely looks appealing to eyes. It is a rare combination that is found in the specific region of the world because of the genetics and inheritance characteristics of people.

Most of us have seen the blonde hair and brown beard or blonde hair and black beard combination, but blonde hair with red beard are most of the unique, fascinating and delightful occurrence that happened to some men naturally, making them an admiring personality.

So, what’s the cause of this rare combo? How it will look on men? Different hair and beard color appearance are possible in men? Wooh, Hold on! Here, below you will get the answer of all these questions that arose in your mind.


Best Blonde Hair with Red Beard Styles for Men

Following are the most attractive blonde hair red beard combo that very few men have. Explore and get inspired by the rarest look.

1. Long Platinum Blonde Hair with a Beard

men with blonde hair and red beard

It is giving a very bold statement. Straight long blonde hair along with red beard exhibiting a manly and daring appearance of the man. You can keep your hair untied or make a man bun for a classier look.


2. Messy Blonde Hair and Red Beard

Messy Blonde Hair and Red Beard

It looks messy but its unusual combo .i.e. golden blonde hair and reddish beard making the whole combo the “one” in the crowd. It is purely exhibiting a Viking look.


3. Blonde Comb-Over and Red Beard

blonde comb over with red beard

It is an elegant and sophisticated hair and beard style. Embrace your natural unique hair and beard color combination like a gentleman that no one can drag their eyes away from your personality. Brown hair strands in the platinum blonde comb-over hairstyle really complimenting the man’s avatar.


4. Curly Blonde Hair with Full Beard

Curly Blonde Hair with Full Red Beard

Here is another simple yet promising blonde hair red beard combo. Blonde curly top is giving the voluminous look to the hair. Full red beard is adding an outré masculine charm to man’s overall look.

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5. Blonde Bangs

guy with blonde hair and red beard

It is a perfect blend of stylish and macho look. Blonde hair styled into side swept bangs and wild red beard are harmonizing the effect of each other.


6. Ashy Blonde Hair + Fork Beard

blonde hair with red French fork beard

If you are a ginger who want a high contrast between the hair and beard, you are in the right place. Sport an ashy blonde hair color and a red French fork beard. Maintain your eyebrows in the same reddish nuance. 


7. Sleek One Side Comb Over  + Short Beard

blonde guy with red beard

If you have deep blue ocean eyes, a dark blonde hair and a red beard will certainly get all the attention they deserve. Keep the beard short and opt for an extended goatee that frames your mouth. 


8. Messy Hair + Garibaldi Beard

blonde hairstyle with red beard

Garibaldi beards are so noticeable thanks to their lengths and you will be the same especially if you keep it in a ginger red shade. For the top go for an undercut with a messy longer top that is tossed on one side. 


9. Blonde Comb Over + Full Beard

blonde haired man with red beard

That blonde comb-over will create a beautiful contrast if paired with a full beard. Shave your cheeks and the neck if you want a very well defined beard.


10. Lionel Messi with Blonde Hair + Red Beard

Messy's blonde hair with red beard

Footballer Lionel Messi is certainly one of the trendsetters when we’re talking about blonde platinum hair and darker, red beards. He created quite a fuss among his appearance and guys all over the world went mad over this mind-blowing look.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which Gene Causes A Red Beard?

Ans: MC1R is a mutated gene that causes the red beard. A person will grow a red beard if he inherits two mutated MC1R genes from his parents or ancestors. If a person has only 1 mutated gene, he will not grow a complete red beard but have its some shades.


Q. Are There Any Possibilities of Having A Different Color of Hair And Beard Naturally?

Ans: Yes, there is a possibility of having different hair and beard color naturally. Each hair follicle contains coloring pigment. These coloring pigments named as pheomelanin (causes reddish and yellowish color) and eumelanin (causes blackish to brownish shades).

It depends on the amount of these pigments in hair follicles. If hair follicles have dominant eumelanin, head hair will be of black or brownish shade. If beard follicles have dominant pheomelanin, your beard will be of reddish to yellowish shade depending on the dominance.

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Q. Why My Hair Is Blonde But Beard Red?

Ans: It may be due to the coloring pigments present in the hair and beard follicles, as discussed in the above question. Otherwise, another and major reason is your genetics. Red beard is caused by “incomplete dominant hereditary traits”.

When this gene dominants the other genes, it may lead to red beard growth. Maybe your grandparent or great grandparent has a red beard, that’s why you grow it. The other reason is; you might have mutated MC1R gene that causes red beard.


If you do not have a natural red beard and blonde hair, you can adapt this look by simply dying your hair and beard. Choose the best blonde hairstyle and red beard style for yourself according to your facial features and texture of your hair.

If you have this rare combo in your family, do not get tense because it is your specific genetic trait and no one can change it. So, embrace your uniqueness by styling in the best possible way.

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