25 Short Bob Hairstyles with Bangs to Try This Year

Thinking about switching things up this year and try a new hairstyle? Then why not go for a short bob with bangs? Sophisticated style such as bob will always be fashionable and easy to adapt to women of all ages and face shapes. When you add bangs to the combination result is truly outstanding. We bring you 25 style ideas to consider.


Suitable Bangs for Short Hair

Suitable Bangs for Short Hair

Short hair goes with different types of bangs, which is particularly awesome because women have different face shapes. You can pair short bob with a baby or super short bangs, but you can also go for heavier blunt bangs and longer alternatives to sweep them aside.


How to Style Short Bob with Bangs

How to Style Short Bob with Bangs

Bob haircuts allow us to style them in different ways. One can opt for a sleek bob with bangs, but sometimes you can make it a bit softer and messier. Even curly bob looks cute with bangs. Options are truly endless. All you need is a good hair curling and straightening iron, high-quality brushes, and a great hair settling spray.

There’s no rule which says you need to stick to a certain style all the time, and you can experiment and try different things to see what works for you. Plus, not all styles are suitable for all occasions, so it’s good to learn how to wear your short bob with bangs in different ways. Use accessories such as headbands, bandanas, scarves, and even sunglasses to style your bob. Add weaves or extensions for length and volume when needed.


Watch The Following Video to Learn Easy and Quick Bangs Hairstyles for Short Bob 


Amazing Short Bob Hairstyles with Bangs

Wonder how to rock your new hairstyle? We have 25 suggestions for short bob cuts with bangs that you can try. Scroll down to see them all.

1. Graduated Chocolate Bob

short chocolate bob with bangs

Chocolate brown hair perfectly accentuates your facial features, particularly when it’s styled to perfection. Graduated bob is on the playful side, but it’s chic at the same time.

Longer bangs reaching right below eyebrows contribute to the overall vibe this beautiful short bob hairstyle with bangs is sending. You can even throw a few highlights into the mix but go for a shade or two lighter hues as there’s no need to opt for an entirely different hue.


2. Bubble Gum Pink Bob

short pink bob with bangs

Is pink your favorite color? It’s not uncommon for people to think pink hair can never look great, but they’re wrong. Yes, pink hair can look amazing. The bubble gum shade of pink hair is soft, gentle, and flatters your face which is additionally shaped by short angled bob. To finalize your look sweep your long bangs to the side.


3. Baby Bangs and Short Bob

short bob with baby bangs

If you’ve never rocked baby bangs maybe you should try it out. These bangs look great with a short bob and are gentle, romantic. Plus, baby bangs aren’t that difficult to maintain so you’ll be able to get ready and go out faster. As your bangs grow, you can style them any way you want which is yet another advantage of baby fringe.


4. Super Short Straight Bob

women with short bob and bangs

Here’s a practical hairstyle that doesn’t require too much care and handling. Short bob is paired with bangs that reach just below your eyebrows. Length of this haircut is ideal for busy ladies who don’t have too much time to touch up their hair all the time. At the same time, bangs accentuate your eyes and take years off your face.


5. Middle Parted Bangs and Bob

parted short bob with bangs

Some women style their bangs straight below or right beneath eyebrows. Other women sweep them aside. But, you can also part them symmetrically in the middle or closer to one side or forehead as seen on the photo below. Parted bangs on short bob cut give you an innocent and sweet look which you can rock informal and casual occasions alike.


6. Red Bob Weave with Bangs

Want to switch things up a little and get a new hair color? Red is always a great color to spice up your look and look marvelous. There’s a perfect shade of red for every person so trust your hairstylist when he or she recommends a certain hue.

Get short bob and long waves that will ooze a vibe of freedom, liberation, and sensuality at the same time. Pair this cute short bob haircut with bangs, and you’ll look absolutely amazing.


7. Mismatch Bob with Side Bangs

Here’s yet another cool way to style your short bob with bangs– mismatch. Ask your hairstylist to give you a short bob hairstyle but to leave one side a bit longer than the other. Combine this lovely haircut with bangs that reach just above your eyebrows. This style is ideal for women who love to think outside the box.


8. Simple Bob with Thick Bangs

Fan of simple haircuts that ooze sophistication? Then Taylor Swift’s style is ideal for you. Her short bob is curled slightly inward to frame her face while bangs are perfectly styled for a neat and sleek appearance. This bangs style on shorter bob oozes confidence and power. She gently tucked a few strands behind her ear for a more relaxed or casual vibe.


9. Ultrashort Bob

Bold girls who love to be different and experiment with their hair will want to try this version of a short bob hairstyle with bangs. Go for an ultra short bob that reaches ear length or even a bit higher. Now, combine this super short blonde bob with bangs that reaching the middle of your forehead.


10. Bob Look Completed with A Hat

best short bob with bangs styles for women

This chic is a style we want to emulate whenever we can. It oozes sophistication and timeless fashion, and it’s easy to dress and style your hair just like that. For instance, you can style your short bob and bangs with a cute hat.


11. Edgy Bob and Side-swept Bangs

Ear length bob is a chic take on this popular hairstyle. Not only does it look cute, but this length also has a slimming effect on the face, which is exactly what many women seek. To complete the short length bob look sweep your long bangs to the side and use hairspray to set your do and make sure it remains perfect throughout the day.


12. Messy Bob with Bangs

When the term “bob” comes to mind, we usually think of sleek haircuts immediately. Sure, bobs can be sleek, but there’s a whole range of options to style them. For instance, you can use your fingers to mess up the hairdo a little bit in order to achieve a messy look.

Messy short bob haircut with bangs is ideal for nights out with friends, casual events, and even some formal occasions when paired with a nice outfit.


13. Vintage Cut

This bangs style on short bob in our list is the vintage cut indicated by gradual, sleek, and bob with long blunt or wispy bangs. It creates a powerful look, especially on dark hair.


14. Curly Bob with Bangs

Okay, how many times have you heard that curly girls must never get a bob haircut? Or that curly girls can’t wear bangs? Guess what? You can do both! Even better, you can do both together. Short curly Bob and curly bangs are wild, adorable, edgy, and sexy.


15. Wavy Bob with Bangs

short wavy Bob with side bangs

You’re in the mood for some super sophisticated wavy bob style, but you’d also like hair to be more casual? Why not both? Seriously! Blow dry your hair and slightly curl one side inward. Then, use an iron curler to get nice locks that you’ll let loose.

One side will be sophisticated and sleek, while the other side remains playful and adorable. Part your bangs asymmetrically too for a chic new shorter bob hairstyle with bangs look.


16. Side Parted Bob with Bangs

Here’s a simple yet cute and elegant hairstyle to try. This version of a short bob and bangs involves long waves that give more volume and fullness to your hair.

Bangs are swept aside, but slightly oily. Softness or delicate nature of this look creates the effortlessly chic vibe that all women want to achieve. After all, we want to look great, but at the same time, we want to send a message that it didn’t take too much trouble to look fabulous.


17. Purple Short Bob

Yet another short bob with bangs for all girls and women who love to experiment with their hair – purple-colored bob will allow you to stand out when everyone wants to fit in. This strict and sleek hairstyle has a fun side too thanks to vibrant color. Just use a high-quality straightening iron to get this razor-sharp looking do.


18. Helmet Look

Helmet look is classy, yet extravagant. It sends a message that you’re a girl they don’t want to mess with but also shows you’re elegant and gentle at the same time. Short blunt bob haircut with bangs that are longer reaching eyelashes level will give you this exactly the same look as seen in the photo.


19. Heart-Shaped Bangs

Here’s an interesting take on bangs for short bob cut. Instead of cutting your bangs in a straight line you can try out heart-shaped look. This hairstyle is characterized by bangs that are at their longest in the middle but shorter toward the ends. A sleek bob and these bangs give your face a heart-shaped look nobody can resist.


20. See Through Bangs

Short Bob with See Through Bangs

A dash of creativity is all that’s necessary to create an extraordinary look. For instance, you can combine your short bob with Korean bangs. Again, the middle part is the longest, but two sides are cut in a straight line to create the look.


21. Choppy Bangs and Short Bob

If you’re into playful hairstyles, you’ll love this one for sure. Instead of a sleek bob with bangs opt for a choppier alternative. Make your bob seem choppy just like baby bangs. You’ll get this fun and playful look that everyone finds adorable.


22. Edgy Violet Pixie Bob

This bangs hairstyle for short bob is ideal for women and girls who love edgy cuts and styles. In this case, short a-line bob is cut with choppy layers in an asymmetrical manner. Plus, long bangs give more definition to the whole look.


23. High Gloss Bob

If you’ve ever wanted one of those high gloss short bob hairstyles with bangs, then you can easily achieve it. Just blow dry your hair using a nice brush to style your do and use the shine spray for the finishing touch. Long French bangs make this style super sweet.


24. Brunette Bob with Bangs

Short Brunette Bob with Bangs

Use mousse or a texturizing paste to add more volume to your short brunette hair. Take some product and using your fingers tousle your hair a little bit to create the effortlessly chic short haircut and bangs style.


25. Bob with Lavender Highlights

Short Lavender Bob with Bangs

Use a round brush to style this bangs with short bob with just a little bit of bend to add more volume to your hairdo. Ends of this lavender bob are soft which makes you appear gentle and romantic. Bangs are between choppy and blunt cut for a unique new look.


FAQs  on Short Bob with Bangs Hairstyle

Q. Can you try bangs on fine hair?

Ans: Girls and women with fine hair have probably heard numerous times they can’t rock bangs. Not true! One of the biggest conceptions about bangs is that they aren’t suitable for women with fine hair and it’s time to change that. Yes, you can have bangs! All you need is a good hairstylist who will take into consideration your hair texture and choose the perfect type of bangs for your face shape and hair type. For instance, instead of heavy and blunt bangs, your hairstylist will go for soft and feathered bangs.


Q. Can older women try bob with bangs hairstyles?

Ans: Of course, they can. Not only can short bob make your face appear slimmer but bangs can make you look younger. In other words, short bob with bangs is a great style for women of all ages.


Q. Chin length bob or ear length bob – which one is better to style with bangs?

Ans: Actually, both chin and ear length bob hairstyles look great with bangs. Of course, it all comes down to your preferences. Some women opt for chin length bob and blunt or heavier and side-swept bangs, while other women choose ear-length bob with shorter bangs.


Short bob with bangs is a classy, sophisticated hairstyle that will always be IN. If you’re thinking about making some changes with your hair, short bob with longer or shorter bangs is always a good decision. Try it out.