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8 Fabulous Orange Box Braids for Women

Getting a witty, unconventional hair has never been easier!  The rich tones of this sublime sun rising orange color have a ravishing glow. They are a perfect fit for a bold girl like you who is not afraid to stand out and wear the orange box braids with pride wherever she goes.

Also, colorful box braids can guarantee an outstanding look, whether you create them from your own strands, or buy the hair extensions needed to develop these long fabulous knits. Try one of these orange box braid hairstyles and find out for yourself!

1. Burnt Orange Box Braids

Amazingly frame your face features with long box braids that have a burnt orange tone. Also, use a golden thread that you can wrap and crisscross on some of the knits.


2. Orange and Black Box Braids

What a stunning combination between the blonde orange extensions and the natural brown hair! A half ponytail on top of your head, mixed with these vivid nuances, will undoubtedly make you become a woman that turns a lot of heads on the street.


3. Red Orange Box Braids

Such a fierce look, and it’s all thanks to those red-orange box braids that are certainly the point of attraction of this hairstyle! Remember that if you have pale skin, your hair will look even wittier and will be standing out at any party!


4. Dark Orange Box Braids

Volume is a pretty important factor when we’re talking about these long glorious orange box braids. Make them thicker than usual and use Jumbo hair to replicate this fantastic look.


5. Long Orange Box Braids

After choosing this thin box braids hairstyle, all the attention will be on you and let’s face it, you totally deserve it! Such an abundant mane styled from orange braids can’t go unnoticed!


6. Orange Box Braids on Dark Skin

Bob cut always create beautiful framing, and you can take this regular and beloved haircut to a whole new level with bob box braids! Opt for electric orange box braids and make a shoulder-length cut for the knits. Such a ravishing idea for a woman with dark skin, don’t you think?


7. Orange Jumbo Box Braids

One of the best things about the Jumbo hair is that each braid will have a lot of texture and dimension. It also comes in vivid colors and is a stunning option for any woman who wants voluminous orange box braids, like the ones in the image.


8. Orange Ombre Box Braids

When you want to stunningly blend natural hair with an orange color, opt for hair extensions and style an ombre. Transform your hair into a work of art with some simple, electric box braids.

Orange box braids are ideal for any woman who wants a significant change that puts her in the spotlight. This powerful and fabulous color has a certain warmth and attracts compliments like a magnet, you’ll see! Why not give it a try?