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8 Stylish Braids That’ll Flatter A Fat Face

A chubby round face is not something to be ashamed of as it will never let you down. It is defined by soft features with little to no angles causing it to look a little fat, especially with plump cheeks and a double chin. But that doesn’t change a thing!

There are a number of hairstyles that flatter fat faces and we would say that braids are the best among all as they are classy, easy maintenance, and can both accent a chubby round face or make it appear slimmer.

Agree? Then it won’t take much time to scroll through the following braided hairstyles for women with fat faces.


Braids for Women with Fat Faces

No matter how plump your face is, these braids are sure to give your fat face a style shake-up.

1. Braids and Curls

black braids for women with fat faces

Chubby African-American women can opt for a long mane by plaiting down their kinky curls using extensions going as long as they want. Pull out some strands from the knits along the length creating a hot mess of braids and curls that won’t be ignored. Flaunt the look with a half-up bun.


2. Plaited Pigtails

pigtail braids for women with fat faces

Pigtail braids flatter a fat face and are ideal to keep hair away from the eyes. Opt for a middle part and style both sides in Dutch braids to dangle forward at the front. Instead of keeping it simple try a zigzag parting or add vibrant extensions for a pop of color.


3. Triangular Box Braids

braided bun for women with a fat face

Box braids are a protective hairstyle that is very popular among black ladies around the world. Separate triangular sections and knit them incorporating golden brown strands for a highlighted appeal.

Wrap the plaits in a chic jumbo bun. You can also experiment with square or hexagonal sections and an undercut.


4. Blonde Cornrows

cornrow braids for women with fat faces

Another braided hairstyle for overweight black ladies to keep attention away from their plump faces. Sport straight-back frontal cornrows using golden blonde extensions to contrast against a beautiful dark skin and let the knits dangle loosely at the back. Swoop down the edges for a sleek finish.


5. Knotless Knits + Space Buns

box braids for women with fat faces

Knotless braids are similar to traditional box braids but don’t have a knot at the base for attaching the synthetic hair thus preventing any traction to the natural strands. Knit the entire head and add some vibrant chunks for a funky appeal. Style the plaits in half-up space buns and you won’t regret it!


6. Micro Braids

braids for african women with fat faces

Although micro braids are laborious to install the effort is worth it as these fine knits resemble thick chunks of hair that can be styled in various ways. Turn around some heads by incorporating brown extensions and leaving the ends loose to be curled. Eye-catching!


7. Half-Up French Braids

braids for women with a round fat face

Pulled-back braids are ideal for women with fat faces as they create the illusion of a slimmer face. The strands at the front are entwined into French braids towards the back along both sides of a center part resulting in an adorable half-up hairstyle.


8. Halo Braid

crown braids for women with fat faces

Look like an ethereal princess by carrying those long to medium tresses like a crown. Intertwine the chunks while circling the head or create two braids and wrap them around it instead. Pull some strands loose to frame the face elegantly at the front. Voila!


The above-mentioned braids hairstyles for women with a fat face are quite versatile as they can be personalized in various ways using colors, textures, and lengths of your choice. So whenever you want to tame those unruly tresses recreate some of these looks to keep them away from that cute chubby face for a change.