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The Best Shaggy Mullet (Shullet) Looks For Modern Ladies

It used to be that mullet were only for men, but the shaggy mullet has made its way into the world of women’s hair and it’s here to stay.

Cropped or long, thick bangs contrast with heavy razor-cut, voluminous texture at the crown and back. The best parts of the 80s met the memorable 90s and created a hot hairstyle suitable for all hair textures and lengths.

If celebs like Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish are trying the style, it’s certainly a sign you should too. And don’t worry, these celebs may be young, but the shag mullet can be rocked even by older women. Get ready for a healthy dose of hair inspiration!

Amazing Shaggy Mullet Styles

From beautiful and flirty to edgy and bold, there’s a shaggy mullet hairstyle for every woman. Take a look at the 70s-inspired ideas below!

1. Blonde and Black

shaggy mullet with bangs

Instagram / iheartface

The baby bangs are just the tip of the style iceberg on this curly shaggy mullet. A razor cut will help natural curls shine, and the half-ash blonde, half-black coloring is a genius way to feature light and dark.

2. Shaggy Pixie Mullet

short shaggy mullet haircut

Instagram / samkanehair

A bowl cut mullet becomes beautiful when styled as a long shaggy pixie in a warm copper brown color. Play with other shades at the ends of the tresses, like the light green, blonde, and white as seen above.

3. Shaved Sides

shaggy mullet with shaved sides

Instagram / kat_leehair

Get the best of both edgy and feminine worlds with your hairstyle by shaving the sides of a long mullet with super short bangs.

Not only does shaving add definition to your face, but it also helps the overall shape of your cut and makes thick curls take center stage.

4. Neon Colors

shaggy mullet for straight hair

Instagram / beauty_by_hannahw

Neon orange and yellow will help your brand-new shaggy mullet catch everyone’s eye. And if they don’t, the detailed shaved lines in the sides will. Put mousse on your fingers and twirl tresses for a little wave action.

5. Blonde and Wavy

modern shaggy mullet haircut

Instagram / susanfordhair

If you’re looking for a more feminine and flirty style of mullet shag, go for this blonde cutie with long bangs. The ultra-light blonde makes the style lighter and brighter, while the loose waves create a soft look.

6. Curly Shag

shaggy curly mullet

Instagram / ernestomeneses

If you have really curly hair, a shag mullet presents a great opportunity to play with different lengths. Accentuate really long hair by opting for baby bangs. Use subtle black highlights to help define curls.

7. Thin and Shaggy

long shaggy mullet haircut

Instagram / emilywellsart

If you’re struggling with long thin or fine hair, a mullet with shag will give you a body to work with. Just add in soft waves and straighten your baby bangs for a simple hairstyle refresh.

8. Mullet + Blonde

shaggy mullet for black women

Instagram / rodankersalons

We love a warm golden blonde on Black women and it’ll look super gorgeous in your new shag hairstyle. Shape a thick fringe and watch in awe as the color brings natural curls and waves to life again.

9. Curtain Bangs

shaggy mullet with curtain bangs

Instagram / chaice_hair

Baby bangs aren’t the only option for a mullet. We love the way these straightened curtain bangs look with shaggy waves. A bit of black highlighting around the face is very edgy with a blonde.

10. Older Women’s Shag

shaggy mullet for older women

Instagram / latesthair

The mullet shag has no age limit, so for older women curious about trying a unique hairstyle, we say go for it. Choose a thick bang and let the gorgeous texture turn gray and/or white hair into a cool art piece.
Which shaggy mullet is your favorite? One thing’s for sure about the style: it allows plenty of room to experiment. Just by changing the color, bang length, or texture, the number of looks that can be created is endless!