40 Creative Bowl Haircuts You Never Thought You’d Like

6. Undercut

Undercut bowl cut hair for women

Another way to call an old school bowl is an undercut. Looks familiar? The sides are cut short or even shaved while the rest of the hair is left long. The short blunt bangs remind of a bowl cut. But the overall appearance is much more stylish.


7. Stylized pixie

Bowl Haircuts for Women 7-min

An old bowl cut gave a new look to the modern pixie. The short pixie is created by cutting or shaving the hair in the back and leaving the top part at the same level as the fringe. The sides can be tapered to give the pixie an even more stylish look.


8. Voluminous bowl bob

Voluminous bowl bob hairstyle for girl

In order to make this hairstyle the hair doesn’t have to be all the same length. The fringe is short and blunt and the rest of the hair is a couple of inches longer. If your mane is thick and a bit wavy, it will give the old bowl style a new and voluminous appearance.


9. Shaggy bowl haircut

Bowl Haircuts for Women 9-min

This shaggy bowl cut can be sported by women with long and oval face types. The edges are ragged instead of being absolutely blunt, which gives this hairstyle a more modern look. The hair can also be layered.


10. Asymmetrical bob

Asymmetrical bob bowl cut hair for women

This stylish asymmetrical bob came from the well-known bowl style. The hairstyle is rounded just like the bowl but the fringe is asymmetrical. Same goes for the rest of the hair below the bowl line. Highlights look very effective with this hairstyle.