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Popular Brown-Haired Actresses Under 20

Autumn is approaching! Soon everyone will be seen dying their mane dark and talking about dark hair colors we bet no shade can be more versatile than brown. Get inspired by brown-haired celebs around the world!

Although brown hair color is the most common hair shade occurring after black and may often be considered too basic, it has various tones to choose from and serves as the best canvas for highlights, lowlights, ombre, and balayage.

If you are a brunette teenager looking for a cool hairstyle, it’s better to take inspiration from celebrity actresses first.

5 Cute Brown-Haired Actresses Under 20

The following actresses under 20 will show you how to rock brown hair with style.

1. Raegan Revord – Honey Brown Sweetness

Brown-haired Actress under 20 Raegan Revord

A honey brown hair shade looks exceptionally flattering on a warm skin tone and that is the very reason Raegan Revord is often spotted rocking it to accent her bluish green eyes.

Try some babylights, too and flaunt the look with a classic headband and loose curls.

2. Peyton Elizabeth Lee – Soft Balayage

Brown-haired Actress Peyton Elizabeth Lee under 20

Thinking of going brown without even considering a balayage? Not fair! The ‘Andy Mack’ actress set her black-to-brown tresses on fire by getting stripes of ash brown with a subtle hint of blonde concentrating towards the ends.

Recreate the style with a wavy lob and bangs and see jaws drop around you!

3. Chloe Coleman – Light Brown Fluff

Curly Brown-haired Actress under 20 Chloe Coleman

No curly girl embraces her fluffy curls better than Chloe Coleman. The young American actress has dark brown hair, which she often lightens down with a touch of golden brown or blonde highlights, turning her into a true inspiration for all the curlies out there!

4. Julia Butters – Natural Ombre

Brown-haired Actress Julia Butters under 20

Younger ladies who are bored of their natural brown hair can refresh their look by considering a barely-there ombre just like the one that Julia Butters rocked at an event with a half-up style and long bangs.

Request your hairstylist to lighten the strands a tone or two midway to the ends, and voila!     

5. Aubrey Anderson-Emmons – Dark Auburn Hair

Brown-haired Actress Aubrey Anderson-Emmons under 20

Lastly, this brunette actress from ‘Modern Family’ spiced up her long mane with a deep auburn shade, soft beach waves, and wispy bangs parted in the middle.

Brunettes under 20 years old thinking of going red can stay on the safer side by experimenting with an auburn nuance first. You won’t regret it!

We hope you don’t underestimate the beauty of brown hair onwards after having gone through the above hairdos. So what are you staring at?

Choose your favorite look and book a salon appointment right now because if these young brunette actresses under 20 can rock brown hair flawlessly so can you!