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360 Waves: A Quick Guide With 15 Styling Ideas

The appeal of 360 waves comes from its clean, stylish look and the dedication it takes to maintain them. If you want to style a 360 waves hairstyle, you better have patience and commitment. It will take time to train your hair into the desired wave pattern. However, with continuous care and maintenance, the results can be impressive!

These waves look great on any black man who is willing to take the time to create the waves.

What are 360 waves?

360 waves is also known as “waves”. This is a popular hairstyle usually worn by Black men. The style gets its name from the circular wave pattern that forms around the head, like waves rippling out from the center of a pond.

The hair is usually kept short, between 1 to 3 millimeters, and the waves are achieved through a process of brushing, moisturizing, and sometimes the use of a wave cap or durag to hold the waves in place.

It’s important to note that the hair needs to be regularly brushed in a pattern consistent with the way the hair naturally grows to maintain the waves.

How to Get 360 Waves

How to Get 360 Waves Hair

Haircut: Begin with a low haircut, about a 1 or 2 grade. Waves tend to form more easily with shorter hair.

Brushing: This step is critical. Use a wave brush, a specific type of comb with a curved design, which aids in the formation of the wave pattern. Starting at the roots of your hair, brush in a circular motion, moving all the way down to the ends. It’s important to brush your hair for at least 15-30 minutes multiple times a day. Start from the crown of your head (the area where your hair naturally spirals out) and brush outward, going along with the natural growth direction of your hair.

Moisturize: After brushing, apply a good wave grease or pomade to moisturize your hair. Spread it evenly throughout your hair, and then brush again to distribute it. This step not only maintains your hair’s health but also helps to sustain the wave pattern.

Wave Cap/Du-Rag: Once you’ve brushed and moisturized your hair, wear a wave cap or du-rag. This is instrumental in holding the waves in place and is particularly important at night to safeguard your waves while you sleep.

Washing: It’s essential to keep your hair and scalp clean, but overdoing it can strip your hair of its natural oils, which are vital for wave formation. Depending on your hair type, washing once or twice a week should be enough.

Maintaining: Consistency is key. Stick to this routine, even if you don’t see immediate results. It might take a few weeks or even months to start seeing your 360 waves, so don’t get discouraged.

Trimming: Once you’ve achieved the waves, keep them looking sharp with regular trims. Avoid cutting your hair too short, though, as this could disrupt the wave pattern.

Modern 360 Waves for Black Guys

Here are the 15 most exclusive ideas for men that they can style with their 360 waves.

1. High Top Fade

Picture this: a rad fade that starts high and gets tapered on the sides and back of your noggin. The top bit? Oh, we let that grow out and style it up with some wavy magic. This style is the go-to for fellas craving that versatile vibe that can swing between all serious or party-ready, just like that!

2. Twisted Waves

Twisted waves are like the rebel kid on the block. You twist your hair around in circles and end up with these funky waves. Wanna leave them loose? Go for it. Feeling creative? Style them into wild shapes and patterns. It’s all about that texture, volume, and, well, having a hairdo that’s one of a kind.

3. Curl Sponge Waves

For the curl sponge waves, you grab this thing called a curl sponge and make these tight, well-defined curls. And hey, you’ve got choices here. Leave ’em loose or style ’em up in different shapes and patterns. It’s an easy way to get a bit of that texture and volume that looks super fresh.

4. Freeform Waves

Freeform waves are like the laid-back cousin of the 360 waves family. Let your hair grow out, let it do its thing, and voila – you’ve got these natural waves. These waves are low maintenance and all about embracing your hair’s natural flow.

5. Combed Waves

Combed waves are your 360 waves made simple. Comb your hair in a circular motion and get those waves flowing. They’re super easy to style, versatile, and they give your look a neat little twist.

6. Waves with a Fade

Waves with a fade are a solid combo. High, tapered fade on the sides and back of your head, and longer hair on top that’s styled into waves. This style’s the real deal if you want to switch between looking suave and street-smart.

7. Waves with a Part

Mix things up a bit with 360 waves and a part. It’s a fresh spin that gives your waves that extra kick. Great for guys who like to keep things interesting and show off that natural texture.

8. Wolfing Waves

Let your hair grow out a little more than usual, then cut it to give your waves some serious depth and definition. Takes a little patience, but man, the end result? 360 waves are totally worth it!

9. Full and Thick Waves

thick 360 waves

This is a great style for any man who has thick wavy hair and wants to show it off with his waves. The hair is allowed to be seen between the waves, rather than cutting down to the skin, which produces an attractive look.

360 style does take just as much work to maintain as other waves, but the end result is worth it and is perfect for a date night or in the office.

10. Waves with Line Designs 

360 Waves with Designs in the Side

Men who want to know how to get 360 waves that still show some personality will want to consider this style. The waves have designs cut into the side, which ensures that they are anything but boring.

These designs can be anything that a man wants, but simple lines are always a classic and are sure to help men stand out in a crowd thanks to the fun and bold design.

11. The Heartbreaker

360 waves for guys

Designs are always fun in a man’s hair, but men who want to wear their hearts on their sleeve will love the way that this design looks. It’s a bit different than the traditional lines or swoops.

The broken heart is sure to attract attention, which is great for men who are interested in meeting someone new and want to use their hair to help express themselves and attract attention.

12. Red Waves with Low Fade

360 waves hair

360 waves look great on their own, but to really make them stand out, it’s time to consider adding some red.

Red is a great color that will attract tons of attention and make people stop in their tracks, which is why it’s such a popular color option for use on the head.

These waves are concentric circles from the crown and are made even more interesting thanks to the red and the low fade cut.

13. Waves with Fade

360 waves with fade for men

This smooth style has a medium skin fade, which really helps to offset the waves on the top of the head. Rather than the waves being the main focal point of this style, the skin fade helps make them even more impressive while tempering their thickness and fullness with some skin.

A great fade is key, so it’s important to only visit a trustworthy barber, which will ensure that there won’t be any nicks or mistakes.

14. Fade + Beard

360 waves haircut for black guys

Sharp lines around the face, as well as an attractive and tapered beard, look great with waves. This additional facial hair ensures that the man wearing this temp fade with waves style looks attractive and very put together.

Ensuring that all of the edges are sharp and perfectly outlined really is key here, as doing so will ensure that the man looks clean and professional instead of unruly and messy.

15. High Bald Fade + Part

360 waves with part

360 waves hair looks exceptional when paired with a part and high bald fade. The contrast between the bald fade and the waves is impressive and is a great way for a man to draw plenty of attention.

In this case, a strong edge or line is important, as it will help to improve the overall appearance of the style and cut and prevent the hair from looking messy.

360 waves take a little while and some work to form, but they are worth the effort. This is an impressive style that men love, but only if they are committed and willing to put in the work to get the waves they crave.

Working with a trusted barber is also key, as this will ensure that the hair is cut in the right way to help promote curling and healthy growth, instead of cutting the hair in a way that will prevent these curls from easily forming.

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