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10 Hairstyles That Make You Look Older | Avoid These

Aging is a part of life that no one can escape. But no one wants to look older than they really are. No matter how healthy your lifestyle or how stylish your wardrobe or makeup is, the wrong hairstyle can add years to your look.

While it is very important to choose the right hairstyle, it’s equally essential to know which ones to refrain from. The following list includes 10 very common hairstyles that will make you look older and hence need to be avoided at all costs.


Hairstyles That Make You Look Older

The following hairstyles will make you look older, so make sure you add these to your ‘not’ to ask list during your next salon visit.

1. Long Straight Hair

long straight hair

Though many women wish for long luscious hair they often make you look older for your age, especially with the absence of face-framing layers.

Once the hair has grown to a specific point it begins to lose volume resulting in a frumpy look that no one desires or deserves!


2. Too Much Layers

hairstyle that makes look older

Too much layering is truly a disaster. When done on thick hair the result is an unruly mess while in the case of thin tresses the hair appears much more limp and lifeless than it really is. The key lies in perfectly balanced layers to shed a few years rather than adding them.


3. Avoiding Bangs

long layers

Another hairstyle mistake that makes you look older than you really are is avoiding bangs all the time. Fine lines on the forehead and a receding hairline are the first signs of aging that can be concealed easily with a wispy fringe for a refreshed look. Worth a shot!


4. Pixie + Layers

short pixie haircut

Pixie cuts are considered youthful but that is the case for a certain age group and not for everyone. An extra short pixie with, again, overdone layers, thin ends, and a grey hair color will make a young lady look like a grandma in no time!  


5. Flat Middle Part

middle parted updo

A simple middle parting is sure to add some years no matter what the age. Opt for a side parting instead or if you are stuck to a center part couple it with loose beach waves or curls avoiding a tight pulled-back ponytail or updo at all costs.


6. Combing The Hair Back

slicked back hairstyle

Wet hair looks have remained quite the hype this year but to be honest slicked-back hairstyles bring your face under the spotlight along with all other signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and dark patches. If you still long for this look balance it out with good makeup.


7. Very Short Bangs

baby bangs

As discussed earlier bangs come in handy to add some youthfulness to an aging face. But that is not the case with thick blunt bangs especially if they are short as such fringes focus all the attention on those fine lines on the forehead and puffy eyes. A big ‘No’!


8. Tight Braids on Oily Hair 

long braided hairstyle

Oily hair looks dull and boring just like simple braids do sometimes. Imagine the catastrophe they will cause when combined together! It is better to maintain a clean scalp for a lively look and accompany braids with face-framing strands otherwise, things won’t work out and you’ll age in the process!


9. Short Bob

short bob haircut

It is difficult to believe that short bobs add years to your face but they really do. Well, at least sometimes! As mentioned earlier a short crop brings the face under the limelight along with all the signs of aging that are better hidden than being exposed. Right?


10. Avoid Full Grey

grey hair color

Full grey tresses are trending this season but did you know that they are yet another category of hairstyles that make you look much older than you actually are? Still, if you want to rock them avoid a monochromatic look and experiment with a balayage or a vibrant underlayer for an energetic appeal.


There’s nothing like a universal hairstyle. What may suit one individual may cause havoc to someone else. To avoid hairstyles that will make you look older it is important to pay attention to the features you want to conceal or highlight. Also don’t stick to your same old hairdo rather keep it up to date for an everlasting youthful appeal.