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The Yeard Beard: Growth Stages and Style Variations

A Yeard Beard is what you call a beard that’s been grown out for a full year without trimming or shaving. The name “Yeard” mixes “Year” and “Beard” together.

Typically, the beard reaches about 6 inches or even longer. It’s all about letting facial hair grow naturally and showing off patience and dedication over a whole year.

Getting a Yeard is a big moment. It gives you the freedom to style your beard any way you want. But it’s not only about looks – the full and thick beard also shows that you can stick to a goal.

So, if you are ready to grow a Yeard beard, here is our comprehensive guide on what to expect during the journey and style variations.

Stages of Growing a Yeard Beard

how to grow yeard beard

Growing a Yeard Beard is an exciting journey marked by various stages. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what you can expect at from day 1 to end of the year. and tips to help you along the way:

Month 1-3: The Beginning

Yeard beard stubble phase

Your beard would turn from clean-shaven look to stubble, and then to a fuller short beard during the initial three months of beard growth.

A noticeable amount of stubble starts to appear during the first month of growth, marking the beginning of your beard-growing journey. It’s light at first but gets a bit heavier after 3 weeks of beard growth.

The beard becomes denser in the second month. Your face is going to get a bit itchy because that stubble is turning into a proper beard – thicker, denser, and bit unruly!

And by month three, you’re not only a guy with some facial hair anymore. You expect to have a short beard taking shape with most of the facial area covered in hair.

It’s a crucial stage where the foundations of a Yeard beard are laid. If your beard doesn’t get fuller during this stage, it might be because you don’t have the genetics to grow a full beard.

It means growing a Yeard beard isn’t for you. But don’t get disappointed. There are plenty of beard styles out there for you, like a goatee or an anchor beard.

During this stage, the most important tip is to grow the beard. Avoid the temptation to trim or shape your beard and let it grow naturally and wild.

Month 4-6: The Awkward Phase

Yeard Beard Mid-Phase

This the most difficult phase of growing a Yeard beard. You might find yourself in a bit of an awkward phase. Your beard is growing into something more, yet it’s not fully formed.

The density and length from the previous months are noticeable. It’s neither short nor long. This is the phase where patience really becomes a virtue.

This phase tests your commitment to the Yeard Beard. It’s growing alright, but not always in the direction you’d prefer. Key tips for this stage:

  • Train your beard and mustache to grow in the right direction
  • Use beard oil to avoid dry beard
  • Stay the course and let it continue to grow

Month 7-12: The Yeard Beard

Yeard beard final stage

From month seven onward, your Yeard beard truly begins to take shape. It’s in full swing, offering a distinctive, rugged look. By now, any patches or uneven areas have likely filled in.

During these months, the beard requires a lot of maintenance. Wash it with beard shampoo and use beard oil to maintain the moisture. Neglecting maintenance can lead to split ends to beard dandruff.

As you hit the one-year mark, expect your beard to measure around 17 cm in length. So you have successfully grown your Yeard which reflects your patience and commitment over the past year.

Throughout the entire journey, keep these tips in mind:

  • It’s all about allowing your beard to grow naturally. Resist the urge to significantly trim or style it during this one-year period.
  • Consume a diet rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E, proteins, and healthy fats. Foods like eggs, spinach, citrus fruits, nuts, and avocados are great additions to your diet.
  • Physical activity boosts testosterone levels, which can help stimulate beard growth. So, make sure to include regular exercise in your routine.

Best Yeard Beard Styles For Men

Growing a Yeard Beard doesn’t mean you’re limited to one look. Below are 15 Yeard Beard styles, each with a unique touch.

1. Classic

natural yeard beard

This is a classic Yeard beard style where the beard and mustache grow freely without any specific style in mind. Imagine your beard like a wild forest, left to grow and expand with no limitations.

It’s a 12-month journey of growth, going from a tiny stubble to a long beard. Keep it simple and let the beard flow wild.

2. Wavy Bandholz

bandholz yeard beard

A Bandholz beard is growing your beard and mustache with minimal shaping or trimming. But you should trim the split ends and train your thick mustache to grow wide from your face.

If you have naturally red beard, dye some part of the beard with a lighter shade and keep the other parts natural to create a beautiful contrast.

3. Blonde Garibaldi

garibaldi yeard beard

This is for those who like a little more order in their life. It’s a full beard but with a slightly rounded bottom. The length of the Garibaldi beard is less than 20 cm, but it’s as noticeable as any other style.

Grow your mustache so that it connects to your beard. Get an asymmetrical haircut and brush the hair on one side of your face to match your hairstyle with the full beard.

4. Rugged Viking

viking yeard beard

Here’s a style that will make you feel like a warrior. The Viking beard is all about having a wild, bushy beard, complete with a big mustache. Pair a braided hairsrtyle with you blond beard to complete the look.

5. Ducktail with Walrus Mustache

yeard ducktail beard

The Ducktail Yeard is a nice twist on the classic Yeard. It’s long and full at the chin, looking like a duck’s tail. The sides are shorter, but the long beard still looks full and impressive with a walrus mustache.

6. Gray Verdi

verdi yeard beard

This one’s named after a famous Italian composer, Giuseppe Verdi, who knew a thing or two about style. It’s a full beard but neatly done, with a mustache that’s a real showstopper.

It is an ideal style for bearded old men over 60 with gray hair. Round the edge of your beard and grow your mustache in horizontal direction, disconnected from the beard.

7. Beardstache

yeard beardstache

Want to grow a beard like hipster but keep the hair groomed? This is a style that likes to mix things up. Grow a full beard and long downward mustache and brush back your hair with gel.

The beard and mustache are so bold that they both compete with each other for attention and the mustache is the winner here.

8. Square Beard with Handlebar Mustache

yeard beard with handlebar mustache

This one’s a throwback to the old days, blending the fullness of a Yeard with a fancy handlebar mustache. Trim the bottom edge of the beard in horizontal line and the sides in vertical to make it a square beard.

The gray beard with salt-and-pepper mustache and spiked up hair give a vintage look to the bearded men in their 50s.

9. Curly

curly yeard beard

African-American men are often naturally blessed with curly facial hair. The Curly Yeard takes advantage of this, allowing the beard to grow out naturally and showcasing the unique texture of curly beard hair.

This style is authentic and requires minimal grooming. The man in the picture looks like a bearded country singer in his cowboy hat.

10. Long Beard with Glasses

bald guy with yeard beard

Are you a bald man planning to grow a 1-year beard? If yes check this beard style for bald men. It pairs a 6-inch beard with glasses and a completely shaved head.

11. Bushy Beard with Long Hair

yeard beard with long hair

This style pairs your beard with long hair for a look that’s artistic and a bit wild. It brings to mind the iconic style of rock stars and artists. It’s a style that stands out in a crowd and isn’t afraid to be different.

12. Long Goatee Beard

long yeard goatee beard

A long goatee beard style is less common, but it’s definitely worth considering. In this style, the chin hair is allowed to grow for a year, reaching 17cm or longer.

The rest of the facial hair, such as the sideburns, cheeks, and mustache is regularly shaved with a razor. If you have a round face, this style could be a good fit for you.

13. Pointed Beard with Crew Cut

crew cut with yeard beard

With this style, a long pointed beard is paired with a side-swept crew cut. It’s a blend of old and new that makes a bold statement. The beard might make your face look longer so keep your hair short enough.

14. Two-Tone Beard with Pompadour Haircut

pompadour hairstyle with yeard beard

A long two-tone beard is paired with a short pompadour haircut in this style. The beard is shaped at the bottom edge which adds both length and width to your chin and the pompadour adds volume on top.

This beard style is particularly suitable for small but chubby face shapes.

15. Beard Beads with Man Bun

man bun with yeard beard

This style pairs your Yeard with a stylish man bun with shaved sides. Use a small rubber to tie your beard at the lower part. It will create a nice pointy shape.

Each of these Yeard beard styles carries a unique vibe and personality. Pick one that matches your personality and lifestyle, and rock it with confidence.