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13 Ravishing Ponytails to Go with Round Faces

Round faces are cute and ponytails make them look cuter! A round face is defined as being equally long and wide, having a slightly broad jawline and no harsh angles at all, focusing all the attention on those chubby cheeks.

This is the very reason why round-faced women with such features are often found hunting for hairstyles that make their faces appear slimmer.

No need to worry as there are plenty of hairdos to suit a circular face shape but instead of discussing them all at once, let’s start with the easiest one, i.e., ponytails

That’s right, we have gathered the best ponytails for round faces today, and we guarantee you’ll be experimenting with them soon.


Attractive Ponytails for A Round Face

Ponytails are classic, timeless, and an ideal way to keep the hair away from or flaunt your round face with style the whole day.

1. Keep It Low

short ponytail for round face

Asian women can complement their circular faces with a simple low ponytail when they just can’t think of anything else.

Whether long, medium or short slick down the hair with a middle/side part and secure it loosely in a hair tie near the nape of the neck. Super easy!


2. Half-Up Look

weave ponytail for round face

A creative braided ponytail for African American ladies. Those who like to wear their tresses on the loose can experiment with a half-up ponytail for a change.

Gather the front strands or braids and put them in a rubber band just behind the hairline to make a round face appear longer instantly.


3. Mid-Height Pony

high ponytail for round face

Mid-height ponytails look chic too being neither too low nor too high.

Go on another day without washing the hair by using your greasy scalp to pull back the strands eliminating the use of a styling product. Spare the flyaways for a carefree appeal. 


4. 80s Vibes

80s ponytail for round face

Side ponytails go perfectly with round faces, and here is a look to prove it. This style became popular during the 1980s and is still rocked by many today.

Opt for a high or low pony and couple it with one of those crochet fabric hairbands for a nostalgic feel.


5. Headband Style

messy ponytail for round face

Make a style statement worth remembering by rocking a pony with a chic headband matching the outfit.

Pull out some strands to frame the face elegantly, and put on your favorite earrings. A bit of a mess is exactly the requirement to set this look on fire.


6. Peekaboo Hair

dyed ponytail for round face

Experiment with peekaboo highlights this autumn, and you won’t regret it! Opt for a rich auburn hue and add all the shades of falling leaves near your ears.

Flaunt the colors with a high ponytail or hide them by setting the locks loose whenever you want. Simply wow!


7. Two-Toned Micro Braids

two ponytails for round face

Micro braids are so delicate they can be regarded as chunky strands of hair making them suitable for all sorts of styling.

Go for a hipster appeal by plaiting the hair incorporating light periwinkle and blonde extensions. Finish off by gathering the knits into pigtails with bowknot hair ties. Cute!


8. Curtain Bangs

ponytail with bangs for round face

Got a wide forehead on a round face? Curtain bangs are all you need. They frame the face in the most flawless way and look exceptional with a classic ponytail.

Style the fringe with a round brush and hairdryer and you’ll love the result!


9. Feed-In Cornrows

ponytail for round chubby face

Among all styles, high ponytails are ideal to balance out a round face.

Instead of keeping it simple, try out feed-in cornrows with blonde extensions and wrap a chunk of hair around the base of your pony for a stylish finish.


10. Side Knits with Puff

low ponytail for round face

Give off warrior vibes by crimping and backcombing the top creating a chic puff, and plaiting the sides for the braids to be swirled around your low ponytail at the back.

Adorn with hair cuffs, rings, and beads for a fancy look, or don’t. Your call!


11. Eye-Popping Dreads

dreadlocks ponytail for round face

Be bold, be beautiful! Dye those dreads in the most vibrant hues for a pop of color that won’t go unnoticed.

Use a headscarf to gather the locs in a funky high ponytail with the strands falling in all directions. Tada!


12. Sleek and Straight

sleek ponytail for round face

Another ponytail for a round face that is just to die for! Straighten the tresses, pull them back using pomade, and add extensions if needed resulting in a long luscious pony.

Wrap some hair around its base and set off the look with bright red lips. It can’t get any sexier!


13. Adorable Twintails

two ponytails for little girl with round faces

How about rocking twintails while recalling those good old childhood days?

Although these pigtails are mostly sported by young girls, they look cute on older ones too, without seeming too childish. There’s no harm in giving them a shot, after all.


To conclude, when it comes to ponytails for round faces, there are no strict rules to follow. From sleek to messy and high to low, you can experiment with a variety of ponies regardless of hair length. But why choose a favorite? Why not rock a new style every day?