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25 Must-Try Butterscotch Hair Color Shades in 2024

Butterscotch hair color is awe-inspiring. Many women try it but get bored rather fast. If you have a professional stylist, he or she will tell you there are many different ways to go about this hair color.

When mixed with other shades, it can look genuinely unexpected. So if you are looking for something fantastic, out of the ordinary, yet close to natural, the butterscotch hue can be a way out.

The experiments are endless, starting from the most complicated and hard to maintain and ending with the most obvious options. All you have to do is take a look and choose the one you like best.

Who Should Try Butterscotch Hair Color?

Any lady looking to give her locks a golden glowing refresh should try this shade. However, if you want a natural look that doesn’t seem color-treated, you’ll want to follow these guidelines for whether you should choose brown or blonde with butterscotch:

Butterscotch Brown Hair Color 
If you have warm tones in your skin’s complexion, you’ll look better with butterscotch brown hair color. Generally speaking, we recommend a lighter shade of brown. Whether it’s balayage, ombre, or highlights, the blend will look fabulous.

Butterscotch Blonde Hair Color
Is your skin tone pale or light? The lighter your skin tone, the lighter blonde you can naturally pull off with butterscotch hair color. If your skin tone is closer to a medium, you can try darker blondes.

Amazing Butterscotch Hair Color Ideas

If you are running out of butterscotch hair color ideas and your stylist is not helping you, we’ve got 25 exciting options that are worth your attention. The butterscotch hues are attractive no matter how you decide to deal with them.

Whether your natural hair color is dark or blonde, you can create butterscotch experiments to help you make a statement. This hair shade is so attractive that you’ll enjoy looking in the mirror every single time and will probably forget about other colors for a long while.

1. Blonde Butterscotch

Thick butterscotch colored hair

What do you get when you combine butterscotch hair color with blonde highlights? It is a truly gorgeous combination for any hair type and length. These long and large spirals prove how commercial-worthy your mane will look.

2. Light Blonde and Butterscotch Balayage

butterscotch hair with blonde highlights

For a truly natural look, blend light blonde in with butterscotch hair color throughout your mane. This wavy balayage hairstyle is a perfect example of how seamless the blend will look.

3. Butterscotch and Honey Blonde

short buuterscotch hair color
Instagram/Kaitlin Carlson

The honey blonde in this edgy butterscotch pixie cut is barely noticeable at first, but when you’re in the sun, that’s when it will truly shine. You can try the honey blonde on an undercut or as highlights; both yield beautiful results.

4. Platinum Blonde and Butterscotch

darker butterscotch hair color

How stunning is this use of platinum blonde with butterscotch hair color? Most of the mane is glossed in butterscotch, but the ends are where platinum shines. Try a layered cut for the best display of this color combo.

5. Multi Blonde Shades with Butterscotch

Celebrity with butterscotch hair

Can’t choose which shade of blonde is your favorite? When you rock a butterscotch hairstyle, you don’t need to choose! Mix them all in with your long locks; you’ll love the results.

6. Butterscotch highlights

Butterscotch hair color highlights

Butterscotch highlights are a wonderful way to diversify your blonde mane. The best combination is honey blonde and butterscotch. These two colors look natural together and create a great image.

7. Black and butterscotch

cute girl Black and butterscotch hairstyle

If your locks are naturally black, butterscotch can be one of the ways to lighten them up without making them look too out of whack. Consider using butterscotch as one of two or three colors for highlighting.

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8. Butterscotch brown hair


Butterscotch brown hair shade is a wonderful choice for women with naturally brown hair. Butterscotch hair color is a subtle way to brighten up your locks in a smooth manner.

9. Butterscotch and ash blonde


Butterscotch and ash blonde are similar colors and they look good as a combination. Dark hues of butterscotch color can be used as highlights to smooth out the dark root effect.

10. Butterscotch and golden blonde

 Butterscotch and golden blonde curly hairstyle

While the butterscotch hair color can somewhat darken up the light shades, it looks amazing when mixed with golden blonde. The color becomes richer, more impressive, and closer to natural.

11. Partial highlights


Partial butterscotch highlights can have an interesting effect on brown or blonde locks. They darken the overall image while being a real savior for girls who don’t want to cover up dark roots every month.

12. Reddish blonde butterscotch

Reddish blonde butterscotch hairstyle for sweet girl

Reddish blonde butterscotch is a shade that creates an unusual but surprisingly effective hair color. You can become closer to a redhead without certain hassles associated with this color.

13. Butterscotch ombre

Butterscotch ombre hairstyle your favorite

Butterscotch hair color is perfect for an ombre. Brown and black colors mixed with butterscotch shades on top blend in with the blonde shades on the bottom. What a great match!

14. Butterscotch ginger


Butterscotch ginger shades might look unexpected but the combination is priceless. The hair is light with a slight reddish hue but there are some darker butterscotch shades to darken it down.

15. True butterscotch

True butterscotch hairstyle for girl

A true butterscotch hair color is something many women strive for. Such rich and smooth hues can be reached if your natural hair is light. Dark-haired girls need to settle for more brownish tones.

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16. Dark butterscotch ombre

Beautiful Dark butterscotch ombre hairstyle for women

Since butterscotch shades look perfect with blonde hues, they are often used for the top part of the ombre. Brighten up your black locks with a few butterscotch highlights to make your ombre truly shine.

17. Butter toast


Butter toast hue is a certain mix between butterscotch and honey blonde. Just the right balance between the two colors will create a shade that will make you hold your breath.

18. Butterscotch and sandy blonde

 Butterscotch and sandy blonde hairstyle for girl

Mixed with sandy blonde, the butterscotch hair color can become even more attractive. Here it’s used to darken the hair shade a little bit while still leaving it blonde and impressive.

19. Butterscotch patches


Butterscotch hair color is a wonderful choice for patchy dying. It can make your mane look truly impressive while you won’t be using too much hair color.

20. Subtle approach

Subtle approach hairstyle for women

No matter what colors you use for ombre of highlights, a few butterscotch strands can subtly change the picture. The unique quality of this color is that it can smooth out any other shade.

21. Smart use


If you learn how to use the butterscotch shades, you can turn any hair color into something special. While being a great color on your own, butterscotch makes a great helper.

22. Random strands

Random strands hairsyle for Celebrity

If you like using several hair colors to create an outstanding style, you’ll be glad to find out that butterscotch can be a great choice for random strands that can complement any color mix.

213. Black, butterscotch, and blonde

Black, butterscotch, and blonde hairstyle for girl

Black, butterscotch, and blonde is a powerful combination of colors that you can use for highlighting, ombre or balayage. Girls with black hair will especially appreciate this idea.

24. Honey and golden


Honey and golden locks on the bottom and butterscotch hair color on the top create a shiny impression you never knew you could master. This is a great idea for girls with dark blonde hair.

25. The classics

The classics hairstyle for women

The classical light butterscotch shades can suit any skin tone and hair type. If you have an opportunity to try this hue, get this one first and you’ll enjoy it immensely.

Auburn Brown Hair Color Options

Butterscotch hair color is an all-purpose shade that can serve many different functions. Make a choice about which of the above options to use at your next barbershop appointment and get ready for a wonderful do-over.