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50 Creative Bowl Haircuts You Never Thought You’d Like

When we hear about a bowl haircut, we imagine something terribly outdated. In fact, this hairstyle was created ages ago as a quick fix for people who didn’t have enough money to go to the barber. This haircut is pretty easy to make and can be done by almost anyone.

The bowl haircut means cutting the hair all the same length, starting from the fringe and going all the way around the back. It got its name from looking as though someone placed a bowl on a person’s head and cut all the hair sticking out from under it.

However, nowadays women learned to create special bowl haircuts that look very stylish. By adding different elements to the standard bowl style, they came up with many new ways to sport this old cut.


Bowl Haircuts For Women

Did you think a bowl haircut is something terrible that you will never want to have? You were absolutely wrong. There are many different ways to go about a bowl hairstyle to make it look very fashionable. In fact, many women ask their hairstylist for a bowl cut to look as stylish as possible.

We came up with a list of the 50 most interesting options for women who are looking for something new. Take a look at these hairstyles and you might even want to try one.

1. Hot Pink Hair

pink bowl cut

Make a bold move this year and combine a daring haircut with this vivid hair color. Get an undercut along the sides and back and the top hair is left as long as the front fringe. Add a hot pink color to complete the look.


2. A-Line Haircut

bowl cut with undercut

Instead of a blunt cut, get an A-Line bowl haircut. The hair length increases gradually from the front fringe towards the nape of the neck. Dye the hair in an ash blonde shade with darker strands in between to contrast against the darker undercut.


3. Shaved Bowl Cut

bowl haircut for brides

Add a modern touch to the classic bowl hairstyle by getting the sides neatly shaved. This hairstyle is a gorgeous contrast between longer hair on top and a shave beneath. Make sure to dye the hair in a blonde hue to get this sleek look.     


4. Pointy Hair Look

bowl cut for Asian girls

A lot of women are going for this edgy look. This hairstyle combines a faded undercut with a pointy look beneath the longer strands. Asian ladies will find this look appealing as they always succeed in pulling off a cute fringe at the front.


5. Soft and Sleek

women's bowl cut

This style is a longer version of the conventional cut. The thick fringe covers the eyebrows and gets longer as it extends towards the back. The hairstyle is ideal for women who don’t like to combine an undercut with a bowl cut to style their sleek hair.


6. Colorful Hair

bowl cut with colors

Want to add some colors to your life? Then it’s time to get creative with your haircut. Get an A-Line long cut with bangs covering the eye. Add blue, green, blonde, and pink hues to your hair to complete this look and turn around some heads.


7. Tousled Layers

bowl cut with highlights

A bowl hairstyle does not always need to be blunt and sleek. Make it textured by adding a lot of layers to it. The sides and back are neatly cut to accentuate the longer top with blonde highlights.  Give the head a hand-tousle to complete the look.


8. Boyish Look

bowl cut for women

For the women who are not afraid to rock a boyish look, go for this bold-looking style. The hairline is about half an inch above the ears with an undercut and eyebrow grazing bangs. Subtle layers add some texture to this style.


9. Asymmetrical Bowl Cut

bowl cut for older women

Play with the symmetry of your hair and leave it longer on one side to reach the jawline with side-swept bangs. The remaining strands are trimmed neatly. This hairstyle is suitable for women over 50 who want to express themselves confidently. 


10. Blunt Cut

bowl cut for girls

This blunt bowl haircut gives off vintage vibes with a classic touch. Ideal for silky straight hair, the thick bangs merge into the hair at the sides and the back. Rock some earrings on the exposed ear lobes to set off your chic look.


11. Short pixie bowl cut

Bowl Hair cuts for Women

This short pixie bowl will look impressive on women with long faces. The fringe should be about a quarter of an inch above the eyebrows and the rest of the hair should be cut just as short. The two strands on the sides can be left as a special touch.


12. Blond wispy bowl cut

 Blond wispy bowl haircut for women

A wispy bowl hairstyle looks much better than its blunt counterpart. The hair is cut the same length but the ends and the fringe are left wispy. This variation is quite popular among women nowadays. Some call it a short bob.


13. Low bowl hairstyle

Bowl Haircuts for Women 3-min

This low bowl hairstyle is great for women with triangular and long faces since it makes them appear more oval. The fringe is left long, just touching the eyes. The rest of the hair is kept the same length. The hair in the back can be a little lower than the rest.


14. Rounded bob

bowl cut hair with Rounded bob

This rounded bob hairstyle has its roots deep in the old bowl cut. The blunt bangs are cut just above the eyes. The back part is kept lower. This hairstyle can cover your ears and go even further down your neck.


15. Highlighted bowl

Bowl Haircuts for Women 5-min

The short bowl haircut will look especially well when the blunt fringe is highlighted. You can go for several different colors or just stick to a couple. In any case your short bowl will get an absolutely new image.


16. Undercut

Undercut bowl cut hair for women

Another way to call an old school bowl is an undercut. Looks familiar? The sides are cut short or even shaved while the rest of the hair is left long. The short blunt bangs remind of a bowl cut. But the overall appearance is much more stylish.


17. Stylized pixie

Bowl Haircuts for Women 7-min

An old bowl cut gave a new look to the modern pixie. The short pixie is created by cutting or shaving the hair in the back and leaving the top part at the same level as the fringe. The sides can be tapered to give the pixie an even more stylish look.


18. Voluminous bowl bob

Voluminous bowl bob hairstyle for girl

In order to make this hairstyle the hair doesn’t have to be all the same length. The fringe is short and blunt and the rest of the hair is a couple of inches longer. If your mane is thick and a bit wavy, it will give the old bowl style a new and voluminous appearance.


19. Shaggy bowl haircut

Bowl Haircuts for Women 9-min

This shaggy bowl cut can be sported by women with long and oval face types. The edges are ragged instead of being absolutely blunt, which gives this hairstyle a more modern look. The hair can also be layered.


20. Asymmetrical bob

Asymmetrical bob bowl cut hair for women

This stylish asymmetrical bob came from the well-known bowl style. The hairstyle is rounded just like the bowl but the fringe is asymmetrical. Same goes for the rest of the hair below the bowl line. Highlights look very effective with this hairstyle.


21. Short mullet

Bowl Haircuts for Women 11-min

A short mullet is another way to diversify the old and boring bowl cut. The top part is trimmed to be all the same size, including the fringe, which can be asymmetrical. The bottom back part is grown long to fall down the neck.


22. Messy bowl cut 

Messy bowl cut hairstyle you favorite

If you have thick hair, your bowl cut will look pretty impressive. Don’t smooth it down to create a classical bowl hairstyle. Mess it up and you will get a unique hipster hairstyle from the 1990’s that women will be jealous of!


23. Elongated bowl style

Bowl Haircuts for Women 13-min

This elongated bowl style is also called a rounded bob with blunt ends. The idea of a rounded cut with blunt bangs is taken from the old bowl cut, while the rest is more than modern. Highlighted bangs and front strands will make the image even more stylish.


24. Low taper fade

Low taper fade blow hairstyle for nice women

Women who like experiments will really appreciate this low fade hairstyle. The hair on the sides is faded and the top is left long as it would be in a bowl haircut. The result will truly be impressive and will definitely turn some heads.


25. The classics

Bowl Haircuts for Women 15-min

While many people might consider a bowl hairstyle outdated, they will probably be surprised to see it done by a professional. Professionally made classical bowl hairstyle looks really impressive and can be a good choice for many women.


26. Spiky pixie

women best Spiky pixie blow haircut

Spiky pixie is a great choice for girls who are tired of their bowl hairstyles. This haircut is very low in maintenance and doesn’t need very frequent touch ups. In fact, you can just get out of bed with this hairstyle and go about your business without any brushing!


27. Angled bowl 

Bowl Haircuts for Women 17-min

This angled asymmetrical bowl cut is a wonderful way to make a statement. This hairstyle will be suitable for girls with fine and straight hair. It needs daily maintenance in order to flaunt its amazing neat asymmetry.


28. Eye covering bangs

women nice blow bangs hair cut

Eye covering bangs have always been considered very alluring. A bowl hairstyle with such bangs turns from an old school creation to a modern sexy haircut. If you choose the right color for your bowl cut, your image can be truly amazing.


29. Simple bob 

Bowl Haircuts for Women 19-min

A simple bob is also a variation of the old bowl style. All hair is cut to be the same length. The bangs are short, wispy and side swept. This haircut doesn’t require almost any maintenance and is very popular among modern women.


30. Short and bold 

 Short blow hairstyle for women

If you are into making statements and shocking your friends and family, this bowl hairstyle is definitely for you. It’s created by shaving the hair on the sides and the back and making the top part all the same length. The hairline should start about 2 inches above your ears.


bowl haircut





bowl hairstyle for women





bowl hair cut





bowl haircut for women





bowl haircut




bowl hair cut for women


We have learned the best and the most amazing ways to turn an old bowl haircut into a modern hairstyle. Never disregard old school styles. They often get a new life after some time passes. Nowadays getting a bowl cut is considered stylish not outdated. Give it a try!