10 Intriguing Mustache Styles for Black Men

Black man mustache always inspired the men to try something unique and edgy. Black men have a very unique and iconic taste in beards and mustache.

Are you tired of your current facial hair? Do you desperately want to change your look? If so, then it’s certainly time to get a new mustache. You may go with a flow and get a standard stache or you can experiment with different styles for your face shape.


Trendy Black Men’s Mustache Styles

Whether you choose to keep the mustache for good or plan on changing it, here are 10 ideas of black man mustache ideas to seek some inspiration from.

1. Short Fu Manchu Mustache

Horseshoe mustache for black men

You may have spotted many celebrities with this black mustache style, and it’s certainly a strong trend even now. While Hulk Hogan is a popular icon for this style, it is a favorite amongst black men as well. The horseshoe mustache has a very bold cut that grows out of the upper lips down towards the sides.

It is distinctive and thick because of which you will need a few months to grow your hair like that. The horseshoe mustache might not suit your face as it is a unique style, but if you have a round face, you can definitely pull it off.

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2. Toothbrush Mustache

toothbrush mustache for black men

Also known as the Hitler mustache, the first person to wear it with style was none other than Charlie Chaplin. From then on, this mustache has become a signature style of many famous black personalities like Michael Jordan.

This black men mustache is basically a thick tuft of hair just above the cupid’s bow. You can see that it’s fairly darker and thicker. Although you can grow it faster than a horseshoe mustache, this style needs more maintenance.


3. Mustache with Scruffy Beard

black guy with mustache

The scruffy mustache has been a favorite for men whose facial hair is well, a little wild. If you want to trim down your mustache then the scruffy style is the way to go. The best part is that it requires zero grooming and is the quickest to grow. It is usually paired with an anchor goatee beard to accentuate the jawline.


4. Handlebar Mustache

handlebar mustache for black men

The handlebar mustache can only be pulled off by people with an oblong or a diamond face shape. It grows out from the upper lips and curls up heavily on the sides. This style will require a lot of effort and gelling to maintain the curls, resembling a handlebar. However, if you can manage, then go for this long mustache look for black guys.


5. Pencil-thin Mustache

Pencil mustache for black men

The pencil-thin mustache is one of the most common black mustache styles famously worn by Chris Brown and Pharrell Williams. It is simply a thin line of hair running over your upper lip. It’s called a pencil mustache because the hair is so thin and scruffy that it almost looks like it was drawn by a pencil.

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Famous Black Guys with Mustaches

Let’s check some black man mustache styles rocked by famous people.

6. Delroy Lindo’s Original Stache

Delroy Lindo with Musatache

The Original stache is the best black mustache – a versatile and iconic look that is simply a light tuft of hair covering the entire upper lip. It sits right below your nose and is referred to as the original, classic mustache. It looks nice and clean and is easily trimmed.

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7. Eddie Murphy’s Painter Brush Mustache

Eddie Murphy’s Mustache Style

A popular icon of the Painter’s brush mustache is none other than Eddie Murphy. It is the perfect choice for older black men as it has a touch of seriousness to it. If you want to look professional and chic, then this is the mustache style you should opt for.

By leaving a slight gap around the middle area of the upper lip, you will have to grow moderate hair around the sides. This will require maintenance but looks amazing for a business-like appearance.


8. Idris Elba with 70’s Style Mustache

Idris Elba with 70s Mustache Style

Many celebrities are bringing back this military-styled 70s mustache. If you want to commit to a heavy-set black guy’s mustache, then this it. The 70’s style was mostly described as thick, distinct, and well-trimmed. Once you grow it, you will have to trim it down from the upper side to make the style more prominent.


9. Steve Harvey’s Thick Chevron Mustache

Steve Harvey with Thick Chevron Mustache

The Chevron is an incredibly popular ‘stache worn by black celebrities like Steve Harvey. It was popularized by Tom Selleck and is categorized by a neat tuft of coarse hair on the upper lip.

It works best for black men with straight hair as it tends to grow over the entire mouth. If you have thick facial hair, then you should consider the Chevron.


10. Wesley Snipes’s Pencil Beard

Wesley Snipes's Thin black Mustache

This mustache style has a laid back, sleek style, and is perfect for young black men. Growing this mustache requires maintenance and care. Some men avoid it completely because they feel like it may not suit their face. However, this style that is well-maintained, clean, and slick will always look good on you.

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FAQs on Black Mustache Styles

Q. Does a Mustache Look Good On Black Men?

Ans: Absolutely, yes. Black men have a unique aura and an intriguing skin color because of which grew a thick tuft of hair accentuates their personal appearance.


Q. Can African Men Grow a Mustache?

Ans: They certainly can! If you’re a man, you can definitely grow facial hair. However, if you have poor hair growth, you can always check for deficiencies and hair growth oils with your doctor.


Now, that you have a fair idea of the best black men mustache styles, it’s time to pick a favorite and get on with it! Start growing your facial hair, maintain and trim it when needed, and look forward to a stylish and handsome mustache.

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