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21 Ideal Hairstyles For Fat Faces and Double Chins

Nobody is perfect! Many women, particularly overweight ones, try various ways to conceal their faces or double chins and look their best. To feel pretty is undoubtedly the basic right of every lady and in this regard, many hairstyles can work magic on fat faces and double chins.

The key lies in choosing haircuts that make a round face appear slimmer and avoiding those that add unnecessary volume and texture, causing it to look even wider.

There is no need to mull over finding the perfect hairdo for fat faces, as the following styles are already here to flatter your plump features.

hairstyle for fat faces and double chins


Hairstyles for Women with Fat Faces and Double Chins

From short pixies to medium layers and long tresses, these hairstyles are ideal for adding some sharpness to a cute chubby face with double chins.

1. Curtain Bangs

bangs hairstyle for fat faces and double chins

Curtain bangs are ideal for concealing big cheeks while covering the forehead making a chubby face appear smarter. Pair them up with a short bob or opt for a medium or long haircut. Finish off by styling the mane using a round brush and hairdryer.


2. Top Knot

bun hairstyle for fat faces and double chins

Top knot buns and ponytails are the go-to hairstyles on busy days. Slick back the tresses in a high ponytail and wrap them around in a knotted bun creating the vision of a much slimmer face. Top off with some hairspray. Can’t get any easier!


3. Asymmetrical Hairdo

hairstyle for black women with fat faces and double chins

Asymmetrical hairstyles are ideal for taking off the attention from faces. Ladies with double chins can recreate the look by asking for a short pixie with long side-swept bangs reaching their ears. The vibrant streaks of yellow, orange, and burgundy set the style on fire.


4. Classic Bob

bob hair for fat faces and double chins

Bobs never go out of style and look exceptional on chubby faces. Create some movement with soft layers near the ends and instead of going for blunt bangs cut straight across the forehead opt for an uneven wispy micro fringe for a chic finish. 


5. Textured Crop + Baby Bangs

pixie hair for fat faces and double chins

Looking for something low-maintenance? Check out this short textured crop with layers cut into the entire top and baby bangs at the front. Fat-faced ladies over 50 getting on in years can spice up their mane with a bright orange hair shade for a lively appeal.


6. Chic Lob

medium hairstyle for fat faces and double chins

Lobs are the biggest hair trend of this year and work well with plump faces. Chop the tresses to sway above the shoulders with or without a fringe and add some body with subtle layers. This style is ideal for ladies with double chins and naturally wavy hair.   


7. Baby Afro

low maintenance hairstyle for fat faces and double chins

Big afros make a round face appear even wider. In order to avoid that, African-American ladies can turn to a cute baby afro featuring a short top with even shorter sides or an undercut.

You don’t even have to comb your hair daily as you will wake up with the perfect hairdo.


8. Low Ponytail

long hairstyle for fat faces and double chins

Why complicate? Those who don’t want to chop off their tresses can create the illusion of a longer face with a simple low ponytail.

Gather the strands near the base of the head and secure them in a hair tie. Tousle it on one shoulder and pull some chunks loose at the front. Done!


9. Short Choppy Bob

hairstyle for round fat faces and double chins

Young ladies can make a style statement by choosing choppy layers cutting off large chunks of hair unevenly to fall at jaw length resulting in a laid-back bob. Finish off the look with soft waves. Sexy and easy maintenance, what more to ask for?


10. Side Braid

vintage hairstyle for fat faces and double chins

Among other hairstyles, side braids are ideal to divert the focus from a double chin. Sweep the strands on one side and knit them into a French or fishtail braid, sparing the long strands at the front to be styled into vintage finger waves for a stylish appeal. Check out these braids for fat faces.


11. Angular Cut

hairstyle for over 60 women with fat faces and double chins

Turn around some heads with a chic A-line bob/lob defined by a sharp angular cut with stacked layers at the back that gradually elongate towards the front to cover those chubby sides of the big cheeks imparting a smarter look to it. Experiment with some highlights and you won’t regret it!


12. Long Mane + Undercut

undercut hair for fat faces and double chins

Undercuts work wonders when it comes to making fat faces appear slimmer. Buzz one side while the remaining long tresses fall at the front on the opposite side.

Lighten the ends and rock a high ponytail to make jaws drop everywhere.   


13. Face-Framing Layers

weave hairstyle for fat faces and double chins

Breathe some life into those boring tresses with layers framing the face on both sides. Keep the roots dark and dye the mane blonde for a refreshing look.

Black ladies can achieve a similar style with a weave while protecting their natural hair. Add loose curls and voila!


14. Wedding Updo

wedding hairstyle for fat faces and double chins

A cute fat face is not something to be ashamed of. Brides can sport their double chins confidently to stun everyone on their big day with this gorgeous hairstyle.

The strands are curled and rolled into an updo at the back, leaving some tendrils loose to accent the face. Add a veil and wow!


15. Sexy Pixie

short hairstyle for fat faces and double chins

For those who don’t believe that pixies are a suitable hairstyle for fat faces, here is a look to prove you wrong.

Although it exposes a double chin from all sides the right balance is sure to make you feel confident and beautiful. Hand-tousle the strands for a chic, undone look.


16. Retro Curls

retro hairstyle for fat faces and double chins

Give off retro vibes with bright red locks that are curled away from the face while sitting on the shoulders. Swoop the front strands to one side and separate them from the remaining hair with a bow headband. Eye-catching, right?


17. Short Fluff

hairstyle for asian women with fat faces and double chins

This short haircut is just made for chubby fat faces. Elderly ladies can embrace their greys elegantly by layering their fluffy curls all over the head. Instead of going for a middle or side part, brush back the strands away from the face.


18. Side-Swept

dyed hairstyle for fat faces and double chins

Look fresh while drawing attention away from a double chin by layering the hair creating a hot curly mess that is impossible to overlook.

Sport a dark to light orange ombre to accent those blue eyes and opt for a deep side part covering those plump sides.


19. Vibrant Hues

dyed hair for fat faces and double chins

Are you more into hair color? Try this vibrant hair color for round chubby faces! Black fat women who don’t like a baby afro can rock a bright hair shade instead to keep all the focus on their kinky curls.

The purple fluff features delicate streaks of platinum in between, resulting in a soft shine. This look is however high maintenance. 


20. Extra Long Braids

braided hairstyle for fat faces and double chins

Box braids are a protective hairstyle loved by many African-American ladies. Use sandy blonde extensions when knitting the strands for a two-toned look while going as long as you want. Gather the plaits in a high ponytail for the illusion of a longer face.   


21. Defined Curls

curly hairstyle for fat faces and double chins

Another hairstyle to cut the fullness of chubby round faces. Use those precious natural curls to hide most parts of the face taking attention away from a double chin by asking for a round haircut with bangs. Play with highlights and take care of your curls to develop their pattern to the fullest.


In the end, all faces are beautiful regardless of their size and shape. Still, the above-mentioned hairstyles are perfect to take off the focus or otherwise flatter a fat face and double chin. There is no need to feel insecure; just choose a look that attracts you the most and book your next salon appointment!