30 Braids for Long Hair with Added Oomph

Long hair gives you endless hairstyle options, and if you are out of ideas, you are in the right place. Because braids are skyrocketing the hairdos trends, we decided to show you 30 braids for long hair that you will make you look outstanding in any occasion.


Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair braids are suitable for all kinds of events, and we highly recommend you start learning how to knit them (if you don’t already master this technique) and get ready to amaze people wherever you go. They work on all types of hair, facial features, and uniquely complete any outfit.

1. Braided Updo for Long Hair

braided updo for long hair

A simple braid that starts from your forehead goes on one side and ends in a voluminous low bun can make an excellent choice for events or even for a day at the office. Slightly pull out some strands from your knit to achieve more volume.


2. Long French Braid

long french braids

This childish but astonishing look can be easily mastered. Split your hair into two sections and start braiding from your forehead. Direct your braids to the back and knot them in the middle. Wrap a strand of hair around the knot.


3. Dutch Braid

long hair with dutch braid

Braids for long hair can make your hairstyle look fabulous even if the hairdo itself is quite easy to recreate. Make two hair sections and knit two relaxed braids. Give them dimension by pulling out each strand used for the twist.


4. Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid for long hair

Fishtail braids will make you become the splendid bride. First of all, create some relaxed waves for your hair and decorate them with a braid that starts from one side and builds a gorgeous hair crown. Leave out a few strands from your bangs for a more romantic and stylish look.


5. Waterfall Braid

waterfall braid for long hair

Whenever you ran out of ideas that make your hair stand out, you can try this fantastic braided hairstyle for long hair. Use a bright mauve hair color and create some relaxed waves for the ends. On each side, knit a waterfall braid that starts from your forehead and smoothly goes down. Meet the two braids and knot them to create a perfect V on your back.


6. Long Braids for Black Girl

Long Braids for Black Girl

Long braids are probably the most adored hairstyles for black women. These protective hairstyles make your locks look charming, especially if you choose to blend red and blonde braids between the simple black ones.


7. Curly Hair Braids

long braided curly hair

A gorgeous long braided hairstyle for ladies with curly hair. This is one of the best ways to give your hair length and tons of volume. Order a few packs of dark red curly bundles and braid them with your natural hair. Because you want the curls to be visible, only knit half of the braids and wear all your hair on one side.


8. Braids for Long Straight Hair

Braids for Long Straight Hair

When you have natural long, rich hair, you have so many options to make an outstanding look. Select your crown hair and split it in 3 braids that will gorgeously fall over your loose hair. To make this hairstyle for long hair look even more stunning, you can create an ombre for the tips.


9. Wavy Hair Braid

Long Wavy Hair Braid

Waves simply transform straight hair into something magical. Use a curling iron to make these relaxed curls and knit a fabulous braid on each side. Meet them in the back and use a strand of hair to wrap it around the two knits.


10. Long Braid for Wedding

long hair braid for wedding

This braided hairstyle for a wedding is pretty whimsical, but the final output is by far one of the best-brided hairstyles for long hair. You’ll need to get your hair wavy and create several types of braids that you will mix and integrate into the hairstyle. Knot your locks here and there and use tiny flowers for decoration.


11. Loose Braid

Loose Long Braid

Make your hair your playground by mixing various shades of violet mauve and purple. Keep your roots in their natural color and braid a relaxed messy knit on one side. Gently pull out the edges to make it look fuller. Also, lease some long strands of your sideburns out.


12. Long Box Braids

long box braids

When we’re talking about box braids for long hair, you have so many options to make them look simply stunning. Braid your natural hair and start adding colors like mauve or pale teal to create an ombre effect.


13. Braided Ponytail

Braided Long Ponytail

Use your crown hair to create a big voluminous braid. Gather all the remaining hair in a low ponytail and use a thick strand to secure the pony and the mohawk braid. Let your hair fall on your back and use a curling iron to build some curls for the tips.


14. Double Braids

Double Braids on Long Hair

Why wear an ordinary back to school hairstyle when you can choose this outstanding hairdo with braids. Split your crown hair into two pigtails and crisscross them. Section the remaining hair in two braided ponytails and use the top twists to build two little hair hearts.


15. Braid for Long Layered Hair

braid for long layered hair

Big hairclips for women with long hair are very trendy at the moment, and you should definitely take advantage of them. Plait a relaxed braid from on one side and secure it from place to place with cuffed beads. Use a pearled hairclip to decorate the braid.


16. Braids On The Front

Front Braided Style for Style for Women with Long Hair

Start from one side of your forehead and create a full French braid for women with long hair, using your bangs. Let it fall on the other side and let the rest of your hair drop on your shoulders.


17. Long Braids with Weave

Long Braids with Weave

Before you start building these gorgeous platinum blonde box braids, make sure you dyed your hair and especially your roots in the same color.


18. Long Twist Braids

Long Twist Braids

Long twisted blonde braids suit any black woman with long hair. Attach them as close as you can to your scalp and use your crown tresses to create two big twisted space buns. Remember that with an outstanding hairstyle like this, you must wear outstanding makeup and earring.


19. Braided Bun

long Braided Bun

Choose a blonde ginger color for your hair and get a rounded pair of bangs. Braid the rest of your hair and create a big braided bun that is ideal for women with thick long hair. Also, give this hairstyle a romantic touch by leaving a few strands loose, just above your ears.


20. Long Hair Braid for Prom

prom hairstyle with long braid

Part your bangs in two an take the rest of your hair and flip it on one side. Start braiding a regular braid for women with long hair from the top of your head and finish the hairstyle with a fishtail plait.


21. Braids for Thick Hair

Braids for Long Thick Hair

With this braided hairstyle, you will undoubtedly rock any party you are attending. Keep your roots dark and dye the rest of your hair in electric fuchsia color. Create some tight curls to give your hair volume, and on one side, tress three braids. Flip your crown hair on the other side to make those knits stand out.


22. Thin Hair with Braids

Long Thin Hair with Braids

Make those gorgeous one-sided braids shine even more! When you braid them, make sure you blend a colored thread that will draw attention to your tresses. Let the rest of your hair loose and orient the bangs on the other side.


23. Small Braids for Long Hair

Small Braids for Long Hair

It will be such a shame not to try a mesmerizing hairstyle with braids like this, especially if you have long hair and don’t need hair extensions. Braid two knits in the center of your head to create a part. On each side, make skinny cornrow braids.


24. Braid for Long Blonde Hair

Braid for Long Blonde Hair

This hairstyle is among the best braids for very long hair. Take your crown hair a twist it into a fabulous full weave. Use a silver accessory to tie it up.


25. Half Up Braid

half up braids for long hair

Take two thick strands of hair from each side and roll them. Meet them in the back of your head and build a fishtail braid for women with long hair. Create smooth waves for the rest of your locks and beautifully arrange your hair on your back.


26. Halo Braid

Long Halo Braid

Knit a Dutch braid from one side of your head, and build a crown of hair until you reach your starting point, and you ran out of hair. Gently pull the edges for a fuller look. Accessorize the hairstyle with cuffed beads.


27. Braided Long Hair with Bangs

Braided Long Hair with Bangs

Build a halo braid, but this time, remember not to include your bangs. Before you start braiding, spare a few thin strands of hair near your ears area.  Always pull out the edges if you want your Dutch braid to have dimension.


28. Headband Braid for Long Hair

Headband Braid for Long Hair

You donțt need to buy a headband when you have long hair. Simply build one with your tresses. Let your hair fall on your shoulders and make some wide waves for a simple yet chic look.


29. Boho Braid

long boho braid

Boho looks get their inspiration from both bohemian and hippie looks, and if you choose to create a hairstyle that follows these style guidelines, your braid will become adorable!


30. Long Side Braids

Long Side Braids

This long braided hairstyle for women is a true statement thanks to those teal and thick white strands that beautifully blend with the brown locks. On one side, create several braids that go upwards and knot them with teal cuffed beads. Flip your whole hair on one side.


Braids for long hair look fabulous because your thick locks allow you to mix and match your favorite braiding style. A simple Dutch braid can be used in so many ways to create romantic, elegant, or out of the ordinary hairdos. Which of the images shown above make your heart skip a beat?


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