25 Must-try Butterscotch Hair Color Shades in 2020

Butterscotch hair color is truly impressive. Many women try it but get bored rather fast. If you have a professional stylist, he or she will tell you that there are many different ways to go about this hair color.

When mixed with other shades, it can look truly unexpected. So if you are looking for something fantastic, out of the ordinary, yet close to natural, the butterscotch hue can be a way out.

The experiments are endless, starting from the most complicated and hard to maintain and ending with the most obvious options. All you have to do is take a look and choose the one you like best.


Amazing Butterscotch Hair Color Ideas

If you are running out of butterscotch hair color ideas and your stylist is not helping you, we’ve got 25 interesting options that are worth your attention. The butterscotch hues are attractive no matter how you decide to deal with them.

Whether your natural hair color is dark or blonde, you can create butterscotch experiments that can help you make a statement. This hair shade is so attractive that you’ll enjoy looking in the mirror every single time and will probably forget about other colors for a long while.

1. Butterscotch highlights

Butterscotch hair color highlights

Butterscotch highlights are a wonderful way to diversify your blonde mane. The best combination is honey blonde and butterscotch. These two colors look natural together and create a great image.


2. Black and butterscotch

cute girl Black and butterscotch hairstyle

If your locks are naturally black, butterscotch can be one of the ways to lighten them up without making them look too out of whack. Consider using butterscotch as one of two or three colors for highlighting.

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3. Butterscotch brown hair


Butterscotch brown hair shade is a wonderful choice for women with naturally brown hair. Butterscotch hair color is a subtle way to brighten up your locks in a smooth manner.


4. Butterscotch pecan

Butterscotch pecan hairstyle for girl

Butterscotch pecan is a natural dark shade that will look good on girls with brown or dark blonde hair. If you are tired of your light hair hues, this special shade is a wonderful choice to look surprisingly natural.


5. Butterscotch and ash blonde


Butterscotch and ash blonde are similar colors and they look good as a combination. Dark hues of butterscotch color can be used as highlights to smooth out the dark root effect.