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21 Flattering Short Hairstyles for Oval Faces Over 50

Getting older is an experience and maintaining your look is part of keeping yourself healthy and sound. If you’re older than 50 and blessed with an oval face, wearing the wrong fit of clothes, applying the wrong shade of eye shadow, or picking the wrong hairstyle can make you look ten years older or ten years younger.

But no need to worry! We can help you pick the best short hairstyle if you are over 50 and have an oval face. You already have an edge, an oval face, a pointed chin, and a more rounded jawline; now, you just need the perfect hairstyle.


Short Hairstyles for Oval Faces Over 50

Without further ado, let’s get to our list of 21 amazing short hairstyles for oval-faced older women over 50.

1. Center-Parted Bangs

short bob for women over 50 with oval faces

If you want a more assertive short haircut, go for a crop style with center-parted bangs.

The crop cut for over 50 ladies will emphasize the shape of your oval face, and the center-parted bangs draw the eyes upwards.


2. Feathered Layers

short feathered hair for women over 50 with oval faces

A short feathered layer cut is excellent if you are looking for something that is low maintenance for older women but does not look like it.

Just blow dry the hair with a round brush, and you are ready to take on the world.


3. Pretty in Pink

short dyed hair for women over 50 with oval faces

Embracing your greys and using them to your benefit is a perfect way to add some pastels to your hair.

The grey serves as a great backdrop to underscore the pastel pink (or lavender or whatever color your heart wishes) and makes the color pop.


4. Blonde Buzz Cut

short hairstyle for black women over 50 with oval faces

Being a blonde woman over 50 comes with the ability to welcome styles you might have been worried about trying at a younger age.

A super close cut or pixie is a great way to show off your style. Plus, add some platinum blonde hue to your hair for extra spunk.


5. Short Shag

short hair with headband for women over 50 with oval faces

If you are a woman over 50 and your hair is starting to thin, this short shaggy hairstyle is ideal for you.

Thin, wispy layers added to the bob (or a “lob”) add fullness and waves while spotlighting your oval face. This is a fun, trendy, and super fashionable look.


6. Undercut Pixie

short hairstyle for women over 50 with chubby oval faces

This short hairstyle for women over 50 with oval faces is a perfect paradox.

The undercut takes out all the weight of the hair, along with most of the maintenance, while the pixie cut still gives you options for styling and a delicate aesthetic.


7. Feathered Crop

short layered hairstyle for women over 50 with oval faces

If your hair is still thicker, picking a feather-cut crop hairstyle will give you a lot of bounce and volume.

The feather-cut will take a lot of the weight out of your hair, giving you a light and delicate look. This look is sleek and refined and looks flawless on women over 50.


8. Choppy Bob

short hairstyle with glasses for women over 50 with oval faces

This over 50 bob look with bangs looks amazing with an oval face. The bangs can hide some of your longer foreheads, with the choppy bob highlighting and framing your face.

A bob cut has many diverse styling options to match your moods.


9. Curly Pixie

short mohawk for women over 50 with oval faces

Having short hair as an over-50 black woman does not mean you have no styling options. If you add a textured crown to your curly pixie cut, you add several additional styling options to your repertoire.


10. Piecey Layers

short thin hairstyle for women over 50 with oval faces

A classic style for women over 50 is the chunky, piecey short haircut. Add a bit of product to highlight the chunky layers, and you have the perfect wash-and-wear hairstyle.


11. Red Bob

short red for women over 50 with oval faces

This classic short haircut with various shades of red is a beautiful way for women over 50, with an oval-shaped face to accentuate her features.

All you need is a little bit of hair product and a hairdryer, and you will have a fresh and flirty style that never looks dull or aged.


12. Longer Pixie

short thick hairstyle for women over 50 with oval faces

This longer pixie cut follows the same shape and cut as a traditional short cut but with a longer side-swept top to highlight the oval face.

This cut a beautiful balance for a longer oval face emphasizing cheekbones and jawlines in women over 50.


13. Comb-over

short straight hairstyle for women over 50 with oval faces

Nothing says grace and sophistication more than a gorgeous salt and pepper cut on an oval face.

Plus, adding a bit of styling to a short haircut that is longer on top will give the ability to accentuate some soft and bouncy waves.


14. Bixie with Golden Highlights

short asymmetrical hair for women over 50 with oval faces

A stacked bixie is a hard look to pull off for most face shapes, except for an oval face. This cut adds length to your face drawing the eye towards your pointed chin.

Break up your darker hair color with thick chunky golden highlights to complete this chic style.


15. Playful Grey Curls

short curly hairstyle for women over 50 with oval faces

Lovely curly hair is an excellent hairstyle for over 50 women with an oval-shaped faces. Just add some volume and definitions to your playful curls to avoid shortening the look of your face.

If you get the hair nicely layered, your curls will also add their own attitude to the style.


16. Short Thick Afro with Highlights

short afro hair for women over 50 with oval faces

If you were lucky enough to be born with a thick afro, then kudos to you. Keep the length as close to your hairline as you want; it will look amazing at any short length.

This look is an effortless way to show off your long neck and enchanting eyes.


17. Frizzy Bangs

short hairstyle for asian women over 50 with oval faces

If you want to do something different with your short haircut but are unsure what to do, try adding some bangs.

Bangs are the best way to add shape and style to a short haircut for over 50 women and look fabulous on all faces, especially oval-shaped ones.


18. Salt and Pepper 

low maintenance short hairstyle for women over 50 with oval faces

If your hair is thick, you know that it can take a long time to get the style you want perfect. A short cut with choppy thick layers makes styling hair less time-consuming.

Plus, if you blend it with your transitioning grey hair, you still keep that younger, hip look.


19. Gray Pixie with Bangs

short grey hair for women over 50 with oval faces

Women spend hundreds of dollars at salons to color their hair grey, so if you have naturally grey hair, welcome those beautiful silver strands.

You can add bunches of drama and style with older women’s pixie cut to flatter your oval face and tease up those layers for plenty of volume.


20. Soft Waves and Red Highlights

short messy hairstyle for women over 50 with oval faces

Waves are the perfect face framer for oval faces to show off your best features. The soft waves are flirty and fun and give you lots of sass.

Whether you have natural waves or use a curling iron, set your stunning waves with your favorite styling product and go out to conquer the world.


21. Side Swept Fringe 

short pixie cut for women over 50 with oval faces

Adding a layered side-swept fringe to your short haircut will slim your face and jawline and also elongate your neck.

You can brighten your face by adding blonde highlights all over or around the side fringe.


Just because you are a woman over 50 does not mean you must adhere to stuffy, boring hairstyles. And with our list of short hairstyles for oval face over 50, we’ve made your job easy.

Now is the time of your life when you can feel free to break away from traditions and let your style shine with your cut and style.

Not to mention that if you are lucky enough to have an oval’s “ideal” face shape, you can pull off nearly any short hairstyle.