25 Most Flattering Hairstyles for Square Faces

Square faces require specific hairstyles to soften harsh lines and accentuate natural, beautiful strength. If you have a square face, then you’re probably aware that your jaw has strong, angular features. These face shapes are as wide at the jaw as they are at the cheeks, though this feature means square faces photograph well!


The Best Hairstyles For Square Faces

Read on to see our 25 different hairstyles that can suit a square face shape perfectly.

1. Thick Fringe On Long Hair

bangs for square face

Thick bangs for square face shapes are a great tool for reshaping the appearance of your face. A thick fringe elongates the face when paired with long hair that draws the eye downwards. Consider wispy or long bangs that feed into layers if your hair is medium or short.


2. Asymmetrical Bob

bob for square face

Throw off the balance of your jawline with a bob for square face. This asymmetrical option is great for the babe who isn’t afraid to stand out. Create layers that curl slightly inwards to conceal a prominent jawline.


3. Long Side Braid

braided hairstyle for square face

Braids soften any look, so why not try this braided hairstyle for square face? A thick and textured side braid is stunning, thanks to its face-framing effect.


4. Long Frizzy Curls

curly hairstyle for square face

A curly hairstyle for women with square face works when it adds touchable softness to that sharp jawline. Long styles lengthen the face and appearance of the neck as well. Swoop your hair to the side or create a side part for the final sexy effect.


5. Ombre Hair With Layers

layered haircut for square face

Layered haircut on a square face works best when concentrated to conceal the back corners of a harsh jawline. Ombre hair avoids highlighting a wider face by elongating your look and drawing the eye downwards, instead of horizontally.


6. Bob for Mature Women

hairstyle for over 50 with square face

Many women prefer shorter hair as they age. Bobs work to the advantage of women over 50 with square face shapes. Side parts and long bobs always soften and slim the face, especially when added to delicate layers.


7. Face-Framing Bob

asian haircut for square face

Try this lovely little bob, a perfect haircut for an Asian woman with square face. Cutting hair just below chin-length gives your face a full, round feeling that softens up your look.


8. Subtle Off-Center Ponytail

ponytail for square face

A ponytail for square face might seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be! Create a high ponytail tilted to one side and worn over the shoulder to smooth out your jawline.


9. Braided Side Up-do

long hairstyle for square face

Looking for a long hairstyle for square face that works as an updo? This ornately braided style adds delicate beauty to strong jawlines. Throw off the balance of your face by gathering the majority of the up-do under one ear.


10. Long Feathered Pixie

short hairstyle for square face

Soften up your look with a short haircut for square face. Long, swooping layers and bangs texturize thin hair and add essential roundness to your overall look.


11. Sleek Medium Hair With Bangs

medium haircut for square face

A straight medium haircut for square face works best with straight-across bangs. This look causes your face to appear smaller and the long length helps to frame your chin.


12. Cute Topknot

fine hairstyle for square face

Up-dos can be tough for a fine hairstyle, but a topknot is a trendy way to do the trick. This look will open up your eyes while the high bun will elongate your forehead, chin, and cheekbones.


13. Luscious, Wavy Locks

thick hairstyle for square face

No thick hairstyle for square face is quite as good as big, bombshell waves. Draw your hair into a side part so your hair can act like a curtain to conceal severe lines yet artfully illuminate the apples of your cheeks.


14. Side Pixie With Artful Undercut

square face hairstyle with undercut

A square face with undercut is a great idea for the edgy babe! Artful details draw attention to the area over your ear and next to your eyes to length your overall appearance.


15. Medium Hair With Deep Side Part

haircuts for chubby square face

These youthful face types are lucky, yet creating slim lines never hurts. A side part and shoulder-length locks shrink and define.


16. Long Beach Waves

wavy hairstyle for square face

Show off your laidback style and try this wavy hair on your square face. Loose waves soften up your angular face. Add a swooping side part and your sexy style is ready to go!


17. Small Box Braids

weave hairstyle for square face

Add height at each side of your head with an extra layering of braids. This look has small braids, but larger braids can work as well.


18. Elegant Wedding Chignon

wedding hairstyle for square face

Make your jawline more subtle with this low bun wedding hairstyle. Creating imbalance is key, so leave some hair down and curly while tilting the chignon to one side.


19. Big Bun With Braid

prom hairstyle for square face

Offset a strong jaw with a large bun look. It makes the perfect prom hairstyle for women with square faces but works for any other formal event. Wrap a section of braid around the hairband for a touch of style.


20. Long Hair With Side Part

straight hair for square face

Curly hair can distract from a harsh, square jaw. For straight hair and square face, a side part can help immensely. It happens to be our favorite softening effect! Pull hair into a half-up style to help open up your eyes.


21. Messy Low Bun With Layers

blonde haircut for square face

Cut short layers to length your chin and smooth out rough corners. This works especially well if you leave those face-framing layers down when you tie your hair into a low bun so they can work their magic!


22. Double Fishtail Braids

pigtails for square face

Double fishtail braids take the braided effect on square faces to the next level! A side part is best for this face shape. Try leaving some of your hair loose and curly at the end of the braids to soften your look.


23. Medium Natural Hair

afro hair for square face

Round natural hair, like small Afros, are perfect for softening up a square jaw. Plus, they open up and reveal your face so beautifully!


24. Long Fringe Pixie

haircuts for square face

Create roundness with long, eyebrow-skimming bangs on a pixie cut. If you’re unafraid of a chop, a short crop with bangs will elongate and frame the face for an ultra-feminine appeal.


25. Up-do With Forehead Braid

hairstyles for square face

Wrapping a braid over your forehead can make your face appear smaller and draw attention to your eyes. This updo look is a strong, specific look, but for that special occasion, it’s a winner for square face shapes.


Square face shapes may require certain hairstyles to look best, but so does every other face shape. Incorporate braids, side parts, and soft, face-framing layers to smooth out that jawline and help you put your best foot forward.