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31 Most Popular Redhead Celebrity Hairstyles (2024 Guide)

Have you noticed that there have been a lot of famous redhead celebrities gracing our screens over the past few years?

Redhead celebrity hairstyles need no introduction since all fair-skinned Hollywood stars have gotten them. They are in trend, and many women try to copy a celeb with red hair to their skin tone and face figure.

Celebrity hairstyles are always in the spotlight and many fans just want to copy their hairstyle blindly. This isn’t a good practice unless your face shape and hair type are similar.

Similarly, if you’re in love with red hair and want to style your hair like a famous redhead celebrity, make sure it’ll suit you too!

Are you still confused between red and blonde? check these celebs with red and blonde hair and decide for yourself.

Famous Celebrities With Red Hair

Let’s find inspiration from your favorite celebrities with red hair. Before coloring your hair, you must know that red is one of the most challenging options. And you can ask any colorist; he will undoubtedly agree! The color fades quickly, requiring frequent salon visits for touch-ups.

Also, we recommend you use a special sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. Avoiding the sun is also a must because the color tends to enlighten.

But, if you are ready to respect all the recommendations, you’ll get a stunning red celebrity hairstyle. We all know everybody loves redheads, and you’ll be one of them, so check out the examples below for inspiration.

1. Amy Adams

redhead celebrity hairstyle - Amy Adams

Isn’t she gorgeous? Amy Adams is well known for her acting but also her beauty. And that copper hair is certainly a gorgeous thing to see on the red carpet. This redhead celebrity hairstyle is easy to recreate, and it features messy waves that look carelessly pinned on one side.

2. Bella Thorne

redhead celebrity hairstyle - Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne has not only a stunning look but also a great complexion. And her brown copper hair with red reflexes suites her natural glow like no other. For this event, Bella pulled off a braided low bun and bangs.

3. Christina Hendricks

redhead celebrity hairstyle - Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks is by far one of the most beautiful redheads from the cinema industry. Her ginger red hair looks stunning with fair skin and pink undertones. You can see the hair working its magic because it greatly highlights those deep blue eyes.

4. Debra Messing

redhead celebrity hairstyle - Debra Messing

Isn’t she a sight for sore eyes? And this red hairstyle certainly places Debra Messing into the spotlight every time she hits the red carpet. You can immediately see the thickness of the hair and those voluminous curls that give that amazing dimension.

5. Ellie Kemper

redhead comedian - Ellie Kemper

Ellie Kemper knows her complexion and opts for dark red colors with copper tones that highlight her eyes and jawline. She goes with an asymmetrical bob with bangs tossed on one side, drawing attention to the lower part of the face and not the cheekbones.

6. Emma Stone

redhead celebrity hairstyle - Emma Stone

Emma Stone is one of America’s sweethearts, and she stuns with every appearance. All eyes and cameras are on her because she has a simple yet glamorous style that makes you hold your breath. As a woman with fair skin like hers, you might want to use a similar hair color: a dark red copper.

7. Florence Welch

redhead celebrity hairstyle - Florence Welch

Florence Welch has a unique style, and she sports a long red celebrity hairstyle with waves and bangs. Sometimes she keeps the nuance of her hair lighter. Other times she fancies and adds a greater pop of color to the whole look.

8. Isla Fisher

redhead actress hairstyle - Isla Fisher

Isla Fischer loves a hair color that makes her hair look shiny and glamorous. Yes, there’s a team of hairstylists working on her look, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the color and red hairstyle for yourself.

9. Jacqueline Emerson

red-haired celebrity - Jacqueline Emerson

Jacqueline Emerson, well known for her role in Hunger Games, stuns not only with her acting skills but also with her looks. She sports a rather simple hairstyle that involves a middle part and waves. To recreate her red celebrity hairstyle, use a curling wand to style the locks.

10. Jayma Mays

redhead celebrity hairstyle - Jayma Mays

When you have such fair skin as Jayma Mays, it will be such a delight to opt for a dark brown copper color. Go retro and style those bangs on one side. Create a bump and continue with some easy curls to build volume and texture.

11. Jessica Chastain

redhead celebrity hairstyle - Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain has such an elegant and classy vibe! She’s able to transform a simple wavy back bun into a piece of art, and it’s all about her attitude. If you’re also a woman that loves being classy, a messy but elegant bun like this will totally flatter you.

12. Jo Newman

celebrity with curly red hair - Jo Newman

Look at all that texture and thickness! Not many women can brag about such curls, but there’s always a way of getting them. Tease the hair to get volume at the roots or use a crimping iron. Use a curling wand and separate the strands for more dimension.

13. Julianne Moore

redhead celeb hairstyle - Julianne Moore

Thanks to her gorgeous redhead celebrity hairstyle that perfectly suits her skin tone, Julianne Moore is always in the spotlight. If you have fair skin with pink undertones, a color just like hers will flatter you. Opt for long hair with side bangs and a dark red copper hair color.

14. Lucille Ball

veteran redhead actress - Lucille Ball

Miss those old times when women styled their hair up, in curly buns and voluminous bangs? No worries, you can adapt these redhead celebrity hairstyles to modern days. Create volume for the top and opt for bangs that you’ll round with a curler.

15. Lily Cole

redhead model - Lily Cole

Lily Cole’s natural hair looks unforgettable, right? If you want to look just like her and pull off a simple and natural look, all you have to do is style a few curls at the tips. As for the color, choose something vivid, bright, that suits your complexion.

16. Madeline Brewer

redhead celebrity hairstyle - Madeline Brewer

Wondering how to place your mane into the spotlight just the way Madeline Brewer did? Firstly, opt for a redhead celebrity hairstyle in a tone that suits your skin. Comb the hair to the back and wear the mane loose. Create smooth, simple waves.

17. Marcia Cross

red-haired celebrity - Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross has that unique celebrity look. She sports a medium haircut and a red copper hair color. The best way to define the color and build more volume is to create curls. Use a straightening iron to obtain that texture.

18. Phoebe Price

celebrity red hairstyle - Phoebe Price

One thing Phoebe Price really knows is certainly to style her hair. Maybe she doesn’t succeed in the fashion chapter, but she sure knows how to add value to her long locks. And the secret lies in the red hair color and those smooth waves.

19. Rose Leslie

celebrity redhead - Rose Leslie

After appearing in the well-known series Game Of Thrones, Rose Leslie got to our hearts. She’s bubbly, with a great personality, and with a great sense of styling. She knows how to add value to her face features and opt for a red celebrity hairstyle with a middle part.

20. Sharon Osbourne

popular redhead celeb - Sharon Osbourne

The popular redhead aged over 50, Sharon Osbourne joined the redhead team years ago, and she seems to adore this color. And what’s not to love about it? The short red hairstyle is ideal for an older woman over 50, like her, that has fair skin and green eyes.

21. Shirley Manson

redhead singer - Shirley Manson

Shirley Manson is not afraid to sport a vivid red color that draws all the attention whenever she walks the red carpet. The hairstyle is simple, layered, reaching the shoulder line, and features a few loose waves. The forehead is revealed, while the bangs are tied on one side with a bobby pin.

22. Tilda Swinton

British redhead actress - Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton is a nonconformist who loves to sport rebellious looks and express her personality through her hairstyles and fashion. In this image, the focus is on the hair color and the backcomb. As you can see, she allows the hairstyle to work its magic by wearing no makeup.

23. Tyra Banks

black celebrity with red hair - Tyra Banks

Tyra Bangs always pays attention to every single detail. And how couldn’t she when all cameras are always pointed at her? This strawberry pale red makes her skin look smooth and highlights those incredible green eyes. Even if it has a messy look, the hairstyle is elegant and has loads of volume.

Redhead Celebrities with Curly Hair

Here’s one combination you won’t usually see, but you’ll surely love— curly hair and red shade. Lucky for you, we have seen a few celebrities sporting this perfect combination!

If you want your hairstyle to be as lit as these redheads, here are some major color inspirations for your next salon visit!

24. Christina Hendricks

redhead celebrity Christina Hendricks with curly bob and side bangs

Christina Hendricks has shown us that redheads have lots of fun. While she wears her hair blonde in Good Girls, she also looks fantastic in red hair. Her fun and flirty layered lob is also a great inspiration if you want fabulous yet low-maintenance curly hair.

25. Jess Glynne

redhead celebrity with curly ponytail-Jess Glynne

Looking every inch like a sophisticated and successful woman, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Jessica Glynne is one of the most popular redhead English singers and songwriters today. Her curly high ponytail says just how confident she is in what she does.

26. Bernadette Peters

redhead celebrity with curly updo-Bernadette Peters

Bernadette Peters is one of the redhead celebrities with curly hair, proud to be a ginger. With her six decades of being in the showbiz industry, she has never changed her hair color and hairstyle—not even once! If we had her gorgeous red curls, we wouldn’t change a thing too!

27. Amy Adams

redhead celebrity with long curly hair-Amy Adams

Here’s one of the redhead celebrities with curly hair that doesn’t need any introduction as she’s been featured three times as one of the world’s highest-paid actresses. We think that her charisma is primarily due to her fabulous mermaid-like red curls. Don’t you agree?

28. Karen Elson

redhead celebrity Karen Elson with short curly hair

And we have another lob on the list! The wavy lob hairstyle has been quite popular in the showbiz industry, and this English supermodel nailed it when she jumped on the bandwagon. We like her look because she keeps it simple yet effortlessly chic!

29. Rumer Willis

redhead celebrity Rumer Willis with dark auburn curly hair

Short hair has always looked beautiful on Rummer, but this curly lob with side-swept bangs is one of our favorites because of how gorgeous her red hair looks against her fair porcelain skin. On the other hand, her curls keep her hair away from her face, so her beautiful jawline takes center stage.

30. Tyra Banks

redhead celebrity with messy curly updo- Tyra Banks

Yes, this Covergirl ambassador once wore red hair, too, making her one of the redhead celebrities with curly hair that you’ll surely love! And we love her unique take on the curly hairstyle.

The messy curly bouffant hairstyle may look too much, but it looks glamorous and high fashion when styled like Tyra’s.

31. Lily Cole

redhead celebrity with ginger red curly hair-Lily Cole

The British supermodel shows naturally curly women how it’s done with the fullness and textures of her natural ginger red curls. The best thing about natural curls is that you don’t have to take too much time styling them because they already look stunning.

There’s no denying it. Redheads have more fun! However, this doesn’t mean you can’t join the fun! Just copy one of these redhead celebrities and enjoy.

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