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25 Men’s Hairstyles That’ll Look Good With A Full Beard

Men with full beards are attractive, that’s a fact. It’ll look more stylish if you know how to cut your hair that will go great with your full beard! While you might be hesitant whether to grow your beard or not, there’s no harm in trying.

Especially when it comes to full beards. Our list of hairstyles are perfect for guys with a full beard and want to stand out among any other. And so, when you acquire them, make sure not only your beard but your hairstyle too is done with care.


Sexy Hairstyles for Men With Full Beard

Here are 25 hairstyles that go well with full beards, make sure to have a look before choosing which hairstyle suits you best, or if even you’ll want a full beard after that.

1.Faded Sides With Long Beardblonde hair with full red beard for men

A blonde hair with a full red beard is such a stunning pair. You can even make this look seem professional by wearing a pair of glasses with thick black frames. Style a high fade on the sides and build a high top for a ravishing image. 


2. Pompadour with Full Beard

pompadour hairstyle with full beard

This pompadour hairstyle with full beard will make any older men with gray hair look absolutely fabulous. Use a fade on the sides and style that Pomp for the top. It will highlight those gray hairs that, in this case, will complete the look. 


3. Curly Hair with Black Beard

afro hair with full beard

An Afro hair with a full beard look is ideal for a black guy who wants to look stunning and draw the attention on his full lips. For the hair, define the forehead with a shave and use a low temple fade to build a gorgeous look.


4. Short Messy Hair with Full Beard

short haircut with full beard

This short hair with a full beard is ideal for guys who want to look manly and sexy at the same time. Tousle your hair and build small spikes to obtain that messy appearance. The mustache should also frame your mouth.


5. Low Fade and High Top with Full Beard

low fade and full beard combo

Make a low fade and full beard combo, and you’ll have a ravishing look. That beautiful blonde ginger beard is perfectly groomed, and the hair is slightly combed over and on one side. Use Some hair wax to create that astonishing wet look. 


6. Mohawk with Ducktail Beard

ponytail and full beard

Style a mohawk, and instead of lifting the hair, gather it all into a pony. Secure it with a hair elastic, and after an inch or two, secure it again.

Repeat the procedure until you run out of hair, and you’ll get a stunning look. This ponytail and full beard look is undoubtedly for men who love to be in the center of attention.


7. Comb Over with Full Beard

high and tight fade with full beard

Build a mohawk by shaving your sides and comb over the remaining hair. Use hair gel to make it look sleek. When we’re talking about the beard, it should draw the attention on the jawline.


8. Bun with Long Beard

undercut and full beard

Undercuts and full beards make such a great pair! Style a ducktail beard and opt for short sides and back. Maintain the top hair long and make a bun on top of the head. You will obtain a hairdo that is suitable for any event.


9. Receiving Hairline with Gray Beard

grey hair and full beard

Grey hair and full beards go hand in hand, especially if you go for a short cut and a comb-over. Keep the beard long and also the mustache, and make sure that the hair beautifully transits into the beard.


10. Long Hair with Full Beard

long highlighted hairstyle and full beard

When you are choosing a long highlighted hairstyle, and full beard, be sure you will win a lot of girl’s hearts. Keep the top hair on one side and let the wind play with it, blending the blonde highlights with the natural brown color of the mane.


11. Short Hair with Very Long Beard

receding hairline haircut with long full beard

A receding hairline haircut with long full beard will solve all your problems. Keep the hair short and slightly on one side, and maintain your beard as long as you can. Groom it and use your favorite wax to manage a beautiful aspect.


12. Dreaded Beard with Locs

full beard and long dreadlocks

Opt for a full beard and long dreadlocks if you are a true Rastafarian. If your beard is long enough, you can even create locs using your facial hair. 


13. Full Beard with a Fade

hard part haircut with full beard

Style a full beard with part or hard part haircut. Either way, you will look fantastic, and if you have tattoos, especially on your neck, show them off. They will complete your rebellious appearance, and you’ll be ready to impress. 


14. Medium Hair with Full Beard

hairstyle for full bearded men

Opt for a medium haircut with a long top and bangs that you can flip on one side. As for the beard, go for a Whaler trim that is ideal for triangle shaped faces. In 2024 girls love these bad boys looks, and you will undoubtedly win so many hearts.


15. Blonde Comb Over with Full Beard

best hairstyle with full beard

Keep the sides almost bald and maintain the top longer so that you can comb it over. Make sure that it will have a bump so that you’ll gain more volume. Make a Hollywoodian style for the long thick beard. 


16. High Fade Slicked Hair

hairstyle for full beard

High fades go perfectly with full beards for they create some balance together. When your top hair is slicked to the side you can get a professional and a well-groomed look.

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17. Beanies and Full Beards

full long beard cut with nice hair

When you’re not looking forward or being lazy to style your hair, you can always wear a cap or a beanie. Those usually go with every other beard style and give you a swagged up look.


18. Voluminous Hair with a long full beard

cool Voluminous Hair with lfull beard cut

Blow dry your hair for more volume. Even if the full beard is doing a fine job maintaining volume around your jaw, letting your hair droop limply from above doesn’t always look as good.

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19. Side Mohawk

Side Mohawk hair with full beard for men

Again, another way to play with the balance of your hair is to get a side mohawk. With one side being faded, take the rest of your hair to the other side. You’ll surely stand out.


20. Long Beard With Medium Length Wavy Hair

Man Buns hairstyle with full beard

If you have long hair, a man bun is a highly-recommended hairstyle option, for this fashion doesn’t seem to be fading away anytime soon. Complete your look with the typical full beard that usually matches this hairstyle.

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21. Long Loose Hair

long beard

Or if you’re not up to tying up your hair, you can simply let it loose. This hairstyle doesn’t go with all hair types and textures. For having curly hair might give you a more chaotic look than if you have a sleek hair type.


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22. Medium slicked back hair covered with a hat

Medium hair with hat with full beard style

If your hair is naturally sleek, medium length hair can go flawlessly with a full beard. Although you might look a bit scruffy, you’ll still look presentable even when you’re too lazy to style it.


23. Slicked Back Hairstyle

Side Part haircut with long beard

Not every hair texture can pull this style off. Having a high fade will definitely help, though. This style is a classic one that goes for both formal and casual occasions and hence with a full beard or a shaven one.

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24. Side Part Hairstyle

Back brown Hairstyle with long beard

The men’s side-parted hairstyles are a hit. With a few fringes hanging loosely over your forehead, this look will set your demeanor into a cool and a confident one. If you’re all into this look, make sure to wear it in the summer for it will sure give people the chills. Browse men’s long top and short sides hairstyles.


25. Spiked Up Hairstyle with a beard

Spikehairstyle for men with long beard

Try spiking up your medium sized hair for a more contemporary look. This hairstyle trend doesn’t seem to be fading away anytime soon but stays away from it when on professional or formal meetings.

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With these 25 hairstyles, you now have an idea what it’d be like to sport a full beard with various hairstyles. If you still aren’t certain whether any of these will suit you or not, then there’s no harm in growing a full beard and trying it. In the end, you can always shave it all off easily.