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Can White People Get Hair Waves?

Hair waves are a hairstyling technique that is traditionally associated with African American hair culture, as it typically requires hair with a coarser, more tightly curled texture to hold the wave pattern effectively.

But nowadays the appeal of hair waves is not limited to black men only. An increasing number of white individuals are showing interest in this hairstyle.

This growing trend leads to an important question: Can white people effectively achieve and maintain hair waves?

What Is Wave Hairstyle?

hair waves

Hair waves, often simply referred to as waves are a hairstyle where the hair forms a ripple-like pattern, giving the appearance of waves.

Waves represent a short-haired flattened style worn mainly by African American men. However, some women also like to keep their hair short and style it this way. 

Hairstylists and their customers call it waves because the hair strands are styled in a way that resembles the ocean’s waves. 

Is It Possible for White People to Achieve 360 Waves?

Yes, white people can get waves. However, waves might be harder to achieve if your hair is straight. They might also not last for a very long time.

Caucasian hair can be straight or wavy. If you have straight hair it takes commitment to consistent brushing, using products like pomades and moisturizers, and wearing durags to help train the waves.

On the other hand, if you have wavy hair type you will need less effort to get the waves.

So waves are possible for any hair type. No matter whether you have Asian or Caucasian hair types, you can get waves with the right styling approach.

How to Get Waves on Hair

ways to get waves for white men

Here are some tips for white people to get waves in their hair:

  1. Start with a short haircut, like a fade or Caesar cut. The waves will show up better on shorter hair.
  2. Use a wave brush or durag brush and brush your hair in a circular motion when wet. Focus on brushing back and forth in the direction you want the waves to form.
  3. Apply wave pomade or moisturizing products while brushing to help define the waves. Products with shea butter or coconut oil work well.
  4. Get a durag or wave cap to wear after brushing your hair. This will help train the waves to lay in the pattern you created while brushing.
  5. Be patient! It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to train your hair to start waving, depending on your hair type and texture. Stick with your brushing sessions consistently.
  6. Once your waves form, maintain them.

With consistent brushing and durag sessions, white guys can get 360 waves too. It just takes dedication over time to get those ripples flowing!

How to Maintain Waves on Caucasian Hair

Maintaining waves on white guy's hair

The key to having long-lasting waves is to prep your hair and then style it while it’s still wet to maintain the wavy look.

Moreover, you should use proper styling products and tools to keep it looking fresh for an extended period. Here are the proper steps to style your waves. 

Here are some tips for maintaining waves in your hair:

Wash Your Hair

Although there are special shampoos on the market for waves, you don’t actually need anything special to style your waves. The key is to clean your hair of any product buildup and debris to be able to achieve a fresh style. 

It’s essential to pick a shampoo that works for your hair type and use it only on the scalp. After rinsing your hair, you should condition it properly to prepare it for styling. 

  • Brush regularly – Daily brushing sessions are key for keeping waves laid and defined. Brush in the direction of your wave pattern.
  • Durag it up – Wear a durag or wave cap to bed and when out and about to keep waves in place. The compression helps train the waves to stay formed.
  • Moisturize – Use moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, and hair products to keep hair from drying out. Products with shea butter, coconut oil or argan oil work well.
  • Avoid products with alcohol – Alcohol can be drying and cause waves to loosen over time. Check product labels.

Get Maintenance Trims

Over time as your hair grows out, your waves can start to look less defined on the sides and back. The new growth will cover the ripples.

Regular maintenance trims remove this growth and keep your hair at the optimal length for your waves. Get a trim or lineup every 2-3 weeks from your barber.

This will keep your hairline and the area around your temples and neck tapered neatly so your overall wave pattern looks clean.

Getting a fresh shape up helps remove any stray hairs that may be breaking up the continuity of your wave pattern.

Moisturize Your Hair

Dry and brittle hair won’t be styled in waves. This is why it’s crucial to moisturize your hair using the right products before you attempt to style it. 

Avoid oil-based moisturizers like petroleum jelly because these products can clog the pores on your scalp and cause inflammation. Instead, use an appropriate water-based leave-in cream. 

Products with alcohol can dry out hair and cause waves to loosen, so it is better to avoid them too.

Brush Your Hair

Since your hair is short, you want to make sure that you’re using a soft-bristle brush to style your waves. A hard-bristle brush might irritate the skin and cause discomfort. 

The key to achieving nice-looking waves is to brush your hair while it’s still wet and to do this slowly. Brushing the hair while it’s dry will damage the look. So, you should dampen your hair and brush a little before brushing it daily. 

Start brushing from the crown of your head towards the sides. Then start from the crown towards the back. 

Occasionally brushing against the grain of your waves can help add volume and avoid over-compression.

Cover Your Hair

If you attempt to sleep with your hair uncovered, you’ll wake up to frizzy and messy hair, and your waves will be destroyed. 

Use a silk or satin durag to cover your hair while sleeping. It will also prevent frizziness and will give you the desired sleek look.

Cotton durags are also available, but they absorb moisture, so your hair will be dry. You should wear a durag daily to sleep to maintain your waves for a long time. 

Stick to a consistent wave maintenance routine and your waves will stay laid for the long term!

Wrap Up

Waves represent a popular hairstyle worn by many people and celebrities in the African-American community. Luckily, white people can also get waves if they have a curly pattern in their hair. 

Getting waves might be hard if you have straight hair, but it’s not impossible. It’s essential to wash, moisturize, and brush your hair while it’s wet. After styling your hair, you should wear a durag to maintain the style while sleeping until your hair dries.