How to Do Denim Hair: A to Z About This New Hairstyle Trend

Girls are rocking Instagram with the news that can ensure a new and cool look for the girls that are more in sync with fashion: Denim hair. The trend merges black, blue and greyish locks to create an effect similar to denim on hair.

And if you think jeans are too basic to put together modern looks, you won’t feel that way when it comes to hair. And best of all is that, as well as suiting all hair types, Denim hair can be achieved with any style or technique, be it balayage, baby lights or whatever – rules don’t apply!

Wanna know more about denim blue hair and how to style it? Let’s explore!


Who Should Try The Denim Hair?

denim blue hair for women

As mentioned before, Denim Hair is It Girls’ new favorite trend and suits all types of hair. So, anyone can try the technique to improve the look, the only pre-requisite is having a lot of attitude and style to go for hair colored like jeans.

Denim hair is the combination of black, blue, and grey hair. The boldest girls can go for lighter Denim hair, with more white than black hair, which will make the look even neater. The tip to do that is bleaching before creating the bluish highlights.

For the more discreet or shy girls or those who prefer to wear black or brown hair, the ideal trick is to use the hair’s natural color and lighten only a few locks and then apply the blue dye.

Women with straight, wavy or curly hair can go for Denim hair with no fear since the trend looks amazing in all shades, lengths, and texture of hair. It also looks good on all skin colors. So, feel free to enjoy the jeans look as much as you want!


How to do Denim Hair?

how to do denim hair

Since it’s a relatively new creative technique for hair, as it merges three different shades together on the tresses (blue, grey and black), it’s best to do Denim hair only at a beauty salon, ideally by a professional skilled in bleaching and coloring hair.

With that said, to achieve the effect, you can use “fantasy” colors, semi-permanent or permanent hair dyes, it depends on your preference deciding if the jeans shades will be worn temporarily, for a few days only, or permanently, that lasts a lot longer.

Then, you just have to choose the dyeing technique that you’d like on your locks, like ombre, balayage, somber, highlights and others. Usually, it girls go for ombre or baby lights to look cool, youthful and modern.

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Following Video Shows How to Get Perfect Picture Blue Denim Hair 



Depending on the technique you plan to use to achieve the Denim hair color, special care will be necessary to prepare your strands before the process, especially if you are going to bleach them.

So, if your locks are damaged or fragile after a chemical treatment, like dye or straightening, you should go for moisturizing or capillary reconstruction treatments to recover the hair fiber and protect it from future aggression. Also, it’s best to avoid doing denim blue on clean hair. The tip is going at least 3 days without washing your hair before doing it since the natural grease forms a type of protective barrier around the hair, which keeps it from losing nutrients and prevents possible allergic reactions.



how to take care of denim hair

You’re probably already in love with your new look with jeans shades, right? So, if you wanna keep it always beautiful and healthy, with bright colors, you can’t skip daily hair care.

The first tip to take good care of your denim hair is to always use specific products for dyed hair, strictly follow the hair schedule, moisturizing, nourishing and reconstructing the strands on interleaved days on your treatment “schedule”, avoid swimming pools and the ocean, and always apply a good hair sunscreen before leaving home. Those are the best ways to prevent fading and to keep the color for much longer.


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Try not to wash your hair every day as well to keep the color from fading quickly, and preferably use warm or cold water, since hot temperatures may affect the color and even dry your strands.