15 Best Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair Over 50

Bobs always look stylish and respectable on women over 50 years old. Hair typically thins with age, so if you’re looking for a short haircut to conceal the loss of volume, then there’s no better option than the bob. It can be constructed to suit your face shape and suit your hair type accordingly, making it one of the most versatile haircuts ever.

Bob hairstyles are easy to manage, maintain, and style. Feathery cuts and stacked layers for mature women can make hair appear fuller than it actually is.


Bobs for Fine Hair Over 50

We’ve cherrypicked 15 classy bob hairstyles suitable for women with fine hair over 50 years old.

1. Medium Bob with Fine Hair

medium bob for over 50 women with fine hair

Soft and bright highlights are the icing on the cake for this youthful, round cut with soft bangs.

Ideal For: Creating volume around the apples of the cheeks and higher, to the top of the head, draws the eye upwards. Counteract gravity for a perfect look for the round faces that lends the overall youthful feeling you’ve been missing.

How To Style: Focus layers to the midway point of the hair for a smooth, round appearance. A soft blow-dry and touch of smoothing serum are all you need to create this look each day.


2. Thin Bob for Over 50 with Round Face

thin bob hairstyle for over 50 with round face

A cropped bob with side part and short, flipping bangs add structured elegance to this look.

Ideal For: Thin hair types with natural body can rock this style.

How To Style: Lengthen the chin on a round face by cropping your style to just under the ears. Thin hair needs a little texturizing, so use a round brush liberally as you bow-dry your hair.


3. Fine Bob with Glasses

fine hair bob for over 50 with glasses

Let’s face it, glasses are a reality for many of us, so why not work your hairstyle around this accessory?

Ideal For: Women who wear bangs should be aware of how they fall around your specs. This cut is great for full, round face shapes looking to thin things out.

How To Style: Ask your stylist for a classic, delicate bob that narrows your face shape. Wispy bangs create volume for thin hair, so long as they are cut to the top edge of your glasses.


4. Stacked Bob for Woman Over 50

stacked bob for fine hair over 50

Creating the illusion of height should be a main objective when creating this look on mature women.

Ideal For:  Even the thinnest of hair benefits from this lift. Nearly every hair type can wear this cut, except for extra thick locks.

How To Style: A lovely stack of layers concentrated at the lower back portion of the head creates this stacked style. A quick blow-dry is all you need.


5. Rounded Fairy Bob

round bob for women over 50

A simple round bob haircut for thinning hair is a popular choice for a simple and stylish look.

Ideal for: These bob hairstyles suite square face shapes. Trendy side bangs help to soften and complete the look to give mature women with fine hair a little artistic flair.

How to style: Brush and blow-dry hair so it curves under lightly for an elegant lift. Because your hair type may be thin, don’t worry about using a ton of products. This will only weigh hair down and bring it closer to the head. We want fluffy height!


6. Wavy Pearl Bob

wavy bob for fine hair

Just like a pearl, this gorgeous salt and pepper style contains a spectrum of rich, earthy tones. Talk about adding some seriously envious dimension!

Ideal for: Naturally, this look is suited for wavy hair textures that contains some body. The short layers cut throughout lift the face upwards and defines to plump up the appearance of the cheekbones.

How to style: This look is all about setting straight layers into curlers and lightly brushing them out once they’ve set. Don’t forget the bottom layer of the bangs, either. They will need quite the lift!


7. Funky Bob with Bangs

bob with bangs for women over 50

Why not add a pop of color to your look to brighten your face and your mood?

Ideal for: Artful, bold color like this raspberry hair, is ideal for anyone who craves the look. These rounded, side-parted bangs and multiple front-facing layers are ideal for round or square faces.

How to style: Focus on creating height and volume when styling this haircut. Use a lightweight yet moisturizing serum before beginning. As for placing the highlights, this type of job is best left up to the professionals, so head to the salon.


8. Sassy Bob with Fringes

sassy bob for fine haired women over 50

Fine bangs that are shortest in the middle are great for opening up the face. A soft dark gray ombre fade adds beautiful dimension.

Ideal for: This look is best suited to oval or round faces equally well. If you’re looking to add a touch of personality to your elegant yet fine hair type, then this longer, loosely tousled bob is for you.

How to style: Bangs and layers should be blow-dried while the bulk of the hair can be set in curlers or given a few bends with a curling wand. This style has a casual, sexier appeal, so don’t overwork hair.


9. Soft Curls

bob with soft curls for fine hair

Long curly hair can handle a little textured tousle. A more daring asymmetrical chop is definitely a great option.

Ideal for: This style is meant for naturally curl hair with body. A more free-flowing style is for the light at heart, not for someone looking for sophisticated elegance. The asymmetrical front pieces shows off creative style that isn’t so easy to find.

How to style: Keeping those curls rich and hydrated instead of aging and brittle is the key to this look. Be sure to create height at the crown of the head when styling.


10. Short Wavy Layers

Cheekbone level curls are a go-to for women over 50 with short thinning hair.

Ideal for: Oval face shapes are perfect for this look, though round faces benefit from the space given to elongate the chin. The short length also pads the cheekbones and knocks years off of your look.

How to style: A gorgeous, sweeping side part lays the foundation for this glamorous bob. Use curlers or a curling iron to create these waves. Don’t forget to brush them out though, for luscious, bouncy texture.


11. Shaggy Perm Look

shaggy bob for women over 50

Short and neat cuts make an ideal curly hairstyle for thin hair. 

Ideal for: Adding interest to a symmetrical, oval face shape is easy if you sport naturally bouncy ringlets like these. Again, the focus is instantly concentrated at the cheekbones for a youthful glow.

How to style: Short side bangs throw off the perfect balance of this face shape. Moisturize those ringlets and create texture using your fingers. Frequent trims are a must if you find your hair breaking more than usual. This is unfortunately a common feature of aging hair.


12. Classic Short Curly Bob

It’s hard to beat the elegance of short wavy curls. It’s the perfect sophisticated look for women over 50.

Ideal for: This short thin haircut is ideal for square or round faces. It has fine layers that set in dimension and brighten the face.

How to style: A subtle side part is the most glamorous for this hairstyle. It also highlights a sharp jawline and opens up the overall look of your face. Define your curls with soft layers.


13. Layered Round Bob

Layered bob for old women with fine hair

This is the most popular pixie look for short hair if your hair is naturally straight and fine. In fact, this look is actually trendy among younger women.

Ideal For: This look is perfect for round faces with subtle features or symmetrically shaped faces. Again, straight locks that lack body should try this look out.

How to style: Cut longer bangs to elongate the appearance of a round face shape. Soft, fine layers concentrated at the ends of the hair bulk up fine texture. This bob hairstyle for women over 50 looks best with a side part and a quick blow-dry.


14. Sophisticated Wavy Look

bob for fine hair women over 50

Lobs are essentially defined as shoulder length hair. If you want to grow hair long but because of thin hair, you find it difficult, then a longer bob with layers may be the answer.

Ideal For: Oval or square face shapes can handle this longer length best. If hair is medium to thick in volume, then this length may be for you.

How to style: A side part is best for softening and taking years off of your appearance. Root growth grounds this look for a bit of dimension if you’re not fighting to cover up grays just yet!


15. Modern Short Layered Bob

layered bob for women over 50

If you’re wondering what a classic long bob with side bangs looks like, then you’ve come to the right place.

Ideal for: This look is best for square or oval-shaped faces with defined features. Side bangs suit truly everyone and soften the appearance of these blunt-cut ends.

How to style: This look is incredibly easy to style, regardless of your hair type. Either give your hair a beautiful blow-out, smooth down fly aways, or brush through locks to bring out their luster.


Creating a bob hairstyle on women over 50 is all about maximizing volume, height, and drawing the eye forever upwards for a youthful glow. Hair should be easy to style, so work with your texture and face shape for the most effortless cut for you. Which look will you choose?

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